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    What is it?: Gamification, my friend. Gamification. The site's basically set up to track whatever physical activity you do and rewards you like a game. (Experience points, levelling up, achievements, etc.) Really, it's just an informal way to keep each other motivated.

    That all?: Nope, if you're the competitive type there's a five week challenge starting on Monday 27th of May. This lets you compete with other group members, whoever earns the most points doing any activity by the 28th of June wins. Completely optional and all just for fun.

    Anything else I should know?: The site likes sending e-mail notifications, this is easily fixed by going into account settings, clicking on notifications and unselecting everything.

      Man, I was feeling unmotivated, but I just had a look at Greenmang's effort from yesterday (which was my first day off), and now I need to get ahead of him again.

        Yeah, I feel shamed for taking the weekend off. :D Awesome thing though was the 4km run this morning felt so much easier compared to last week.

        I took 3 days off and plan to do it every second day :P

          Does not maths.

            Joke aside, I took 3 days off but now I plan to do it every second day. It still makes sense :P

              Taking three days off every second day does not make very good sense if you accept that time flows linearly in one direction.

                Ah... I getcha

                You win. :P

                I took 3 days off and plan to exercise every second day :P

      Raining all weekend.
      My rest day pretty much turned into a rest weekend and a half.

      Gigajoules are locked and loaded and ready for another week of godlike feats of strength/speed/agility.

    Morning folks. What's new?

      not a lot, you?

        Not much either, my friend. Finished Night of the Rabbit on the weekend. I miss it. :'(

      Morning D.C.

      I watched the first episode of FLCL.

      I feel quite confident in saying "What the fuck did I just watch?"

        I don't know what FLCL means. XD

          Just smile and nod.

          FLCL aka. Furi Curi aka. Fooly Cooly

          It's an anime. It is weird. Very weird. I will keep watching it though, because it's compelling through its weirdness.

            Stop making things up, Blaghs. >:|

            FLCL is brilliant. Haruko Haruhara wins.

          Fooly Cooly

          *you do it with your hands, like this*

          I wouldn't recomend it as a first anime watch. :)

        Man, did you really not get it?
        It's actually just a really normal tale of a boy reaching maturity.

        Fuck it's so goooooooood!

        My friend claimed it was the heroin of anime, I could take it all in and watch the whole series in one go because I have gained a resistance from over-animeing.

        It's too strong for people who only "do it on the weekend" :P

          Yep yep. At its heart its very much a coming of age story. It just takes all those maturing elements of the characters and explodes them onto the screen.

          Sure, it's the tale of a boy reaching maturity,

          Sure, sure, perfectly understandable and logical. Makes sense to me.

            It really all does make sense by the end. Metaphorically, that is.

              Oh, I can understand that it makes sense (or, will make sense (in whatever sense we wish to make of it)), I just think it's important to note that that is certainly one of the stranger first episodes of a show I have ever seen.

    So... Animal Crossing NL - The sole reason I bought a 3DS.

    Anyone else getting it?
    What are you most excited for?

    In any-case, I think a new column should be added to the TAYnames game-tag list for Animal Crossing: New Leaf dream codes (This is how you visit towns, even when someone's offline)

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      I'm holding out for Fantasy Life instead.
      @sughly claims you can buy both...

        It's true! You just need money. I havent figured out where that comes from yet though...

      Hells yeah!

      As for what I'm most excited for? I don't know! :P. I haven't been following it that much or seen much on it but I just want it for some reason, similar to how I just wanted Fire Emblem. I have played Cube and DS Crossing so I have an idea of what to expect.

      I'm mainly extra hyped and happy for it since it's free due to the "So many games" promotion (thanks Beavimu!).

      Usually if something is big enough we'll add a new column. We could probably get rid of some stuff as well like Words with Friends and Draw Something :P.

        Hey Greenius, can you tell me how the too many games promotion works on an Australian 3DS? Is it available to us?

          Hey McGarnical! Sure, no problemo - Helpius ahoy!

          At the moment there's no Australian version but we can still take advantage of the UK one. Just make a UK Club Nintendo account and register your UK codes. You should get an email with a code and then you can just input the code into the eShop to claim your game.

