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    What is it?: Gamification, my friend. Gamification. The site's basically set up to track whatever physical activity you do and rewards you like a game. (Experience points, levelling up, achievements, etc.) Really, it's just an informal way to keep each other motivated.

    That all?: Nope, if you're the competitive type there's a five week challenge starting on Monday 27th of May. This lets you compete with other group members, whoever earns the most points doing any activity by the 28th of June wins. Completely optional and all just for fun.

    Anything else I should know?: The site likes sending e-mail notifications, this is easily fixed by going into account settings, clicking on notifications and unselecting everything.


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    This is the last time I'll post this!

    Also, I think because of U.S. timezones, the competition won't start until later this afternoon, so you might want to wait to track your times for today until then.


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      Haha you totally waited until new TAY :-)

        Otherwise I'd have to post again. XD

        Ran 2km out of my daily 4km this morning. I'll do the second half later. (I know that doesn't really count and you've got to do it all at once for the full effect, but whatever. :P)

          Noooo, I thought excercise was fine to be split up. Spending longer can sometimes just strain your body.

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            Okay then! WOOOOOO! I just felt particularly unfit because last time I ran I could do that in one session easy enough. Haha.

              Okay, now I've done 4km. I can rest. :D

          Sure it counts! Anything is better than nothing :D

      I can't remember, so let's go with:

      Sunspots - Nine Inch Nails

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        Havent heard that in a while, geez. Good song.

        (I say as I'm wearing a NIN jumper ^_^)

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          My NIN shit has all fallen to bits, I went for a look online and couldn't find any designs I liked :(

          And yeah, My fave song from With Teeth by far, best synth ^_^

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            The jumper is from the With Teeth tour actually. Says 2005. Ash saw it the other day and was like "I was 1 when you went to that!", I was like hooooly shit. Thats not right. That cant be right T_T

              I have my with Teeth shirt still, the one where the lines go up and over the shoulder, from the tour.

              My gut is too big though

      I guess I'm going to have to join in on this action. Someone remind me when I get home.

      (Ugh, Ser Lazyulus)

        I will yell at you on TS!

          Me too! Haha just kidding...

          Talking on TS, who does that?!

            Please don't yell at me. =(

            I can't handle the yells of Beeius. /o\

      Kalamazoo - Ben Folds

        I can't seem to move past The Unauthorised Biography of ...whatever that guys name is :-/

        Such a good album

        (Reinhold MEssner?).

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          That's a pretty good album. Some stellar songs on it.

            You ever listen to the second disc which came with some copies?
            Had a Triple J interview where he explained a lot of the meaning behind the sngs and album title.

            And three of the songs were one song (Redneck past and two others that tell his story) but he split em up.

              I think I have that disc lying around somewhere, but I don't think I ever listened to it. Whoops

                Reinhold Messner was the name of his fake ID when he was under 21 (so the album's about him), turns out though there really is a Reinhold Messner, climbed Everest or something like that.

      Recover - CHVRCHES

      Logged my workout from this morning, but it won't count toward the challenge because time zones :(

      I forgot how much I actually enjoyed the gym, it felt good. And I feel good now. Perhaps not when I wake up tomorrow, but future BDKIAF can deal with that.

      Count me in for the group challenge dealy, DC ... I need some motivation

    Morning! Sup?

    So @freezespreston did you decide on a game? Rayman seems to have won the vote ;D

    Ahh! Blaghman up in the a.m.!

      What are you talking about, I'm not up in the AM. Lies and slander, I tells ya.


      Bring in physical pain wasn't enough, I wanted to feel stupid as well.

        I tried the demo before I purchased that. I did not purchase that.

        Sure is pretty looking stupid feeling inducer though. :D

        Was totally going to suggest that last night too! But my suggestion was a given.

          Did you downvote me? Imma kill you!

            Wait wut? I didnt downvote you...

              Jerkius was a trollius!

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          goddamm it!!

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    So, Arrested Development, hey?

    I haven't [redacted] it yet :(

      Shane! Is it available to get yet from anywhere outside of Netflix... I mean, if I wanted to... but I don't... *shifty eyes*

      Don't tell anyone, but I haven't actually watched any of Arrested Development (well, I've seen bits and pieces here, but that's it).

        D: I was actually wondering if anyone was like that in TAY. You're reallllllly missing out.

