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      Lucky you were first, or you would have looked like a complete idiot. Totally unlike now.

      Colon something something bodilyfunction

        I have successfully proved my superior manhood and intellect and would like to claim my prize of all the ladies now.

          That's fair.

          I'd better go tell the wife.

    Pokemon X & Y, list of all the announcements.

    Not for Powalens or others in his boooat

      I quite like the look of...

      Vivillon (the butterfly one) and all its evolutions

      I could see myself playing with that one

        I think i like
        Gogoat. I imagine yelling 'go go gadget gogoat' alot :S
        Edit: Plus i always like grass and bug types for some reason... even though they squish a bit.

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          Bug is good to give yourself a challenge I ruckon. Theyre cool, but kinda weak. Until you get them good bug moves later then suddenly they become super pokemans!

        Another bug type that transforms into a flying/bug?

        URGH! Do we need a new one EVERY generation?

        I like the panda and some others that I am blanking on...still waiting on some mar tuff lookin guise.

          Yeah. I'm a bit disappointed to see "more of the same" - I can't really see how they add anything to the game except that they didn't want to re-use existing Pokemon. However, for this generation, GameFreak have actually paid attention to competitive battling, so my hope is that the final evolutions of these earlier Pokemon will still be usable against some of the 'endgame' ones.

          I do like Skrelp - even though we already have a seahorse and Water/Poison isn't exactly the most unique type combo. My hope is that it's Posion abilities are focused on more than, say, Tentacruel. And if they've given Poison a buff then this could become a great new addition. Non-legendary,Non-starter fire/flying combo is a welcome addition.

      Can I play pokemons on an old DS. Or do I need one of those new fangle threedee doovies?

        Yeah, DS actually has the most games available. If you have a non-DSi you can play the two* GBA games too.

        *by two I mean 5*
        *remakes of RED and Green (Blue) and Ruby and Saphire and their upgrade Emerald.

        Ask me about generations ;-)

        Available to play on a DS Phat/Lite:

        Gen 3: RSE & RG
        Gen 4: DPPt & SS HG
        Gen 5: BW & B2&W2

    This new meme on the XBone was in the comments section.

    It has the jimu Gamer mark of approval

      It's too early in the morning for me,
      I don't get it?

        Xbone watching your every move = clingy girlfriend watching your every move

    Also, how was everyone's weekend. I was sick, so I watched movies.

      Worked, played a bit of The Last of Us. Really enjoying that game.

      horribly short, and annoying, all i wanted to do was play the Last of Us but everything got in the way, i got in about 5 hours playtime all weekend :(.

      It was good. Played some Halo 4 single player. Recently borrowed my brothers Xbox and Halo 4 off a mate. It is one damn impressive looking game.

    So... the comments in this article remind me of Christmas. All the colours.

      I think the guy for whom reading 4 paragraph is way too much of a strain is exactly who Microsoft are depending on next gen :3

      I had to go and check...took me a moment...but I get it.

      Hahaha wow

      Also 'Markymarkandthenotsofunkybunch' is an amazing handle

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    So apparently I'm getting a 3DS. *shakes fist impotently at MythicalJohnRobert'sFirstLadyFeetAmen* But I have no idea what I should get for it.

    Game recommendations, please. I haven't owned a handheld since the days of the first Gameboy. Happy to go with normal DS games, too.

    Here's my potential list:
    * Snake Eater
    * Zelda OoT
    * Super Mario 3D land
    * Ace Attorney series
    * Luigi's Mansion!
    * Theatrhythm (I think is accompanying the console)
    * Fire Emblem Awakening
    * Final Fantasy Games
    * Mario Kart
    * Dragon Quest 9
    * Kingdom Hearts
    * RE: Revvs
    * DKC Returns
    * Chrono Muhfuggen Trigger! \o/

    I don't really care for go-nowhere games or grindy slow-progress games. Would prefer a game with a story and/or a clear endpoint. Most of you know that Dark Souls is my game of current-gen... how does Monster Hunter compare to it?

    Also, where do you get your games from? I'm new to the area.

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      Judging from my twitter feed. Animal Crossing: New Leaf. That is all.