          But here's where I'm not 100% sure. Club Nintendo UK ran a similar promotion for a download code of the 3D NES remake of Kid Icarus last year, where I did the same thing (register my UK codes on a UK account) and the code worked in the Australia eShop. So I think it's safe to assume the code for this one will work on the Australian eShop as well but if it doesn't I assume we can just swap over to the UK store and input it there without any hassle.

          Since I chose Animal Crossing as my game, I can't confirm until I receive the code (which will be sometime after release) but I can let you know whether it works in the Australian eShop or not.

            OK cool, I will have to investigate!

              It's pretty good since most of us import UK games anyway. I'm just a bit annoyed that the one time I decide to buy local is when I get screwed :/

                I own a copy of Fire Emblem which I bought from Mighty Ape and haven't registered it yet. I wonder if I can register that on a UK account? I'm keen to get Animal Crossing and expect that'll be around $60 digitally. So if I Ozgameshop Luigi and Donkey Kong, it'll end up being around $90 for all three games!

                  Usually codes will be region locked (can't use an AU code in the UK Club vice versa.). Stuff like first party Nintendo(the games you listed) and bigger third party games (like RE:R) will be region locked. It's only for smaller niche titles that have codes that work on both Club Nintendo regions (the type of games where it's clearly just a UK version with an Australian rating stuck on - I believe Theatrhythm, Cave Story, Tales of the Abyss, Shinobi are some of them).

                  So unless your Fire Emblem is a UK region one, it won't register on the UK Club Nintendo. Our Club Nintendo codes are just printed on white paper while theirs are printed on glossy red scratchy sheets

                  I think NegativeZero ordered Monster Hunter 3DS from MightyApe and received a UK copy.

          EDIT: Mis-read that, wooooooooooooooops!

          Last edited 03/06/13 10:50 am


    Don't think I've been this excited for a long long time!

    My project at work is about to go live!

    I think I passed my probation period at my job! (Or I failed but they still continue to pay me to wander in each morning)

    Final two episodes of Game of Thrones!

    Gunpoint is out tomorrow! (And there's a cool demo on Steam to try!)

    Then E3 next week! PS4! Xbone! Mirrors Edge 2! Probably some surprising/welcome new announcements!

    Animal Crossing! (I don't actually care about it, but I know some of you are pretty hyped!)

    Then the Last of Us!

    I also weighed myself this morning! Eating not badly and swimming means you go from 96kg to 88kg in a month! EDIT: No wait, 6 weeks. i r smrt

    Everything is coming up Milhouse!

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      Awww only 2 eps left? :'(

      Also, disappointed youre not excited about Animal Crossing. Also, disappointed that link didn't go to Anna's Grandpa.

        Well it's a bit hard to get excited for a game/series that I have no knowledge of and I lack the consoles to play it :P

          To be honest... never played an Animal Crossing before :3

          But Ive always wanted to! I just never got my hands on the gamecube one, and the others didnt seem to live up to it. According to what I read. Could be wrong..? Still, super hyped for this one, just sounds rad is all. But not having a 3ds... yeah, thats a downer. Thats just a downer in general. Like, without a 3ds... whats the point in life really?

            I was the opposite -- Loved Wild World on the NDS, but didn't have a 3DS.

            That's sorted though...

              Yeah, Wild World was awesome! :D

      Remember Me is also out this week.

        I feel like I should put a pun joke about remembering/forgetting that game is out this week.

        Am hoping that game turns out well, lots of potential!

          I was going to make the joke but didn't


          Then I found $10

        I doubt anyone is interested in that. Nope... noone comes to mind...

        edit: Oh no wait thats right, @negativezero was all hyped about it wasnt he. Thats right.

        Last edited 03/06/13 8:47 am

          I guess I'll just be quiet in the corner then ...

            Pssst, I'm all kinds of psyched! :D FUTURE PARIS!

        Preordered on Steam! \o/

          I got it on GMG for like $37ish. Pretty cheap for an interesting looking game.

      Remember Me is out this week too. Here's hoping futuristic Paris is everything I hope for. :D

      Last edited 03/06/13 8:49 am

    Geebus christ what... I cant even fathom how you guys even get a first post of tay. It just seems mythical.