          Says the guy who hasn't seen Red Dwarf O_o

            Yeah, but AD is one of the best comedies EVER. A lot more recent too.

              Ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaa

              he he


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          I know, it's on the list. The list is very long.

            I've actually seen quite a bit. I thought it was pretty funny, but didnt really click the same way it seems to have done for 90% of the world. I kind of gave up on it myself.

              (@blaghman too)

              I used to hate the show whenever it popped up on TV because it was random episodes from later on in the series. Once I sat down and started from episode 1 and worked my way in order everything just clicked and it was hilarious. Such smart writing.

                I did start from the beginning, and saw probably most the first season.

              Huuuhhh.. I was sure you'd be a fan.

              I feel like I don't even know you anymore.

                I am an enigma *woooo waving fingers mysteriously*

          I've seen it... but only the one time, back when it originally aired on TV, so it's basically like I've never seen it because I barely remember any of it at all >_>

          I got given the complete series on DVD a couple of Christmases ago. Pretty sure it's still sealed. Just like basically every other DVD I've ever been given :P


              But it's so hard to watch things. I mean, I have to stop whatever I'm doing and go over to the TV, assuming nobody else is using it (which they almost always are) and then sit down and... watch.

              I'm usually too busy reading the internet to do any of that.

                Watch on PC! Browse internet at the same time!

                Except don't do that with Arrested Development because you'll miss out on funnies. It requires you to think about some jokes :D

                  Well yeah, that's the thing. If I specifically want to watch something, then I'll be wanting to pay full attention to it. Which means stopping everything else. Usually I have have skype going and then have a few things queued up in several tabs to read through and switch between them all over the place while some TV show is on in the background for me to vaguely listen to. But it's really hard to drag myself away from that to go and do something else, and usually by the time it's all done oh hey look at that it's bedtime.

                  Pining for the days before internet :P

                  ...also I only just realised that I actually *can* watch DVDs on PC now. My 98 box doesn't seem to have a working DVD drive any more, so I completely forgot that it was ever an option. It didn't even occur to me that the new PC would be able to do it.

                  Though then I'd have to find some space to open up a window for it without obstructing everything else...

                  @mrtaco - How big's the screen? I use VLC which can be made teeny tiny or fullscreen so I'll either watch something in fullscreen or make it half the screen and other half is internets :D

                  It's 1920x1080. But rectangles are hard to subdivide without making things ridiculously small :P

                  It'd be easier if I had a second monitor, but at the moment I'm still using my other one (1680x1050, much prefer the 16:10 monitors to 16:9) for running the old PC.

        I think that's unsafe for my work /o\

          Really? A picture of a fully clothed woman showing less then what's walking in the street usually is unsafe for work?


            She is a bit sexy, someone could take that the wrong way and BAM!

            To be fair, those women are NSFW as well... which I guess is why they're walking the streets :P

              Yeah, they'd get a stern talking to in my workplace.
              We actually had an email go out with a powerpoint presentation attached outling exactly what is acceptable workplace attire


                Bahahaha. You work in one of those places. Don't think I could take it before cracking.

                  I think I already cracked...

        Ever-so-slightly NSFW.

        Also, missed a PERFECT opportunity to post this:

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      I've watched the first 6 or 7 episodes so far. Doing some sneaky Netflixing.

      I couldn't be happier. It's more of the same. So good.

      I found some links to... "acquire" it... just watched the first episode.

      it's pretty dang good

    I don't wanna be at work. Home sounds much better!

      ^^ this,
      today is not a good day, wanna be on my couch

        I'm on the couch and I really don't want to be.

          Swap ya :D

            quick, @freezspreston break his leg!

              *throws crutch*

                you could break my leg, just wait until I've taken our medical insurance and also that insurance to cover you if you can't work for a while.

                In the meantime, stuck in an office where the heating's been turned up to 11

    Popsugar really wants me to watch Don Jon.

      This might be hipster-like of me, but whenever they endorse a movie I feel like I should not see it. :P

        I think there's a big chance you've watched one of the movies they've featured :-)

          I remember seeing the screencap thinking it looked so out of place for that site. :D

            Reason = Ryan Gosling. I'm sure there would be plenty of disappointed people who were there to see topless Ryan and just got really confused by it all.

    Good morning all :D.

