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    I am broing so hard in AC, it's actually quite disturbing.




    And as said by my sister visiting for the day


    EDIT: Aww, apparently QR codes are unlocked later on in the game and my sister was just wearing one of those pre-made outfits.

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      Took me a moment to figure out what you were talking about. Assassin's Creed? Oh wait, no, Animal Crossing.

        You're assuming I don't shout out stuff like this in Assassin's Creed.

        I do. Stealthiest man around shouting things like "Requiescat in PIECES, BITCHES."

        Perhaps I just like shouting things.

      You are a strange one, Caturday.

        You're *not* excited over choosing where to build your own house and the fact that you can saunter around in a custom-made Sailor Moon dress?

        You sir, are the odd one.

    Morning all. On the train, heading to work. Going in to do work so we can meet our end of year targets. This blows, like a load to the face.

    My sympathies to anyone else doing something similar.

    Brisbane folks! Bookfest is on today! Ber and I are heading down there at about 10am. If you haven't gone down to check it out, you totally should. SO MANY CHEAP BOOKS!!

      I've been before and if you're reading this, that means it's too late to get most of the good titles there.

      I swear that people from used book shops just get in straight away and pillage the place.

    Ah oops, thought that we would still be in old tay because public holiday. Hehe.


      I'm nervous that everybody is playing an elaborate trick on me just so that I get in trouble for skipping work today.


    What is it?: Gamification, my friend. Gamification. The site's basically set up to track whatever physical activity you do and rewards you like a game. (Experience points, levelling up, achievements, etc.) Really, it's just an informal way to keep each other motivated.

    That all?: Nope, if you're the competitive type there's a five week challenge starting on Monday 27th of May. This lets you compete with other group members, whoever earns the most points doing any activity by the 28th of June wins. Completely optional and all just for fun.

    Anything else I should know?: The site likes sending e-mail notifications, this is easily fixed by going into account settings, clicking on notifications and unselecting everything.

    *moseys off to finish Blackwell Unbound*

      Finished. WOOOOOO! Will start Blackwell Convergence later today.

        Convergence is very cool. Like the evolution of the art style. Starting to look very Resonance-like now.

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          Yeah Dave spent the most amount of money on that one, but then backtracked and spent less on the next. He has this whole post on his blog about cost vs profits, which I kind of disagree with, but meh. Definitely the prettiest looking one.

    I finally landed a Dreamcast and some games (just waiting for it to arrive in the post).

    While I am waiting, does anyone know of any good adventure/RPG games to try on it?

    Just a heads up, I have already played enhanced ports of Sonic Adventure 1, Grandia II, and Skies of Arcadia. I am tempted to get them again but common sense says I should try others.

    While I have heard of Shenmue, I have tried playing Shenmue II on the XBox and I doubt I will like it as it feels more like a life simulator than an RPG. Especially how the game will end if you fail to get the rent paid every morning.

      Omikron: The Nomad Soul, though it's dated a little. (A lot.)

      Might be cheaper and easier to buy on any way for the PC.

      Edit: Just researched it a little, apparently the PC version is better...

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        Fun fact: In highschool we were making a movie about a book called the Omicron when the game was announced. We ended up having to change the name to Sunocron or something. I'll never forgive them for stealing my book name! NEVER!

      I loved the original Shenmue but when I tried to play it again recently it frustrated me with its clunky controls and slow movement. I also had trouble with Shenmue II. I bought it but couldn't get into it at the time and when I went back to replay it it was too late, I was already too used to smoother controls to not be frustrated.

      I know DC said Omikron was better on PC, but I played it on Dreamcast and thought it was amazing. So ahead of its time,and still one of my favourite games. I haven't tried it again though, so I don't know how good the controls feel these days. I do remember even when it was released there were a few frustrating parts though.

        I also remember a game I played called Silver (or something similar). It was fun and only took me a couple of days to finish. Pretty standard RPG though.

        Oh yeah, I've only played the PC version too, so no first hand knowledge about how it plays on the Dreamcast. Though this is what wikipedia says:

        The DC port's inferiority was cited to have been plagued with bugs, have extended loading times and hiccups, shoddy voice and effects quality, an awkward control scheme, and instances of lazy porting (IGN stated that in the intro, Kay'l "is contacting you through your computer, while the sub-titled text reads ′Dreamcast.′").

        At the same time, the PC version was a little odd to control with a keyboard and mouse. I think a Dreamcast controller would've been the superior version. :D Some of those noted criticisms I can see on the PC version too. XD

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          I checked again for the price. I do not mean to anger Dreamcast fans here but getting the game for the PC digitally is far less than the physical game.

