'Tactical Marketing Decision' Means It's Just Dragon Age: Inquisition

What was Dragon Age III: Inquisition has now got rid of the eye-eye-eye. Losing el numero three-o may seem like a minor thing, but to Electronic Arts, it was a "tactical marketing decision."

Frank Gibeau, the boss of EA Games, acknowledged to IGN that there's a debate over whether numbers in sequels work, don't work, mean anything or don't. "We felt like we wanted to bring more attention to the word Inquisition, because that’s more the story arc of what it’s like.

"It’s a tactical marketing decision" he added, before adding "There wasn’t anything that strategic about it, to be blunt." Here's where I forget the distinction between strategy and tactics, but whatever, marketers expropriate military terms all the time without knowing what they mean.

The non-strategic tactical choice is meant to "draw more attention to the fact that Inquisition is an all-new chapter inside of the Dragon Age universe, as opposed to people expecting a follow-on to Dragon Age 1 and 2 in a literal, linear sense." Make of that what you will


    Hahaha, what a joke.

    Three reasons I figure they're leaving it out of the title. Dragon Age: Origins was good and Dragon Age 2 wasn't for many, and because of the whole Mass Effect '3' thing. Just trying to trick stupid people into buying stuff as usual.

    Final Fantasy XV is will now just be "The New Final Fantasy".

    Read: Because who would want to play more of the Dragon Age series after DA2?

      That's pretty much what I thought when I read the title.

      I thought it was because people would associate 3 as the sequel to 2 rather than a dragon age game which would be bad, it doesnt matter anyway after DA2 i have no intention of buying this untill i can see a lets play (lets be honest reviews are so crap these days lets plays are the only reliable way to tell if somethings crap)

    Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!

    I understand their argument. I reject their abysmal use of the English language.

    More and more IP's are having their sequels not be numbered, this doesn't really bother me.

    Sorry, was that non-strategic tactical choice, or non-tactical strategic choice?

    Not without precedent, I guess.

    Hopefully they won't pull a Dark Forces on it. (Dark Forces 3 what? Oh, you mean Jedi Knight 2.)

    It's called distancing from a previously failed product.

    EA/Bioware: Please don't look at that big white elephant we've stuffed in the corner....

    Nobody ever suspects the Dragon Age Inquisition

    Could this be the beginning of EA making sense?

      only if you think David Gaider and Bioware writers will ever make sense again... after DA2 that is...

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