        Love reading all the tweets and TAY comments about it, but I'm genuinely not sure if it's my type of game. :)

          Get Luigi's Mansion 2

            Definitely this, missions that only take 10-20 minutes makes it a must have for quick gaming fixes.

            Plus it's a genuinely good game. Most fun I've had all year.

          It's everyone's type of game. Even your wife and kids would love it. You can play it together with your eldest.

          As for games with a story, you should get 999. And its sequel Virtue's Last Reward. 999 is the only DS/3DS game I've ever finished.

            999 is amaaaaaazing! Which is why I have no idea why I havent started VLR. Espec since I own it :D

      Ace Attorney for a certainty.
      I too played OoT to death as a kid and have been more than happy to continue to do so.
      Depending on your love/apathy for FF music Theatrythym is AMAZEBALLS.
      Fire Emblem: Awakening is the tits.

      If you love Dark Souls and are more than used to how it plays (thanks Capt. Obvious) than Monster Hunter is going to frustrate you beyond all reason to the point of anger.


      Dragon Quest IX
      Mario Kart DS
      Pokemon Platinum (Better version of Pearl & Diamond)
      Pokemon SoulSilver ( You could get HeartGold but @greenius may kill you)
      Pokemon black or white
      Pokemon Black or white 2
      Final Fantasy4
      Final Fantasy 3
      FF A2 Grimoire of the Rift
      Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow
      Metroid Prime Pinball

        Pokeymans sound very grindy from what I've seen on TAY. I've never gotten into the franchise before. So what's the appeal?

        Didn't realise there were FF titles other than Theatrhythm. Might have to indulge myself in those :)

          Pokemon is a grind if you don't enjoy it.

          I only had to grind in my first game before the end bosses because I didn't know what I was doing.
          These days I can beat the end bos without any extra grinding and then if you like there is always a massive post-ending game.

          FF4 is really, really good. I cannot recomend it enough!

          Pokemon is a lot of fun, and can be grindy, but I'd say a bigger issue is that the games have gotten gradually more complex over time and unless you seriously know what you're doing then there's no point in trying to play it competitively.

          I'd definitely pick up the latest Pokemon if I could be arsed owning a 3DS, but I definitely wouldn't try to battle other people, I'd stick with the story mode.

            I've never played competitively and Black 2 is the most played game on my 3DS (according to the recording app thingy)

              Part of me feels like playing Pokemon and not battling other people is doing it wrong, but I just don't have the patience to breed the perfect pokemon and figure out strategies and shit.

                I've never even tried. My shitty router isn't DS friendly so never been online and I've never been in the same room as another player and holding DSs and Pokemon at the same time.

                I will try on 3DS when the new ones drop, but I'm not a competitve person.

                I just like the single player a lot :)

          Oh god, Shane! SHANE! If youre new to pokemans, you got to give at least one a try. Like jimu says, only grindey if youre not into it, but adversely its very easy to get into it, in which case it doesnt feel grindey at all. Get eeeeeeet!!

          If you want to play Pokemons I recommend these ones because they should be newcomer friendly:

          HeartGold/SoulSilver - probably my favourite ones and also VERY cheap at Target!
          X/Y - might be better to just wait for this one

        Also: Knights in the Nightmare, although im not sure if 3ds backwards compat is region locked.

          It is not region locked for DS games but most DSi game are.

          hnrrrrrg * curls up in a ball, and rocks back and forth *
          Knights in the Nightmare, broke my brain so bad, trying to do real time dodging while thinking about turn based fighting, I think i'm wired wrong for that game

        OH! The appeal is fun!

        It's like FF, turn-based but elements are waaaay more important. There's no way you could just rely on a hard hitter like you can in FF. It makes you think a bit more but isn't overly complicated.

        Way better JRPGs than what most others are doing imho.

      Monster Hunter is nothing like Dark Souls - the parallel seems to be drawn from the difficulty/learning curve similarities, but that's all they have in common. Not to say you won't enjoy it, but it's no Demon's/Dark Souls.

