Tales Of Symphonia Is Coming To The PS3

Tales Of Symphonia Is Coming To The PS3

In celebration of its 10th anniversary, Tales of Symphonia is getting re-released on the PlayStation 3. Titled Tales of Symphonia Unisonant Pack, the game will include both Tales of Symphonia and its sequel, Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World.

Tales Of Symphonia Is Coming To The PS3

Tales producer Hideo Baba made the announcement today to a cheering crowd of 12,000 fans at the annual Tales of Festival event (More on the event itself next week). The game is scheduled for release in Japan in October.

Baba did mention that Unisonant Pack would feature new in-battle cuts and new cross-game costumes — including character costumes from other Tales games released after the original Symphonia. Baba stated that further information would be announced as the release date approaches.


Tales Of Symphonia Is Coming To The PS3

Currently, there’s no news on a Western release, but considering the popularity of the Tales series outside of Japan, one can’t be far behind.

Japanese fans will also be getting a couple of limited editions. One is set to include, among other things, a novella that covers the events that occur in between the original Symphonia and Dawn of the New World.


Tales Of Symphonia Is Coming To The PS3

Tales of Symphonia Unisonant Pack will be out in Japan on October 10th. No info as to whether the new game will be a port or a remake.



    We already know ToS was on PS3…. the *FULL* version of Tales always ends up on PS3! And here I was thinking we were finally gonna get a release =/

    • hang on…. what do u mean ToS is already in PS3?? u mean I can get it now??? waaaa???? I want this game BAD!!! so hopefully there’ll be an english release for us!!!

  • This was confirmed for Europe / US / Australia about 5 minutes after the JP version was announced so I don’t know why they’re saying it’s not confirmed for a western release. It definitely is. Besides, those games were already localized so not doing it would be throwing away free money.



    Hopefully with new English voices if it has a Western English only release. Maybe the anime actors.

  • I want to buy a PS3 just for this. I had this game on gamecube years ago and I never played the sequel.

      • It wasn’t that bad, sure it had issues (Plothole galore, annoying “pokemon”-esque monster system, strange difficulty spikes) but the battle mechanics were pretty good.

        • Don’t forget the terrible lead character and the way that the returning cast from the original game are basically throw-away characters who only level up between chapters and will be quickly eclipsed by the random monsters you pick up along the way.

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