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    I just palyed a demo for a game called Rogue Legacy, it's awesome.

      If anyone's interested I found some info on it. Looks interesting.

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        Interesting, might have a look at it tonight on steam.





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            I can hear the music...
            duhr nur nurnurnur nur nurnur, duhr nur nurnur nur nur nurnur, dunur dun nur durnur nuhnuh nur nur nurnur dun durnur nur nur nur nurnunurrrrrrr, boomboomboom

              that's funny, i couldn't remember the music but reading that actually reminded me how it goes,


    It's amazing.

    I've recovered from my head injury, fyi.

    Head injury, that explains a lot... I hear a lot of you mutter.

      Head injury? That explai.......oh...

    @greenius Prolly buying Knytt underground tonight. Will demo it forst, since I can. But pretty much looks like it is Metroid.
    It even has morphball. Even Guacamelee had the brains to make morphball a chicken...

      I like the look of those backgrounds. What about the art didn't you like?
      I looked it up and found myself at metacritic and the only thing anyone complains about is the art.
      The lowest score of the first screen claims there's nothing wrong but the art, then gives it a low score. HA!

      hey @jimu , will u be checking JB after work or on some sort of lunch break, I might be able to get to Brookside after work at like 4:30.

        I'll wander over at lunch, we have 3 JBs in the city.

          ooh, keep an eye out for MK9 as well, wouldn't mind playing that again. @jimu :P

            That's definetly about...maybe...

      I've finished Knytt Stories and only played about an hour of Knytt Underground so I haven't really unlocked any powers/items yet but I assume the gameplay would be the same as Stories (Metroidvania :D)

      What I don't like about the art is how damn ugly the characters look. They look like really basic drawings and pretty amateurish. I just missed out simple everything looked in Stories. It was all really clean and simple pixel art. I don't mind the background itself in Underground but some of the plants and other things don't really blend well. They kind of stand out. But the main thing is the characters, gosh darn they're hideous... :/

        I'm already taking it personal that you don't like the art in a game I haven't played :P

    Last night as I was getting off of the plane from Melbourne to Sydney, I got a text from my friend saying "Watch. The. Replay !!!"

    Now to watch some sportsball, I love being able to torrent things after missing them.

      Back in my day, we had to program our VCRs and guess when the sportsball event was going to start and finish, because TV Guides sure didn`t help.

        That's because you didn't utilise the futuristic power of GCODE!

        Actually, now I think on it I don't think I could ever get it to work. And when it did you would be missing half the show.

          I like that GCODE made the undoubtedly safe assumption that shows never started late or went overtime.

          Hahaha, fucking GCODE. I remember how it was a big deal when they built a goddamn barcode scanner into remote controls.

          That's some true 90s shit right there.

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        TV Guide is as accurate as Nostradamus.

    Fine... I'll go do some work then.

    Heh he yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah, "work"

    Well it appears that Talk Amongst Jimu is in full swing. :P

      Hey! you're ruining it!

    PS3 works in Canada!
    :C )
    Catherine or Yakuza Dead Souls «question mark»
    I remember buying Dead Souls out of a sense of surely it cant be that badso Im curious to try it.

    Edit: augh stupid laptop converted to european keyboard and now it is inserting all sorts of symbols

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      oh my god what have i done what the hell are those am i the only one seeing this help

        Nope I-I see it. *runs away*

        'code tags'?
        EDIT - I think you did something funny with your apostrophes

        Last edited 24/06/13 9:26 am

        nope, I'm seeing it too. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE BISH?


      Did you burn half of you face while trying to get it to work?

        Unfortunately not.
        Worst weekend ever.

      The disguise is failing!


      Oh my god, you're bending TAY's code to your will!
      HE'S THE ONE!!

      Weird, my copy of Yakuza: Dead Souls literally arrived only 20 minutes ago. Only cost me 5 bucks, so if it sucks I wouldn't have lost much (except for my time).

      Also got New Play Control Pikmin. I'll have a crack at it a bit later. This will be my first time playing Pikmin, so you guys got any tips?

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        I WANT FI' DOLLAH DEAD SOULS *crying*

          Lol, it was one of the daily deals on mightyape a while ago. The cheapest I can find it now is $20 at ozgameshop

          or $17.64 at play-asia (apparently a time limited deal, but I couldn't find an expiry date).

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        Pikmin is good fun!

        Some of these tips might not make sense since you haven't played it yet.