      My recommendations:
      *SNAKE EATER - Seriously, it's portable MGS3. End of discussion.
      *Resident Evil Revelations - a fantastic game in itself, and reminiscent of the old RE1-3 games.
      *Kingdom Hearts : Dream Drop Distance - it's...... Kingdom Hearts. *shrug*
      *Super Mario 3D Land - probably best 3DS Mario game so far. NSMB2 felt totally uninspired, and a chore. 3D Land doesn't exactly break the mold either, but it's a great game nonetheless.
      * Shin Megami Tensei : Devil Survivor Overclocked

      Oh, and DS!
      *The World Ends With You
      *Pokemon Black 2 and White 2
      *Chrono Trigger
      *Final Fantasy III
      *Dragon Quest IX
      *Castlevania (Dawn of Sorrow, Portrait of Ruin, Order of Ecclesia)
      *Ghost Trick
      *Metroid Prime : Hunters (coolest application of free look on a touch screen for an FPS I've seen)

      EDIT : Added DS games and SMT Devil Survivor Overclocked

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        KH:DDD is KH when you introduce a new mechanic every 5 mins. It's pretty bloated. I lost track after a while.

          It is pretty fucking hectic, I'll agree with you there. I kind of dug it though.

        I disagree to a point, Monster Hunter and Dark Souls are both third person action RPGs that focus on fighting giant bosses with melee combat and require you to manage both your health and stamina as you fight.

          Although for the 3DS you NEED the extra thumbpad to make it bearable.

          I agree with your disagree. I was also going to say I disagree with Ynefel as Monster Hunter and Dark Souls share a few things in common, bit of a stretch to say they're nothing alike. To be a bit more specific the whole idea of timing things in battle. Healing has an animation, attacks are slow, blocks, dodges etc. The damaging and cutting of tails, using them to forge stuff.

          And @shane I forgot to mention MH's stamina bar which is pretty much like Dark Souls. Except you don't increase it by levelling up (there's no levelling up in MH), but by cooking and eating food.

          There's also no big interconnected areas like Dark Souls. The areas are kind of big but they're broken up into zones and sections which will take getting used to. The quests will be for specific areas ie. "Kill Great Jaggi in the Deserted Island" and you'll be stuck on the Deserted Island map for the duration of the quest/hunt. The areas are still pretty big though but it's not like how you can go from a desert area to a snowy area like you'd go from Undead Parish to Blighttown.

        Oh yes! Forgot about The World Ends With You. You should definitely get that, @shane.

      Super Mario 3D Land is my fave 3D mario since 64 :D
      Mario Kart 7 is decent
      Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D is solid
      I quite like SHin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor Overclocked
      If you can find Cave Story 3D, you're still prolly better off playing it on PC :P
      Resident Evil Revelations was actually decent
      Zelda ooT I wouldn't have bought but played the shit out of after receiving as a gift
      Star Fox 64 3D I liked but the redone voices hurt me

        Star Fox 64 3D I liked but the redone voices hurt me
        It had redone voices? As far as I remember, they're the same ones. At the least I know they have identical inflection.

          No waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, I played the 64 one just before. Even the music's been touched up and I am sad.

          They removed the option to change the voices to Lylatian...pisspoor decision.

          Otherwise, the various control schemes are good and it plays well.
          Bit too dark to play on the train in the Sunny morning though.

      ANIMAL CROSSING! Haha, I dont even care if its not your type of game, you can just get it to give me all the things you get each day because I'm a hoarder! Also I need moar flowers, you can give me all your flowers.

        You really are a hoarder. I went in your house and there's just stuff everywhere! I have a bed, a desk and a locker. You have everything that has ever existed.

          I WANT IT ALL! Stupid Llama lady didnt even put new stuff in the shop today. Fired!

            That stuff comes from villagers! Blame your terrible neighbors.

        I didn't read TAY before visiting so I didn't know to bring flowers. I am the worst guest ever. :P

      Oh my gawd, I fegetted Chrono Trigger and it's the BEST* version

      *has all the extras from the PSone version plus MOAR!

        I keep meaning to pick that up but I keep forgetting to.

        Why is The eShop so bare? It would be so good if I could pick these up from there instead of searching for stuff.

          Yeah its one thing that really grinds me with Ninty, their eshops suck balls. I would have given them sooo much moneys if there were more, especially of the virtual console variety.

          I think DS games will pop up next gen, like gamecube will on Wii U.

          Also, pretty sure they will slowly, slowly release all the older GB & GBC games before they move on to GBA before they move on to DS so that people with money burning holes in their pockets will pick up any inferior versions and then the better versions when they finally release in 100 years.