          I found a new copy sealed, but like many others the asking price is over $45 AUD. And that is not including shipping.

      If you've already played Grandia II and Skies of Arcadia you've hit the two best RPGs on the system.

      I remember quite enjoying the Lodoss action RPG as well but I don't know if it holds up. There are other DC RPGs (Sakura Taisen!) but I don't think any more in English

      I remember playing a rpg called Evolution on the dreamcast. I enjoyed it enough. But I was very young so it could have been a crock of shizz for all i know.

      check out "Silver" i only played a little but it seemed pretty good back in the DC day

      Edit, damn @strange is too fast, but also offered better advice since she actually beat it :P

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      Sorry I forgot to mention this earlier. I also don't mind the odd first person shooter.

      Thus I do have high standards: they need to be in the same league as Half-Life and Fallout. I was thinking Resident Evil and Dino Crisis.

      Even if they turnout to be bad, it will at least give me the chance to see how some developers got creative with the VMU. I'm actually starting to see why some swore by it.

      For example, some use the VMU to show the health and ammo stock. This idea I actually like. While the same metres are on screen, like most others I only pay attention to the middle regions of the screen and very little on the outer most edges. Allowing me to quickly focus down to see the guages on my controller and then back up to the action is more natural.

      At least in theory, I won't know unless I can find a copy. Such games (sealed) sell for $45+ AUD on eBay.

    I have a copy of FIFA Football - it's entirely in german!!!
    If you want it - it's yours for free!

      I'd say jah, but I have nien understanding of German, so I'll let someone else have a shot at it.

        It's still pretty easy to play single matches or tournaments without knowing any German.
        It's only if you plan on playing manager mode that it may get difficult.

      Ich habe nien Vita, NEIN NIEN NIEN. That's as far as my Year 8 German skills go.

    Anyone want a copy of Torchlight?


    I'm just going to apologise in advance for all my E3/The Last of Us hype related posts/tweets this week.





            REALISTIC SOFT/HARD SHADOW HYPE (Seriously though, look at Ellie's shadows and Joel's shadow as soon as he steps out into sunlight. SORCERY)


              I still can't believe that they're achieving it on current gen hardware. According to Digital Foundry it has some frame drops in hectic scenes, but is pretty good overall, which is just mindblowing. I assume that they have actually hired some wizards or something.


                  Got to think Sony will be announcing that. tLoU was their second team, their primary team hasn't been on anything officially since Uncharted 3.

                  I hope it's a new IP and not another Uncharted.

                  @negativezero New IP for the PS4 would be great. I've got my fingers crossed they go back to something more cartoony but I don't think that's going to happen.

                  @powalen: I doubt that'll happen. I just don't want more Uncharted. 3 left a bad taste in my mouth and Golden Abyss is so full of gimmicky shit that it really detracts from the game. I really want them to move away from murder rooms filled with fifty guys interspersed with cutscenes and the occasional on-rails traversal sequence. I mean, I like the traversal and the puzzles and the combat in the games is okay, but the AI is unfair and likes to rush you and spams grenades to flush you out of cover way too much, plus the respawning enemies in U3 really kill immersion since they just appear out of nowhere.

              I guess that goes to show that the Cell really was an amazingly powerful chip, it's just that you need to be a Sony first-party with effectively unlimited time and budget to be able to squeeze stuff out of it.

              A lot of it will be faked in clever ways rather than really doing the simulation. They did similar tricks on the PS2 to do some amazing things with it. There's a fascinating post-mortem by the Shadow of the Colossus guys around somewhere where they talk about some of the tricks they did there, eg how they faked the HDR lighting in that game.


      Any relation to your comment? Barely. But that's good enough.

      If anyone here is a trophy/achievement hunter, I just found out that The Last Of Us only has 24 trophies. I thought it was a bit unusual seeing most games these days have around 50.

      So excited for this game, I'm off to play the demo.

        isn't that because it's Xbox that makes games have around 50 achievements?

        since its an exclusive, sony does what it wants.

    Hotline Miami is exactly the type of game I wanted to play this weekend. Quick actiony fun, challenging but not too hard, short enough to finish in a weekend. Just the right type of game at the right time. I approve! Even better considering I barely knew what type of game it was until I downloaded it :P

    Also tried Thomas was Alone for half an hour which was the complete opposite. Not in the mood for that type of game at the moment.

    ps. I want Animal Crossing.

      I loved Hotline Miami, granted it actually ran on my computer, so that's easy points on the Numbers Approval Scale.

      Personally I'm a big fan of the wolf mask, free OP weapon, YES PLEASE!


    I'm about 10 minutes into Rubber and, uh...