      I was in here once, before anyone commented. SO I wrote "Hi". 7 replies were there by the time mine appeared. D:

      Girlfriend? Nope. Family? Nope. Job? Nope. All the first posts you could ever want? You better believe it! WOOOOOO! :P

        I only have one of those, and I was still here playing the refresh game! And lost.

        Oh no wait I have two, oops.


          Danedane is a PLAYAHHHHH

      To be fair, @dc's post was a total copy/paste. He's a big cheater.

        But then there's the matter of the second post, my pal. XD

          That one is totally no GF, no family, no job. :)

      I remember I was up once and wanted to get the first post because I was bored on a bus and it gave me something to do. I was refreshing at 8:30 and a new TAY wasn't posted.

      That day Mark posted TAY at some odd time like 9:14 :/

    You all need to check this shit out:

    3 discs, 60+ musicians, 6+ visual artists. 20 year tribute for Secret of Mana. Hawt.

      I would if Arsebook wasn't blocked at wurk.

        lol...I have a whole day of bumsitting while minding sick children. Internet absorption levels increased by a factor of over 9000!!

    Guys, let's get pancakes and bacon. Bacon Pancakes.

      Not a pancakes fan really.
      But bacon, sure!

      When I was in the U.S., I had a bacon cheeseburger for dinner every night for a week. That bacon haunts me. So damn good.

        I have US-style bacon curing in my fridge. Should be baconed by Wednesday or Thursday, you should come over.
        Failing that, Gotzinger do American style bacon, you should check the smallgoods section of your supermarkets for packages of it.

      Had that for breakfast on Saturday morning. Weekend declared a total success? I think so.

      True story : Whenever me and my friend go to Pancake Parlor, we order a short stack of pancakes with ice cream, and a side of bacon. Hot pancakes, cold ice cream and bacon together on the same fork. It sounds a bit weird, but it's fucking amazing.

    Guys. Guys... guys! Guys. Alright, this is me officially announcing my absolute love of Attack on Titan to you all. No anime has had me hooked like this for yeaaaars. So damn amazing. It's got big Berserk vibes (despite not really being like Berserk at all - only the helplessness, hyper violence, and at times character themes. Oh and the setting, a bit), which was a big positive since I've still been after something to fill that Berserk void after that series ended (@jimu @gutsoup).

    So, anyone else watching it? It's still currently running, up to ep 9 now. Seems like the fansubs are out about every Sunday. Woo new anime woo!

      I've been meaning to watch it, but I'm busy enough with other stuff that I figured I'd wait until the season was finished.

      Have you watched either Gargantia, or The Devil's a Part Timer (that's right, I get my anime recommendations from this website. Worst anime fan? Worst anime fan.)? They're pretty cool guys. The latter is very silly, but I guess that should be a given based on its name.

        Gargantia doesnt even slightly compare to Titan, not even close. Havent seen any of this Devils one though..? Will investigate!

          Cool cool cool. Devil is... well, it's not a great show, but it is a lot of fun (and I'd definitely call it good), at least, I've been motivated enough to keep watching through it, anyway.

        Both of those are really good shows. Gargantia is probably the series I'm enjoying most this season. Simple, well-produced, quality art, not depressing. Either that or Railgun, though I suspect that that one's a bit of an acquired taste.

      I'll wait for the whole series I think ;-)

        Honestly, soooo understand. I got to the end of the last one last night and nearly cried manly tears not being able to follow it up with the next ep straight away. This is like a drug, big time. The story development is so dang gripping, dying to know what happens next T_T

          Can you remind me when the series ands if you remember??

            It probably won't end (it's production IG and every time they're successful with a TV show they spin out a movie as the ending instead of actually finishing what they start properly)

            In this case, it's running 25 episodes + an OVA episode. So it'll end some time in September. It's streaming on Crunchyroll IIRC. Want a 48-hour pass? I have two more...

              In 48 hours I may be lucky to watch 2 episodes D:

      I'm up to the fourth episode, decent enough.

      After first wall came down and the Titans started tunneling in with those psychotic grins I would of loved it if they played they 'Forces' song from Berserk. would of perfected the helplessness!