    Had a good weekend playing Terraria (seriously played a lot of this). How was everyone's weekend? What did you play?

    P.S. Monday Sux D:

      Heart GOOOOOLD!

        Whats your teeeeam?

          Skinny plant thingy with a big yellow flower head that I'll be happy to get rid of the minute I find a better plant type

          And a geodud until I find an ice type

            Geodud...heh, unintentional joke

              FUCK OFF ZUBAT

                My Togepi with a psychic move one hit kills them EVERY TIME :D :D :D

                  I always felt like my Togepi/Togeevolutionintowhatever never quite got strong enough. I kept him level with all my team but he was always the weakest :/

                  I've never used one before, got lucky this time I guess.

                  Hi special power is lowered accuracy for higher attack. He barely misses.
                  Stats can make a huge difference it seems.

          Toggle, Ralph, George, Harry, Cyril. Haven't settled on #6 yet.
          Currently have a major weakness to water, and that's the starter the rival has.

            Toga Pea
            (can't remember)

              I haven't used nicknames for about 15 years now. And it's fun to be a bit silly with it.

                I always do, I needed to trade over a water stone to make my Eevee a Vaporeon so I traded my Zubat for a Zubat from Platinum holding a Water Stone.

                The Zubat's name was Pube Hat. I laughed waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much...

                But that's why I do it, so I can have a giggle later.
                I name every Pokemon I catch. I think I didn't in one game and I was dissapointed, so now I always do.

                The more immature the better, that way I laugh at my own stupidity later :D

              Ahaha, ah man, making up names is half the fun of this game

                I'm suprised that people don't bother.

                Every time I caught a Wurple I called it BallsOnChin (or whatever fits, remove vowels)

                  Castform has some huge balls too :P

                  I never name my Pokemon :P


                  Next game, try it!
                  Find out the fun and hilarity, dick and fart jokes are the best. :D :D

                  I did it for my Nuzlocke SS run which was fun but I'm pretty sure if I name it, it won't show the evolution.

                  I used to sometimes name them when I was little but I recall it doing that where it doesn't show the name of the Pokemon, just the nickname. For example, if I name a Bulbasaur GREEN then when it reaches level 16 it'll say GREEN is evolving, rather than Bulbasaur evolved to an Invysaur. Now this was years ago so I'm probably wrong and it might just say GREEN is evolving to an Ivysaur but I like to have the name of the Pokemon there, especially for new ones so I know who's who :D

            Me too on that weakness. I have a plant but Totodile whoops him every time

            My Togapi/Togetic has been carrying the team with a psychic attack and a sleep move.

              Toggle and Harry are competing for the same spot but it's still early days. 2 badges and haven't cracked L20 yet.
              For that matter, Ralph might not stick around long term either.

                The cool thing about SS&HG is that random photographer guy that takes pics of you and your team.

                If you go through the photos at the end of the game you'll be pleasently suprised by the changes you made(if your memoy's as bad as mine)

                I went through like 3 or 4 birds in SS and a bunch of shit guys I didn't even remember using :D

      Played a shitload of Battlefield 3, 'cos double XP weekend, played P4G until I ragequit from the steamy bath house, and spent 2 hours getting FFXI running properly on my PC.

        What made you ragequit? Is that where the insta-kill jerks pop up?

          Hrm think it was a combination of me being in a poor mood, along with enemies that are irritating.
          Fucking tigers keep wrecking me.

    @jimu you getting insta moderated or just editing like crazy for no reason? :D

      Instamod, think I was replying too quick...if that does it.

      I don't edit unles it really makes no sense or came out more offensive than intended.

    So I stayed up playing curiosity and waiting for the reveal til 2:30am. 4 hrs sleep but enjoyed it. I was playing at the end and loved the whole concept. Thoughts?

      Haven't been following. Heard about the concept whenever that was and heard about the prize this morning.

      Prize sounds good, I'd be happy to win that.

      I liked the ending. It was OK considering all the possible things it could have been.

      The prize covers physical wealth with the winner receiving proceeds from Godus and also the metaphysical stuff Molyneux likes by making the winner be the God in the game.

      I'm curious how involved he will be in the game though. Also hopefully Godus is successful enough for the prize money to be significant.

      could have gone horribly wrong if some 3 year old did the final tap. clever concept, but could make their upcoming game completely fall apart depending on how much power and freedom they give this guy.