        - There's 30 ship parts and 30 days so there's a bit of a time limit. So you'd want to try to at least get 1 part a day but it's pretty easy to get 2 or more in some areas. Initially I was stressing out about this but there's plenty of time to get things done - so don't panic too much!
        - Plan if you can and try to remember where parts are and what you need to do to get them (ie. build a bridge, open this gate, kill a boss etc.). All these things will take a certain amount of time and might want to do some multitasking to be efficient
        - Don't be afraid to restart if things are going wrong. I've made some pretty stupid mistakes where half my Pikmin population just died instantly because I was careless. It would've taken a whole day to regain the population so I just restarted to save time.
        - Use the right colour Pikmin for the pellets. So use Red Pikmin to bring Red pellets to their ship because if the colours match up you'll get more Pikmin out of it. This might not make sense if you haven't played the game but for example a Red "1" pellet will spawn 2 red Pikmin if bought to a red ship but only 1 yellow/blue if bought to their ship
        - Not so much a Pikmin tip but since there's 3 save slots feel free to use the other ones as backups - just in case!

        It might sound complicated but it's pretty easy! You can probably get through easily without stressing too much or worrying about multitasking if you're not trying to complete it quickly. The whole game is fairly short and I finished it in about 3 days.

        Hopefully that didn't scare you away from the game :P. Just ask if you have any questions :D

        Yeah what green said. A tip I would say is whenever a new area opens up, just walk around, check it out and scope out what you might like to start doing, and then restart the day without saving once youve done that. It'll save you from having to make your plans as you go, and will save you time.

          Cool thanks for the tips @Greenius and @Sughly. I'll let you know how I get on.

      I say Catherine but that's because I aint played Yakuza and I really wanna.
      (I always thought it was a Japanese GTA for so long.
      One day I realised and haven't done anything about it.

      Nice pink letters, btw.

    Assembled a desk.

    I hate flat pack furniture.

    But we have a desk.

      Nice Haiku

        I originally wrote it in short, sharp sentences to try to convey my barely constrained rage. When I realised I nearly had a haiku I only had to remove one work to make it fit.

      Sometimes I feel like a lumberjack and after having assembled IKEA furniture.

        However, that may be because I live in Canada and so everything I do ends up involving lumberjacking.

          You're okay.

          But I'm not sure about that whole sleeping all night and working all day thing...

        I feel like if I could drop a few hundred on some proper tools and lumber I could make some pretty badass furniture in my garage.

        And that would be easier than assembling a flat pack from Ikea.

    Started packing up the apartment this weekend. The place looks like it has been ransacked now, and we have an apartment inspection this morning. Man the landlord if going to be in for a treat :)

    Who wants a TAYlist? Make your requests here.

      Sharp Dressed Man - ZZTop

      Cause every girl is crazy about a sharp dressed man.

      Last edited 24/06/13 9:54 am

        Replace with La Grange, and you win.

      This morning's playlist has consisted of Kanye West, Chvrches and The National. So one of those.

      Or old faithful. You know the one I'm talking about.

      The Gentle Art of Making Enemies - Faith No More

        Happy birthday..... fucker!

        Can't play that one, sorry.

        Station won't play metal before 6 PM.

        Also, swearing, has there been a radio edit?

        Last edited 24/06/13 11:10 am

          Sure, OK.


              Oh, just, it's hardly metal. I dunno, maybe in a really broad sense?
              Hard-rock maybe? It's Faith No More, not Fantomas.

                I edited my earlier comment, the track also has swearing.

                Re: Metal. That's my opinion too, but i'm saying that from the point of view of the consumer, to someone who doesn't listen to metal at all, that song would be too "violent" for the audience that normally listens to the station

                  Oh yeah. Kewl.

                  I doubt there was a radio edit, don't think it was a single?
                  Evidence and Ricochet were the singles I think...maybe others. Can't remember.

    Why must it be so cold only to have my hot water unit break completely? WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN ME, VISHNU?

      1. Have a shower and wake up in the year 3013.
      2. Get a time machine and bring us the latest 3013 gaming goodness.
      4. Profit?

        By then Global warming will have you wishing for a cold shower

          If it's real...

          He heeee

    ANIMAL CROSSING: (via Beardy)

    List of fish and bugs that will go away at the end of June! Get in quick! Most will return by September but I doubt many of us will still be playing it regularly by then :P

    Also... TURNIP PRICES!?

      Thank you very much, ive been sitting there worrying i'll miss some, only need the lady bug and violin beetle.
      dammit... might have to play at work just to get the lady bug, working 8-5 ruins that for me.

        Could always change the system time! May negatively affect other things though (I know turnips will rot) :(

          I've used the town charter to get mr resseti back :P so cant really do that.
          My tunip prices are at an all time low atm, 25bells each :(
          Its also raining every bloody day atm, so cant catch beetles too well.

            Yeouch! 25!!!

            Are you using the island? Even if it's raining I think beetles still pop up. If not at least rain makes the rare fish more common (sharks).

            If you've got buddies with the game you've got more chances of getting good Turnip prices. A fair few of us on TAY play it.