          Chrono Trigger is easy to find on a cart though. It's not region locked or anything
          I grabbed mine from Ozgame during a sale.


      DS game- Picross 3D

        They also have 2 picross games in the 3ds eshop! I looooove me some picross, that shit is addictive.

          Are they new games or re-releases? If they're new they are on my list once I get a 3DS.


      Crimson Shroud
      The Denpa Men (grindy, maybe not)

      Mannnnnnnn, there's always so many games to recommend whenever someone asks that and the list can go on and on and on. Usually a quick way to do this is just go to something like Metacritic and search for all the top 3DS/DS games and see which ones take your fancy, then ask us for opinions/thoughts. I could write down a massive list of the best DS/3DS games but I'm not sure which ones you'd like.


      A potential list of sorts is good, as well as types of games you'd be interested in (although I think we all have a pretty good idea. To address what you've already said...

      Snake Eater - I probably wouldn't get it. I hear the 3DS one isn't that great compared to other versions and I don't really see a point getting it again if you already have it (if I recall you've got the HD version?)

      OoT - I probably wouldn't get it either. It's basically the same game. It just depends how much you like OoT, I guess. OoT is probably my favourite game of all time so I was all over the 3DS version (bought a 3DS for it!) but it's probably better to spend that money on another game.

      Mario - Mario Kart 7 is good fun and is probably my favourite Mario Kart out of the ones I've played (haven't played Double Dash!). 3D Land is a really good mix of 2D and 3D Mario and worth checking out if you're a fan of Mario platformers. I haven't played NSMB or Paper Mario but I hear they're fun but not as good as other entries in the series (too much coin collecting in NSMB, Paper Mario is lacking in the RPG elements that made the others good).

      Ace Attorney - IS A MUST PLAY! Is it a must play on DS? I'm not too sure. I don't think you've got a tablet but it's probably better to play the HD version. The DS games are pretty rare to find and it'll set you back probably $120+. The newly released HD Trilogy has three of the games for $18ish and in HD. Knowing Capcom I reckon they'll re-release them plenty of times so there's no rush! But they're pretty connected so I wouldn't recommend jumping into Dual Destinies without playing the first 4.


      As for how Monster Hunter compares to Dark Souls/Souls games. The whole idea of timing things perfectly is pretty much like Monster Hunter. Weapons are slow, or quick but hard to break out of a combo so you need to attack when it's safe. Should I attack, dodge, block or run away? There's also a healing/item use animation so you need to time it correctly (just like Souls!). Combat is pretty basic in Monster Hunter but it's not bad, people are just shit at it (:P). Definitely a lot tighter in Souls games though. Camera is fairly shit though and you'll definitely 100% need a Circle Pad Pro to make it manageable, especially in underwater fights. I have a feeling it might be something you'd like.

      There's a sense of progression but no real story. You accept quests which can range from "Gather X amount of Y", "Kill X amount of Z monsters" or "Hunt a Great Jaggi". The Hunts are the main things and the gathering, killing of smaller animals etc. quests are just to get you prepared for the hunts. A hunt is like a boss battle from any other game except a lot more intense. You'll have to be prepared. Want to heal? Make a potion. Want to make a potion? Gather the materials. A lot of items and materials can be purchased though. You might also want to “study up” on the monster beforehand with things like weaknesses, movement and attack patterns etc. but most of these you’ll discover as you fight them.
      As for the “progression” you’ll fight harder and bigger monsters as you rank up. And trust me, they get HARD. One thing I like about it, is that there’s no health bar for monsters. You’ll have to determine what they’re like by looking at them. Are they limping as a sign of weakness? Are they sleeping to recover health because they’re about to die? Are they drooling because they’re angry and in rage mode? You can also cut off their tails and damage parts of their body to obtain specific items at the end (just like another game!). And just like that game you can use these parts to create weapons BUT also armour.

      The thing about Monster Hunter is that there’s A LOT of information and things you need to know but luckily we’re here to help. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (the one that came out earlier this year on 3DS and Wii U) was the first real Monster Hunter game I played and it took a bit of learning. But once I got it down, it’s been an absolute blast. Playing with the TAYbies was great too and led to some pretty funny moments – Good job!


