Take A Peek At What’s Inside The New Xbox 360

Take A Peek At What’s Inside The New Xbox 360

Sure, everyone’s talking about the Xbox One this week. But it’s not the only new piece of Xbox hardware MIcrosoft showed this week. The tech giant also announced a newly-redesigned Xbox 360 e model, one that’s styled to match the Xbox One’s shiny/matte exterior. But what’s underneath the hard plastic shell? iFixit set out to find out.

The website — best known for open-source, user-generated repair manuals for high-end consumer electronics — peeled the outer layers of the 360 E and discovered the same cooling system as the 360 S and a hard drive that’s easier to replace. That is, it’s easier provided you buy an official Xbox 360-branded hard drive. Click on through for the full rundown of the 360 e’s guts.

Xbox 360 T Teardown [iFixit]


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