      I'll have to check that out, I finally got Besrserk : Golden Age Arc1 yesterday and watched it, So good, lots of little details left out, but i guess they have to to fit it in to 3 movies.I find it strange that it even exists though, I originally thought they were going to add stuff from the manga that they left out in the show so they could continue the story, but doesn't seem like it, it's just a really good looking remake, With Guts that turn to Soup.

        Yeah... I found the second film did more things differently, but still on the most part its a pretty remake yeah. I've read though that the intention is to kind of lead into doing more of the story with more films if these are successful, is that right? And from the impression I get they have been rather successful, soooo... fingers crossed...

        That being said, fansubs of movie 3 will be arriving this month with the Japanese bluray release! Woooo! From what I've seen/read, looks to be the most worthwhile film adaptation of the three.

        The original anime left out an extremely important character and they kind of wrote themselves into a corner so that they couldn't continue it following the manga properly.

        Biggest disappointment of those movies is the lack of Susumu Hirasawa. His soundtrack in the TV series absolutely made it for me.

          You mean the fairy dude? Because if you do, they dont exactly do a big job of introducing him here. Unless by 'a shot of him going past' is introducing.

            No, I mean the Skull Knight.

              Ah okay. Yeah Ive heard hes meant to play quite a large part in movie 3 (since he hasnt appeared yet... not sure if youve seen them yet, think you were one of the wait for all to come out peoples?). But to be fair, the series didnt necessarily occlude him, they just didnt show what happened at the end of the eclipse.

                As I understand it (I only ever read the first few volumes of the manga) the point that the TV anime ends, the plot literally can't continue without the Skull Knight. He rescues Guts and Casca from Griffith/Femto. They cut him out of the story completely, he was supposed to have appeared several times during that arc.

                I think the whole idea with the Golden Age films was to re-do the whole thing with the Skull Knight in place so they can actually continue the story.

                  Yeah but didnt the series end before you even see what happens to them in the eclipse? So, like, really they could have started a new season at the eclipse, and begin with him. But anyway, all beside the point, theyve done the movies XD

      I think I must have watched too much, because it seems pretty average to me. Plus poorly paced, the first three or four episodes were excruciatingly drawn out.

      Doesn't help that Eren is an unlikeable angry tosser I guess. I was actually pretty happy they seemed to have killed him off. Especially given that he was eaten by Giant Richard Stallman. Shame they decided to backtrack on that in such an uninteresting way

        Boooo! Totally disagree. I may not have seen as much but I've still seen my fair share, and this really appeals to me. Srsly, think its a bit dimissive to say you didnt like it just caus youve 'watched more', as if that justifies you having better taste in anime.

        Last edited 03/06/13 9:37 am

          Not at all. I'm saying I've watched so much other stuff the points that make it interesting and unique must blend into the background a lot for me. It seems like heaps of other Production IG works and they're all blended together for me. I've been watching anime regularly (like, 5-10+ shows a season) for over a decade so my conclusion is that I'm jaded and cynical and it's actually a good show but I've been ruined by watching too many similar things.

          Honestly I don't mind the show. It's okay. I tend to avoid it a bit because it's a tad depressing and the main character gives me the irrits and he's also a fucking sociopath but that's another argument. There's not really a lot I could point to this season at least and claim that it's better, though there are several I enjoy a lot more.

      I hat you for not tagging me in a Berserk-related comment. :'(

      I have loved everything I've seen about Attack On Titan but no idea when I would be able to watch it.

        AWWW NOOO thats right, Im sorry @strange XD Its only because we (me jimu dc and gutsoup) had a big convo about where gutsoup got his name from when we went out for drinks :D Thats my excuse, yes. Yeah I ruckon there's a good chance you'd dig this. Can always do a jimjim/doc and wait for the series to finish? And watch it after kids are in bed..?

          Oh man, everyone seems to want to rub it into my face that I haven't been able to attend meats and they don't want to discuss stuffs with me because they've already discussed it with others on person.... :P ( @dc )

            Argh haha! Forget that, forget that. Animeeeee, talk to me about it pls! I need someone as excited about this series as I am to discuss it with :'(


    @shiggyninty @Alexpants @Blaghman @Sughly @Masha @cakesmith @effluvium_boy @trjn @freya @bish @dawdle @crabjiffy @batguy @jimu @dkzeitgeist @Lambomann007 @ruffleberg @rize @35 @Hugothebarbarian @harli @fatshadylive @novacascade @powalen @freeze @f4ction @Spagett @mythamphetamine @L4stquestion @Strange @virus_ @rocketman and @DC.