      Where to get games? The usual places – Ozgameshop, Zavvi for imports, EB/JB and sometimes Kmart/Target/Big W. New releases are usually $55 to import, $68 at EB/JB and SOMETIMES you can find $50-60 at a Kmart/Target/Big W.

      Prices for older games are a bit all over the place. But being Nintendo games they will stay around $50. Sometimes you’ll see them go for sale for $30 and very rarely you’ll have an insane clearance sale like Target is currently having and first party games (i.e. GOOD games) will be reduced to $25, then further reduced to $14. If you head on over and can find titles like Resident Evil: Revelations, Kid Icarus, Star Fox, Ocarina of Time for $14 each, just go ahead and buy them. Absolute steal for that price!


      I have a feeling Luigi’s Mansion 2 will be right up your alley, it’s just pure fun as a game and hard not to like. You may like Monster Hunter but it’s a love or hate thing. The controls really aren’t that bad and you just have to work with it.

        Awe Shieeeet you edited more stuff in.


        - I had so much fun with Theatrhythm. If you’re a fan of Final Fantasy (and rhythm games) you’d love it!
        - Fire Emblem Awakening is good – not sure if you’re into the whole Strategy RPG thing though!
        - DQIX – I hear it’s good and a lot like a classic JRPG
        - RE: Revelations – I’ve only really played and finished RE5 with a few hours in RE4 but I really liked RE: Revelations. Like I said above, Target have it for $14 but it’s been a clearance price for a while but if you can find a copy at that price, DEFINITELY buy it.
        - DKC Returns is a fun platformer and plays like the SNES ones if you’re into them! (I’d probably recommend it more than a 2D Mario ala. NSMB)
        - Chrono Muhfuggen Trigger! \o/

        Last edited 17/06/13 9:25 am

        I still disagree with the HD Ace Attorney is definitive angle, but it certainly is cheaper. Ebays though, you can at least get the first game for like, $20? Which is pretty reasonable, and personally I like the original sprites and pacing of things like the text scrolling and sfx. This is going purely off youtube videos of the HD version mind :3

          I didn't say definitive I just thought it would be better from a price standpoint. I'd say 1, 3 and 4 go for like $20-30 but Justice for All is like $50 for some reason :/

          Oh and at least with the HD versions he's got access to the first two cases to see if he likes it or not :D

          Last edited 17/06/13 9:27 am


        Just kidding. thanks, dude. Much appreciated.

        "Mario Kart 7 is good fun and is probably my favourite Mario Kart"

        You are dead to me


      If you import a UK one I can give you a code for free Monster Hunter if you'd like.

      Otherwise, top games on the system are probably Fire Emblem and Luigi's Mansion, then probably Theatrhythm. Also Rhythm Thief is pretty fun. If you like JRPGs, Tales of the Abyss is also good but might be hard to find?

        Any of us can change our AUS account to UK.

        (I want free Monster Hunter, no I don't, yes I do ARRRGH!)

          It's for a UK Club Nintendo code. He's getting Aleph's old one so maybe he hasn't used the code yet

          @shane definitely look into this as free MH is best MH :D

            Oh, so you'd have to link your account to UK club Ninty? That's still possible though, yeah?
            (I mean, if it isn't already linked)

              No no, I think you'll need to register your 3DS XL Club Nintendo UK code for these promotions and since (nearly all) Club Nintendo codes are region locked, he'd need a UK 3DS XL. I assume Aleph wouldn't have used it though.

              EDIT: Unless Neg already did that part and Shane just needs to input the code in the eShop for the game.

              Last time I checked up on the promotion, someone who had already registered MH3U needed someone with a UK 3DS to register their 3DS first and then they'd get a code.

              Last edited 17/06/13 9:49 am

                This sounds complicated :\


                  If you register Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (Nintendo 3DS version) with Club Nintendo before 22:59 (UK time) on 30th June, you’ll be able to receive a Recommendation Code which you can pass along to a friend (what Neg did). If your friend registers a Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo 3DS XL system between 23:01 (UK time) on 3rd June and 22:59 (UK time) on 31st July 2013, and enters the Recommendation Code before 22:59 (UK time) on 5th August 2013, he/she will be eligible to receive a free Download Code for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on Nintendo 3DS! (what you'll need to do)

        I haven't gotten the console yet, but will let you know! Thanks for the offer! :D

      I would only get MGS3 if you have/get the extra thumb stick attachment (Control Pad Plus?). It is playable without, but I think it would get frustrating. Ignore @greenius, 3DS version is superior. However, I also think that it's not really a very portable friendly type game - better for long hauls than short bursts. So make of that what you will.

