Super Mario 3D World Coming To Wii U This December

At today's E3 Direct, Nintendo has shown us a glimpse of what Super Mario 3D World, the newest instalment of the side-scrolling Mario series, will look like. The game will be out in December 2013.


    I think "wildly disappointed" would be an understatement... "3D Land" was great, but it was a handheld game.

    Ahhhhh I really wanted something new! This looks just like a big screen version of a hand held game.
    You have to wonder how much timing had to do with this game design, I know they are absolutely desperate to get one AAA game out this year. It's the problem with getting shit 3rd party support, it means they have to phone in your first party games to fill holes.

    I wonder what value trade-in I will get, when I ditch my Wii U for a PS4 ... That's I they're worth anything by then. Maybe the staff will just laugh in my face, when I ask how much ... goddamn

    Very disappointing news. The only consolation is that the ACTUAL new 3D Mario is not ready to show yet, so they must be aiming extremely high. They're working hard on it, but it's simply not ready.
    Or something. Boo!

    Why have they put 3D in the title? Its a little confusing.

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