      I think the ending actually fit really well. Considering Molyneux has a huge rep for overpromising this seems like one instance where he didn't. Overall I'm fairly impressed.

    DARK. SOULS. \o/

    Only two weapons to go now. Just need one more Sif soul and one more Gwyn soul, and to finish NG+ and I'll have my 1000G playthrough. Still have to get all four Lordsouls before I can do any of this, though. :\

    Still doing a low VIT build. Vitality is now my lowest stat, except for Resistance.
    IIRC, I have 50 STR, 40 END, 36 DEX, 20 FTH, 18 INT, 19 ATT, 13 VIT, 10 RES.
    Feels pretty awesome going into boss battles, knowing that two hits can kill me, and coming out victorious!

    Last edited 27/05/13 9:23 am

      Crap. I need to get on that or you'll have it before me.

        Just solved your what-game-to-play problem. You're welcome! :D

        PS: Current aim: minimum of one boss per day, I'll have it in a week. That's the deadline.

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    Okay I have decided instead of driving to the train station I'm going to jog there. It's about 1.7km, although If I do a quick jog around the block it pushes it up to 3km (so about 6km a day).

      Gogo Old Man Nob! You can do it! Something else supportive! Probably another Penis joke here! Yeah!

        Wait wait, I can do this...

        This road is long and hard, butt if I keep pushing I will succeed.

        Last edited 27/05/13 9:16 am

          Long hard butt pushing?

          I suppose its a type of exercise o_O

            "Try holding with both hands"

      Saves on fuel and you get some exercise. :-)

      You'll probably be cursing TAY when it rains though but let's not think about that. Okay? Good.


        That's what raincoats are for. \o/

          Actually I will probably just drive to the train station and do the job on the treadmill.

      If I get fit from doing this challenge I hold @dc entirely responsible ... MONSTER!

    No radio today, Still no voice, sucks the big one.

    Anywho, who is playing Farcry 3 on the PS3, I kind of need some co-op partners, only two will do, since nos can play split-screen.

      Weird. Myself and @masha2932 were discussing doing this only last night.



      4 player co-op.

      Let's do this!!

      I just hope my internet behaves. It works perfectly when I'm not playing games but as soon as I want to play some co-op or multiplayer mysterious errors start popping up.

        Tonight? what time?

          I'm available any time after 6pm. I can only play until 10:45pm though. I have to be at work at 11pm. That's a good session I think, is that a good time for you?

          Just tag me on TAY around then. I'll do the same after I wake up. I should be sleeping now :-)

          Also I'm off tomorrow so if you're free then too we can continue the co-op campaign or play other PS3 co-op games.

          You in @freezespreston ? If you're busy there are other ditches we can push you in to extend your home stay you know ;-)

    Think my Ouya is on the truck for delivery this morning. \o/
    Going to the dentist this afternoon. /o\

      You gonn make stuff with it? Games/apps whatever?

        Nah, just getting it a little early for being a backer. Planning on seeing what people get going on the emulator front, as well as Ouya specific stuff like Minecraft. Apparently Notch is looking to make Minecraft for Ouya. The consensus seems to be if there's good reaction to the Ouya, it'll be close to a full blown PC port, if not so good reaction, it'll probably just get Minecraft PE.

      Sideways vote!

      Hope the dentist isn't too traumatic, my friend!

        Thanks man!
        HOPEFULLY it won't be. Only going because I haven't been in a very long time, and a part of my gum looks angry. I don't have any pain or anything, so HOPEFULLY it'll just be a tooth clean.


        EDIT: 'Thankfully' is not the same as 'hopefully'.

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    oh man some parents are cruel, we have a contractor working for us whose name is "Stanko" his last name is even worse (not that the parents had anything to do with that) but I won't post it cause, well it's his proper name.

      I hate that, I was precessing time sheets a while back and we had some corkers that I couldn't share :(

      Some names I've come across:
      "Richard Cock"
      "Mr Nothard"

        The Deputy principal at the High school me and @jimu went to had an amusing name, surname was Head first name started with an A so his door had a plaque on it saying "A Head" used to amuse me,

          Woman I worked with, surname: Badcock.

          Was her ex-husband's name and she kept it O_o

      A student at a primary school I worked at was named Strawberry.