      Super Mario 3D Land
      Mario Kart 7
      Fire Emblem: Awakening
      Luigi's Mansion 2
      Animal Crossing

      In no particular order, these are probably the 5 best games on the system. I would happily add a recommendation for any of them.

      Resident Evil Revelations is brilliant, highly recommended! Ace Attorney is also great if you like the style.

    Well, time for a full week of work again after being on training, and my parents sent me an email saying they're coming back one day earlier than expected... well shit :'(
    Hope everyone else has a better Monday

      That's one day less you have to change the locks. Better get on that.

        There's no time! /o\
        I'll have to deploy the minefield!

    This weekend I beat Super Metroid and started playing Hotline Miami.

    Super Metroid: Great to finish it again, there were some parts looking back where I got horribly stuck, but overall I really enjoyed running through the game again (only got 60% of the items though)

    Hotline Miami: God-damn that game is colorful and dark and twisted. I like it a lot.

    Yay, programming exam today. It's open book though, which is good.

    Prooobably wasn't a good idea to drink the night before it, but oh well, best friends birthday. Had a pretty good weekend not at college! Got dragged out as soon as I got back from my accounting exam last Friday and got back 20 minutes ago :P

    Finished Remember Me on the weekend, I really liked it. I am genuinely confused as to how reviewers seemed to hate the game though. Everyone should pick it up.

      Will do, when the pile is lower and after Deadly Premonition DC :D

      Oh, dang, I forgot that was out. I guess I'll be buying at least one more game this gen.

      Ending spoilers:
      How many attempts did it take you to beat H3O? I kept getting screwed over near the last painful memory by swarms of memory jerks while those explosions go off. Playing on hard, getting hit by two explosions and a leaper meant death, and it was impossible to use regen attacks...

        yeah, I did medium and died once, second time I used that bomb/mine fury ability and that oneshot all of them. They don't respawn after he starts shooting missiles.

          Wow, shit. That's a bit of a difference...they wouldn't stop respawning for me. I even tried using various abilities and still failed. Most successful was cloaking so they wouldn't attack me, and even then the explosions occasionally boxed me in and killed me in one or two hits.

    Dear @Shane,

    As recompense for a random reply which had nothing to do with you, have a new comment chain.
    I heartily recommend games such as:
    - Fire Emblem Awakening
    - Virtue's Last Reward
    - Resident Evil Revelations (might be cheap on 3DS since it's coming for 360/PS3?)

      Upvote for RE:Revelations.

      Dear @bish,

      Much appreciated. How long are you in the country for? There may be a Canberra-based meat in mid-July.

      I agree with all the 3ds suggestions. I would suggest Layton games for DS. At least try out the first, Curious Village - Target has it for $15ish if you can find any copies, otherwise fairly cheap on the bays of e. Other DS games that Shane might like hmmm...

      - if you get into Fire Awakening, you might love Advance Wars Dual Strike as much as me!
      - definitely Ace Attorney
      - original New Super Mario bros - wayyyy better than all the sequels imo
      - Touch Detective (bit rarer, easy to find on ebays - an adventure game with hilarious dialogue)
      - Elite Beat Agents (only if you like Theatrhythm/ rhythm games...)

      Quickly realising I have no idea what games you like >_>

        That's what I thought!
        There is no Dark Souls equivalent on 3DS, so I don't know if Shane would actually like anything.

          Honestly, I would just recommend Dual Strike a hundred times. Ive played that game SO MUCH.

        Upvote for NSMB1, that game is all kinds of awesomeses

        I like different things. (Being helpful with specifics!)
        It's hard to quantify, because I don't mind playing across genres if there's something (usually a decent story) to suck me in.

          Final Fantasy 4!
          DRagon Quest IX!