      Well, I'm clearly no @DC when it comes to this...

        I can see it, but not hear...what does my face say?

      Mortal enemy.

        Maybe if you didn't turn up to meats, throw books at people and run off then maybe someone would catch you on film and you'd be in my video.

      *sits in corner, sighs and wishes he was part of the cool kidz club*

        I know that feeling.

          I will take my camera on a tour of the country for next year's video! And I'll blur out @DC to keep him happy.

            Well, pretty much everyone will be at PAX anyway! MASSIVE GROUP PHOTO


                For those not in attendance, we will digitally add ghost-like images of you, ala Return of the Jedi (but no Hayden Christensen-whatever)

            @dc should just wear a balaclava everywhere to help you on that and to protect the public from his hideous visage. Mengele was thinking of showing his victims a picture of him but thought it was a bit extreme. Gacy was just a normal entertainer until he saw DC at a party.

            What I'm trying to say is @dc is a doofus and should be a little less down on himself.

      Oh man, I can't watch myself in any video unless you want me to kill myself. Is that what you want, Doc? :P

        You're not in it :P At least, I'm not sure...

        You asked Freeze not so send pics of you. He sent pics and I put them all in but I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE! If I did, I'd have made sure no DC went in against DC's wishes.

        But I WILL pester you to watch this because Camping Video.

          Just the manly photo of you and me on pretend horses @dc, nothing incriminating.

          Last edited 03/06/13 9:00 am

            Aw man, that photo made me want to kill myself when I saw it for the first time.


              That's you? Has anyone ever told you that you look a little like Adam Sandler? Cause you do. A bit. In a good way. In that picture.

              I guess you made it into the video...


                *D.C. kills self*

                  Don't worry, I'd do the same thing if someone told me I look like Adam Sandler :P

                  Look on the bright side!

                  You have a legitimate reason not to watch it and I have to stop pestering you.

            I didn't notice @dc when I first watched the video but after reading this comment I noticed the horsey pic ;D

            Your complaining is drawing attention to it D.C.!

            Last edited 03/06/13 9:42 am

        That sounds a bit dark ... Do you want me to sing some Linkin Park?

          I'd be watching the video if I wanted to be in an emo mood. Trying to hold onto this Night of the Rabbit high for as long as I can. XD

        I only saw two quick flashes of you there.

        So I guess you only have to kill yourself twice?

      ... aww man, I wasn't listed as being on the show. Does my appearance in episode ... 36? mean nothing to you?

      Boo-urns to you good sir

      Congrats on the potakuversary

        Im sorry! I thought I did! I'll make this up to you!

          I'll shake my fist at you once my coffee gets here. I'm not that fussed, to be honest. The important thing is you've learned something and bleh ... I forgot what I was going to say.

      I feel excluded. :(

      #racism #homophobia #sexism #chuloopaphobia

        I did send the link to the first Melbourne meat kotaku page and everything :(
        The hat, it burns!

          I only used the pics emailed to me. Because checking TAY is hard and I'm lazy :P

      Hey, I know almost all of those peoples! (And the ones I don't know, I recognise anyway )

      Also: hi @bishy!


      I'm happy to report that the muffmallow makes an appearance.

      It's the pinata!

      And a lot of Shiggy.

      Last edited 03/06/13 8:03 pm

      That was so beautiful... dammit, I wish I wasn't in a public place when I saw this!! I'll blame the onions.

    Last chance.
    Who here is up for meating the Saturday after PAX for Karaoke? And I mean directly after Pax finishes for the day. I need numbers so I can find the ideal place.

      Am I allowed to be a maybe? After two full days at PAX I might wanna just collapse on a bed, it's hard to tell from this vantage point in June. :P

        Maybe is fine. I'd rather have open spots then not enough room.

          What I'm more concerned about is, is there a cost for the booking that me being a maybe could potentially be a nuisance with?

            nah, most rooms are like 15-20 or 20-25. I will try to cover a booking cost myself, if required.
            Some places don't require a deposit. I will find out on Saturday. =P So don't worry about it