      You're actually watching it? :D I want to watch it again too now! Loved that movie in a weird way.

      EDIT: The best way I can explain it is that it's greater than it first appears :P I'm rewatching it now!

      Last edited 10/06/13 11:54 am

        I'm liking the framing device of people watching the film unfold with the binoculars.

          Spoiler tags for anything else though. It's best for people who haven't seen it to not know these things :P

    Uhhh herrow TAY! I haven't been in here for years D:

      Hi guy! It has been a while. Just dropping in for the long weekend?

        Hi Blaghs! I might stay here for awhile, depends if I'm too awkward or not haha
        I was thinking now would be a good time to get back into TAY for some E3 shenanigans and HYPE

          Despite E3's declining quality in recent years, I'm pretty hyped for this year's one due to all the next gen stuff that will presumably be shown.

            Promise of Beyond Good & Evil 2 and the new consoles has me all kinds of psyched.

            Yeah the next gen stuff should make things more interesting. I only found couple of things to hype every year.

    Brian Taylor can get stuffed. :D (NSFW)

    Last edited 10/06/13 12:49 pm

    Woo, public holiday for the majority of you leads to me actually getting on the first page for once \o/

    Played 'The Swapper' (quite enjoyed, seems to have some degree of that addictive quality portal has - the well-timed "a-ha!" moment) and "Gunpoint" (still undecided, blasted through it way more quickly than expected) over the weekend.

    Still trying to work out whether I'm going to do the regular "hahaha, massive amounts of sleep dep during the week of E3 thing due to watching keynotes" thing.

    Oh, also - 5 parcels arrived for me today from ogs, invasion of the board games.

      How was their bored game packaging? I've been really tempted because of the price and I guess for most stuff it'll be a box inside a box, lots of breathing room, but still a bit hesitant.

        I'll let you know, have not actually seen them yet (delivered to home, not work).

    Are any of you picking up The Last of Us people who intensely dislike trial-and-error stealth games like MGS etc? Because if so, please let me know your opinion on it. Everyone's raving about how amazing the game is but I don't know if I can enjoy playing it.

      I'm still picking it up and I believe I've made my feelings clear in the matter.

        I'm tempted but not convinced yet. I really, really dislike stealth games. But I liked DX:HR a fair bit. Though I wasn't exactly stealthy (eg one level I hacked a turret at the start and carried it around for me, would just drop it and let dudes get cut down by it, including the boss)

      I'm still waiting for the day you mention MGS without the words 'trial and error'.

    I feel like playing TOCA 2.

      V8 Supercars 2

      You silly billy, you.

        No,no, TOCA 2.
        You're thinking of TOCA Race Driver 2, which indeed was V8 Supercars 2 down here.

    Does anyone else think maybe that "Most Viewed"/"Most Commented" box on the side has become stuck on the same 4 articles?

    TAYlist for the 10th of June 2013 TAYlist - the TAY Playlist, sponsored by HM the Queen's Birthday

    Def Leppard - Let's Get Rocked
    Meatloaf - Paradise By The Dashboard Light
    Dragon - April Sun In Cuba
    Bon Jovi - Bad Medicine (Bad medicine it what I need)
    Stevie Wright - Evie (Pt. 1) (Let your hair hang down)
    Noiseworks - Hot Chilli Woman
    Silverchair - Tomorrow

    Short TAYlist for a short show, It's a public holiday and I ain't getting paid.

      No Sigur Ros? Sughly's going to go into a hulk rage! :P

        SSSIGURRR ROSSSSSSS! had no results in the computer at the radio station

      That's a pretty good old-skool list. I approve. \o/

        Indeed. The smurf tips his smurf hat to you. But the Smurf shall be playing some Doc Neeson and the Angels too... along with some Screaming Jets... ;)

    @powalen that was quite possibly the most surreal experience of my life.

    I loved it.

    I love how they've headed off any questions about the massive plot holes with the whole no reason thing. Why the hell did he do that? No reason.

    It's either the smartest or dumbest movie I've ever seen. Not sure which yet. Still not sure whether it needs to be thought about or not.

    My brain hurts.

      I'm glad you liked it! It really took me by surprise how much I enjoyed it the first time around. I think it's definitely one of those movies where the less you know before going in the better it is.

        I looked it up on imdb and apparently it's about a tyre? Probably the best worst plot evar

          JUNE 10, 2013 8:03 PM Greenius

          This is D.C. from the future!

          Monolith's game will be at the Nintendo Conference! It will be liked by all!

          That is all.

          *Back to the Future theme*

            Haha is bored D.C. starting from the start? :D

            We can chat, mang!

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