          (Really, honest reaction to the story request even though it looks like and is spam)


    Saturday: So are we declaring anything on the way back?
    Friend #1: We didn't buy anything of importance so no.
    Friend #2: I bought a hat.
    Saturday: Yeah but we don't need to declare a lone hat.
    Friend#2: But-
    Friend#1: Shush we're up.
    Guard: Blah blah blah have you anything to declare?
    Friend #1: No-
    Guard: .... A hat.
    Friend #2: YES SIR.
    Guard: Just a hat.
    Friend #2: YEP.
    Guard: ... Please drive to your left sir. We'll need to search your car. Precaution, you understand.
    Saturday: Oh for fuck's sake-


    Friend #1: Well, what have you to say for yourself?
    Friend #2: It's a nice hat.


      I think you encapsulated the moment perfectly.

        I bet if your friend was pulled into an interrogation room, he would spill the beans and just 'fez up.

          It seems he didn't bowler over his friends with that move.

            If someone kept going on about a hat I'd think they would be shady as well.

              All this chat about a hat... it must be a real top hat to talk about

        I do not hat these jokes.

        Last edited 17/06/13 9:12 am

        I was inclined to call a lawyer, It's always handy to have an advisor about these things.

    Went to JB to pick up some games for the second time this year (the first being Bioshock Infinite).

    I had forgotten how compelling their sales can be when you haven't bought anything for awhile. Thanks to their 2 for $40 bin I walked out with Sonic Generations, Stories from Liberty City, Journey Collector's Edition, and inFamous 2. That was on top of The Last of Us which we were there for to begin with. Then my wife saw Highlander in the 2 for $20 blu-ray bin, so we had to get that, and Shaun of the Dead rounded out the transaction. Oh, and Crysis 3.

    And I thought letting my wife go makeup shopping was bad.

    At least I can get some use out of these purchases. I can't get any use out of her makeup and nail polish, despite her occasional threats to to the contrary.

    I think now that new consoles are < 5 months away, I am going to make a determined effort to finish the games I own instead of buying more. I'm pretty sure there's nothing coming out between now and November that I need to have.

    Well, maybe GTAV... though surely there'll be an XBone/PS4 port, right? Maybe it can wait a couple of months.

      Journey Collector's Edition was in the two for $40 bin? Tempting....

        There's always one...I can never find a second :-/

        Whoa! I'd be interested in that.

        Anyone want to buy it and then go splitsies since I'm only interested in Journey? :P

        Yep! I kept telling myself I'd pick it up but just never go around to it. Now that we've dusted off the PS3 for The Last of Us, I'm going to make an effort to play Journey and inFamous 1 & 2. If I'm feeling really crazy I might pick up Uncharted 2 & 3, but really, I have such a huge stack of unplayed games right now that I'm going to have to face the reality that there are some that just aren't going to get played, and move on. I loved Uncharted but I don't know if there's any point to getting the sequels now.

      Yeah, I'm trying to finish off more stuff before I buy more. I'll only get it straight away if I know it addicts me more or has some kind of limited thing I actually want/use.

      It's hard.

    Howdy Tay

    Slept like hell, so into work early.

    I had a quiet weekend- continued to work on my map room (photo here:, watched bunch of Hannibal (makes me oddly hungry) and played Tomb Raider (which is awesome).

    A Monday Morning Question: What video game food would you like to try? Think I'd have to go Super Mushroom.

      The dots from Pac Man. There's gotta be a good reason he eats so many.

      Anything that takes a second to ingest and refills my health straight up.

      I find no joy in cooking and often would prefer a meal to be over quickly (Delicious food breaks this feeling)

      I hoarded sweet rolls in Skyrim. If I saw a sweet roll, I grabbed it/bought it/stole it as soon as possible. If it was in someone's house, I'd wait till dark and break in and steal it. My home in Whiterun had so many sweet rolls it wasn't even funny.

      They looked so fucking tasty.


    HURRY UP AND WAKE UP, you goddamn echidna people. I want new dress ups >:(

      Do you finally get some time to make dress ups today? I expect no less than 4 complete items when I next visit your town.


        I made a tuxedo yesterday. Its a bit shit. Your dress ups are intimidating!

          Not even! You literally draw things for a living. My dress ups involve me sitting in front of my laptop studying pictures of what I want to make for about and hour or so before they're done.