        It would only be worth it if her last name was "Fields".

          Or Shortcake. Or Mousse. Or Milkshake.

    Dark Souls (rightly) gets its own post. Here's other media that I've consumed recently:

    1. Cliffy (movie-length thingo last night on ABC)

    Anyone watch this? I thought it was quite good, and much better than I thought it would be. The nearest thing Australia will ever get to a Rocky movie, I think.

    2. Wheel of Time book 11 and 12

    These books were actually really quite good. Glad Jordan got out one last good one before he passed. And I'm about 100 pages in #12, and it is simply excellent. I am really enjoying this series again. Books 6-10 should have just been 1, maybe 2 volumes. :P

    3. Mad Men season 5 finale

    Campbell haters probably gonna hate, but I really enjoyed this episode, and Campbell's story. Highlight of the ep for me, though plenty of moments for everyone. I don't think Don is the draw for this show anymore for me; though he is compelling, I like following Campbell. My wife thinks Sterling is the most interesting character (I assumed she meant entertaining, but apparently she thinks interesting as well!) Bit disappointing that Campbell/Sterling rivalry didn't really reach a head this season, after such a strong start. Also, Peggy's gone. Intriguement. So far, the show hasn't backtracked on any big moves like this, so it'll be interesting to see the Don/Peggy relationship when they're effectively competing with each other in season 6 (assumed).

      Mad Men s5 finale:

      What'd you think of the Lane stuff in the preceding eps?

        Yeah I was scanning for Lane stuff XD But its funny, I dont remember Campbell being such a highlight? Except for all the poor attempts to woo the train lady, which ended as all things do with Campbell - poorly. Don is still the Don! As dickish as that man gets, I'll still always be magnetised to him on that screen. Also wasnt that rather great scene with Don and Joan at the end of s5 too? Love the relationship those two have. Oh! Oh! Wasnt all that stuff with Joan becoming a partner there too? That stuff was great.

          I suspect Shane just liked the Gilmore Girl connection with Pete's story arc. Haha!
          I agree with Shane about Don, though. He's extremely compelling, but I find him all kinds of unlikable now and that's almost by design. Which is cool.

            S6 spoilahs

            I think its actually more interesting to make Don even more dickish than we expected. Because everyone obviously wants him to find some kind of peace, to settle down and find appreciation in what he has, but thats also too easy. The show would be hitting a brick wall if that happened.

              I agree with you there, Don's arc is almost about self-destruction. Really can't see the character going in any other direction either, like you say...

            Actually, I think the Gilmore factor negatively affected that storyline. Really liked the glimpse of honesty and insight we got into Campbell in the hospital room, though, and the sheer tragedy that in his very last scene, he's getting what he no longer wants: an apt in the city.

              Ahhh Campbell. Yeah... wait til s6

              s6 spoilahs - sorry shane :(

              All I can say about Campbell in s6 is its made me like Trudy a lot more XD

              Last edited 27/05/13 10:05 am

        It seemed kind of sudden, but the reasons behind it were pretty sound... and Lane's been on a kind of weird self-destruct all season (flirting with random wallet lady and keeping her picture, picking a fight with Campbell, etc). The last episode kind of gave some clues that the business itself is tainted (especially with circumstances of Joan's promotion, and Lane's suicide, Peggy and Megan (all female copywriters) leaving), at the same time as it starts to make some decent money. Really interested to see if this continues into next season!

        EDIT: Also, Don is falling to pieces - literally (rotten tooth episode). Hallucinations of Adam, brought on by Lane's suicide. Obviously, this was the main narrative point of Lane's suicide: its effect upon Don. Want to see that play out as well.

        Last edited 27/05/13 10:13 am

          Start watching season six straight away. There's not too many eps left of the season, so if you stagger it out you still will be able to watch regularly!

      Wheel of Time: Sanderson is a better writer than Jordan was. Tighter, more focused and plot development oriented. Exactly what the series needed.

        I'm really enjoying his style so far. Less with the clothes, more with the internal feelings. A real shot in the arm.

        That said, Jordan really picked up his game in Book 11. It wasn't as good as Books 1-5, but it was very good IMO.

    You know those mornings where you have the best dream ever, and it seems so real and so cool, and then ShiggyNinty appears in your dream and tells you he needs to pee which suddenly makes you think you need to pee which wakes you up and suddenly that very real-seeming dream is replaced by the cold harsh reality of human life?