              Yeah, im making about 90-110k a day from the island, but i've not seen a ladybug on it yet, that being said, i've only been at night, so that could be my issue.
              Would be a good idea to get some town codes, i havent seen bell prices above 150 in my town yet.

              Does it work teh same way as the old version? have to both be on at the same time?

                Not sure how it worked in older ones but in this they have to be online before you can visit each other.

                I think Ladybugs are Town only though but yeah, gotta be there 8-5! Just plant lots of flowers and hope for the best. Good luck!

    Hola Tay

    Hope you're all well. I had a quiet weekend- went over to my Grandfather's house Friday for his birthday (84!) then spent Saturday doing family things. Yesterday, I finished Tomb Raider, which I thought was great.

    A Monday Morning question, Apropos of nothing: Which IP is screaming "MAKE A GAME NOW!" i'd love to see a decent stealth-em-up adaptation of The Phantom

      Along that line of thought. The Shadow. Because who knows what evil lurks in the heart of men? The Shadow knows.

      And not that terrible brawler that came out based on the movie. Neither of them really got what made the radio show so damned entertaining.

        Batman's conceptual dad :D

        Plus, he needs to have a massive nose to properly be The Shadow

      Full party style RPG of Wizard of Oz.
      It should travel through all 20 books or whatever.

      Can be a JRPG or more like Dragon Age Origins, I don't mind.

      Me reading a handful of Phantom comics as a kid is the closet I came to being "into" comics, so I still have a fondness for the concept today. I even liked that awful Billy Zane movie.

      I don't know if it would really work as a video game, or that there's enough to distinguish a Phantom game from something like, say, Far Cry 3.

        You could do flashbacks to earlier phantoms- suddenly you're on a pirate ship!

        A fight against the Singh pirates across 400 years...

    Game of Thrones US TV viewers - 5.5 million
    Big Bang Theory US TV viewers - 20 million


      GoT is on cable though, so that's not an apple-for-apple comparison.

        Now I start looking at additional numbers HBO only has 28.7 million subscribers in the US.

        Really thought it would have been more than that.

          Even Breaking Bad's highest- ever US ratings are only 3 million.

            AMC has always been the red-headed step child of premium channels. Mad Men, Breaking Bad and the Walking Dead upped the viewership but it still lags behind.

              The gap between 3 to 5.5 million in the US market isn't large.

                It took AMC years to get to that point.

    Organ Trail is amazing.

    Protip: don't name your characters after @Pyrean and @batgirl. Between the two of them they've ruined 150oz of food, a tire, and a muffler. By sitting on them.

    Oh, and @shiggyninty and @shane just got bitten in two successive stops. Get it together you two!

    So I'm playing Company of Heroes 2, apparently. I re-installed the BETA and I've got single-player access?

      Hrm. I was wondering how that worked - it says it's not releasing till around midnight tonight, yet I still only have the Company of Heroes 2 beta on my list. Was itching to install the full game. Might have to install the beta and see!

    Watched "Warm Bodies" last night. Was much more entertaining than i expected. Interesting take on Zombocalypse.

      I enjoyed it quite a bit. Quite a different and decent take on the zompocalypse, and a good little allegory on mental illness as well :)

        I'd heard very little about it before watching, was pleasantly surprised, it had some real laugh out loud moments, I'm suitably impressed


    Still trying to work out if it's an Easter egg or just coincidence that it rains all the time in my village.
    (My town tune is the Song of Storms)

      It's always friggin raining at mine too but I've got the Jurassic Park Theme.

      I've switched my tune through a number of ocarina songs, but I don't think I've tried the song of storms yet. Might give it a shot and find out.
      I do have it as my notifications tone for my phone. Unfortunately there's been no spontaneous downpours in Canberra recently.

      BAHHAHAHA i just complained about it allways raining in my town in a comment above, and i too have the song of storms lol!!!.

      brb changing to Sarias song.

    Does anyone remember this?

      I did work experience where my job for 2 days was to record individual stories from the cd and cut them to fit the slot for the radio station.

    I just went on Wiki and read about many of the books in the Oz series.
    Maaan, what a mess. "Continuity? What's that?"

    Welp. I've handed in the form to salary sacrifice for my new laptop *Fingers Crossed*
    *Waits Patiently*


    School holidays. Taking my eldest to see Epic. Only request she made? "Can we see it without those silly glasses? I really really don't like them."

    Just got out of bed. Was so damn comfortable and warm that I decided to lie there doing nothing for a few hours, fully awake. :D

      I miss those times :(

        Jimu! Hope you're well!

          Not bad, you?

            Not bad. Gots me my first doctor's appointment in seventeen years booked for Friday. Hope they give me some drugs. DRUUUUUGS. :D

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