            Yeah but I suck balls at pixel art. I need higher res dress ups!

          I made a rough copy of my Steam avatar as a shirt and a green hat with eyes and haven't done any more since.
          Are you actually able to make custom pants? I couldn't seem to...

    Wait. I'm looking at some DS games and is there any reason I wouldn't want Mario 64 DS?

      The online has issues with snaking?
      Can't remember if MK7 remedied that though.

        wut (wrong game doofus)

        Last edited 17/06/13 9:25 am


          Yeah, definitely the snaking.

        I never played online, was it that bad?

        I thought snaking was intentional? I snake to a degree but I don't snake down straights etc...

          No, but that was the problem. Power sliding everywhere all the time was faster.

            I don't like the removal of the waggle powerslide in new Mario Karts at all.
            MK7 is decent but...urrrrrgh.

              It's goodddd

              Waggle powersliders hurt my fingers and stops people snaking EVERYWHERE

      Oh man, I actually owned that game once. I think I gave it to Chuloopa because I had no intention to ever get a handheld /o\

      Did you not play?
      They added 3 extra playable characters and they're not just pallette swaps.
      There is also 40 extra stars(?) Or twenty...there's more.

      More stuff to do, an excellent upgrade I think :D

        I didn't even know it exists until just now /o\

          Oh wow!
          Was my day one buy with my day one DS purchase.

          Lasted me a good few months of play, I'll never day one a system ever again though.

    Morning everyone!!! hope everyones morning has been awesome :)

    Fixed my alternator issues on my car over the weekend.... turns out i saved me a lot of money... it turns out that the alternator belt was just really loose and constantly skipping, thus the alternator wasnt generating power... a quick adjustment later, the belt was tight, and all was well!!!

    so i looked in my work laptop bag and i apparently have my vita with me by pure and wonderful accident.... now considering i had loaded it with a bunch of games over the weekend, i shall be unleashing terror on all those that stand in the way of my mission.

    also it appears i have developed an unhealthy obsession with a mobile game, Clash Of Clans.. its F2P and i recommend you all download it and join my clan... just say goodbye to your loved ones for the next few months....

    My biggest dilemma with Pokemon since the Red/Blue first generation? Exactly that: choosing between the two iterations before the third amalgamation.

    So... do I get Pokemon X or Y? Or wait for Z?

      Pokemon Y. Because I'm not a girl.


        I'm getting X :'(

          It's a joke. You know, the whole genetic angle and XX and XY chromosomes? Yes? No?


              Great, there goes this weeks use of the sad face already. 9 on monday morning.

                I wrote "this" before and stopped before confirming wondering if I had already used up my "this".

      Remember when Black and White came out and everyone expected Grey and Nintendo were all NOPE?

      Why not get both?

      Heh... I'm just happy this is the first generation I don't have to make that choice (well, technically second since I didn't get any of gen 5)

      Last edited 17/06/13 9:39 am

      I'm gonna try and get the one everyone else isn't for swapses.

      Otherwise I like the look of the bird over the deer.

        I think I'm the only one who likes the deer! I think hes more original, I feel like weve seen iterations of the bird before. But thats being picky, they both look awesome :3

        Also Ash is a 9 year old boy, he kinda of HAS to have the one with a more aggressive looking cover. I'm like, mature and stuff. Thats why I get pokemon y with a deer on it.

          You skipped Gen 5 didn't you?:

            Yeah but he has some massive sparkly antlers! SPARKLY ANTLERS JIMJIM!

            @greenius Personally, I'd call it fan traced.
            It certainly isn't original art but they've defeinetly (over) used original art as the source material.

            But yeah, looks good :)

              Yeah, definitely has the style of the original artwork but it's got that rough sketchy look which I like too :D

    Game of Thrones fans (no spoilers):

      For the man who wants the world to know his name.

        Haha, and its not even his real name! That made lol when I found that out.

          LOL? I thought it was a hint at darker things?

            Really? How so?

              Hmmmm, mabe it was a book thing. I have vague memories and kinda don't wanna say:

              Books PSoiler(?):

              I'm sure they said something like, he was scared by something or something like that?
              I really can't recall, I thought it alluded to dark things...