    So, how are you guys doing?

      I had a dream last night that I was playing DayZ with James McAvoy and he was being a dick. I told him he was being a dick and he tried to punch me. Somehow we were actually in the game. I don't know. It made sense at the time.

      TL:DR - James McAvoy must be a dick.

      I hate waking up from awesome dreams, but i guess that's why i immerse myself in Vidya Gaems, harsh reality? try virtual reality :P

    Played the Journey demo last night. Seemed really cool. (A little pretentious, but cool all the same.) Night of the Rabbit is also out this week though and I think money would be better spent on an adventure game for me. :D

      Be glad that the PS3 does not support game gifting, or I would gift the shit out of Journey at you.

      I think my grammar fell apart at the end there, but whatevs.

        Doesn't matter. You said it all, man. You said it all.

        To tell you the truth, I'm not too keen on buying any more PSN/Xbox Live games anyway. Especially now that the end of the console generation is in sight!

      I think pretentious is a bit harsh. Its no more pretentious then, say, Heavy Rain :)



          Aw but I totally didnt mean it as a burn :'(

          I was actually saying I dont think either is pretentious. If we start calling anything that makes an attempt to be unique pretentious, thats treading dangerous territory.

            Pretentious was the wrong word, you're right.

            That's a pretty pretentious way of looking at things, Sughly.

        Haha! I don't mean pretentious in a bad way though, just in a 'this-is-pretty-artistic-and-D.C.-labels-everything-artistic-under-slightly-pretentious-category-even-if-he-likes-it-for-convenience"... XD

        Really thought it was beautiful and interesting and peaceful and cool, though.

          Yeah but, as above

            Hey, I'd prefer more games like Heavy Rain and Journey, so ain't a bad thing my friend! XD You're right, though. Not being articulate. Pretentious implies that it's wanky and that's not the case at all...

            Last edited 27/05/13 10:05 am

              Yeah I thought you were kind of implying that. Cool cool!

                I'd be playing the full game now if I had it, I think. Soundtrack was freakin' beautiful too. D:

      I wanna play Journey, I just don't wanna own it.

      It seems like it's a decent game but I see myself playing it once and then never again :-/

        I've played through it three times, and I kind of want to play through it again.

          Yeah, I don't replay much these days.

          If it were on a handheld though...

        To be honest I wasn't the biggest fan of Flower and I would call that game a bit pretentious in the wanky sort of way. Sorry Sughly. :( Went into Journey a little bit sceptical, but it won me over incredibly fast.

          Bun Bun bought Flower after loving Journey, and his response was, more or less, "this game is a bit shit."

            Sure is purdy looking though.

            I like Flower :(

              I haven't played it, so I can't judge. I think his biggest issue with it was the controls.

              I played that at @gutsoup's for an hour with a friend tag team, seemed good.

              Again, another game I'd play but don't see a point in owning.

                I think there's a boxset with all three of the companies games if you can find it cheap!

                  But I don't want to own it...

                  I'd borrow it from @dkzeitgeist if I thought I'd get it back to him in a reasonable time :-/

              I really liked flower. Before I bought the game I used to play the demo a lot.

              Those night time levels were pretty.


      I think i just didn't get Journey, I bought it, played it for about an hour and decided i never wanted to play it ever again, was just bored, didn't get a feeling of exploration cause well, here's some sand, there's some sand and oh look over there..... sand. Occasional puzzle wasn't enough to keep me going. Also never encountered another player so i guess that doen't help, and the fact that i had a friend playing at the same time that i couldn't invite was really annoying. Not saying it was bad, just think i approached it wrong and it's not my thing i guess.

    Have people seen this video (For those playing without immediate access, it's called "Convos With My 2 Year Old")? It popped up this morning on my Bookface, and I had a laugh at it.

    Just started feeling weirdly depressed and down all of a sudden. Having my mobility taken from me sucks.

      Aw, I'm sorry to hear that man. :(

      It'll heal soon enough though. Hope you feel better.

      Watch Gattaca if you have it. That's my go-to movie if I need some cheering up.

      Last edited 27/05/13 10:16 am

        Is this one of those dichotomies, like listening to thrash metal to calm down? :P