Tell Us Dammit: Best Single Thing Of E3

E3 is all about producing games hype. What's got you especially hyped coming out of E3 2013?

It could be Super Mario 3D World. It could be Kingdom Hearts 3. It could be Dead Rising 3.

Hey, that's a lot of three. You'd almost think gaming was an industry built on franchises or something.

That aside, if you had to pick one thing that's got your heart fluttering and your wallet spilling open from this year's E3 lineup, what would that one thing be?


    Playstation 4. I can't pick just one bit. It was seriously an E3 like I haven't seen since I was a young 20something, when I would actually be excited for it. What a return to the good old days this was :D

      The PS4 even looks a lot like the PS2.

      They're really doing something right here.

        Took me a little to get used to it, but after considering it a while I don't mind the design of either console. The PS4 though is in 'italics' ;) so its got that...

          Oh no, I love the fact that it is similar to the PS2. Anything similar to the PS2 is doing well.

    Sony sticking to the existing model of game ownership. That's the only thing I was hoping to hear out of E3, but I was honestly expecting them to do what MS are doing with XBone. The price was lower than I expected, too, which is a nice bonus.

      I wonder if Sony had a conversation where they weighed the value from used games against the value of paywalled multiplayer... and decided that PS+ would net them more money?

        More than likely. No company will do anything without considering the cost benefit.

        That said PS+ was more than worth it before multiplayer got lumped into it.

          I'm not doubting it... but I'm just wondering if they picked it as an either / or prospect.

            I suspect online was going pay-to-play regardless of what they did with DRM. At least PS+ means you're actually getting your money's worth in content. Although my main worry is that the quality/quantity of content on offer through PS+ might decline now that it's mandatory for online play. Hopefully the fact that MS are now doing the free games with Gold subscriptions will keep Sony honest with PS+.

              I'm certain it was... I just wonder if the DRM stuff wasn't partially about making that more acceptable.

                I don't think they're related. I think the DRM stuff was more about actually paying attention to the "feedback" (to use a polite word) surrounding MS's announcement a few weeks before E3. The PS+ thing was just the reality that running an online service costs money, and is going to cost a lot more with all the sharing / streaming stuff they're building.

                Although it's interesting that Sony have said that free-to-play games (like Planetside 2, DC Universe Online, etc) can actually be played online without PS+ - apparently it's up to the developer/publisher if they want it to be inside or outside the PS+ paywall. Presumably because there will be an ongoing revenue stream from the non-stop nickel-and-dime microtransactions that plague such games.

          Also as a calculated risk, its a no-brainer. I have a 360, don't want an xbone due to the whole feeling of them treating you like a criminal so I'm looking to PS4; The downside? You have to pay for MP? I already do so thats no impost

    the realisation as a 30 year old that the next gen is aimed at the younger generation and that they don't support the latest and greatest hardware technology and games the way a PC does. :)

      I am surprised that 'as a 30 year old' you can't seem to actually understand the next-gen specs.

      With the money you will spend on a good gaming PC, I could buy several next-gen consoles, AND that gaming PC won't even produce games that are much better than their console counterparts.

        For the cost of an xbone I could buy a GTX 660Ti, core i5 4670K and 8GB of RAM, while other components would be reusable from my previous PC.

      Hardware doesn't make good games. Just look at how generic Crysis is, and now look at Castlevania for the NES.

      I actually have a problem with the latest and greatest hardware; publishers make developers focus on making the most out of the hardware, and thus, distract from the quality of actual game design.

      I want a fun fucking game god dammit, not fish that move out of the way when I swim up to them.



      Dododo dododo do, dododo dododo do, DO DO DO, dododo dododo do, DO, DO, DO, DO.

      Megaman being added to Smash has been one of my life long dreams. Now all we need is a cameo of Wander from SOtC.

      And I am SO fucking excited for the Wii Fit girl. Everything about that is hilarious.

    I didn't see one thing I could isolate... but God damn I'm excited by a lot of it.

    Wii Fit Trainer in Smash. FACT.

      Whoever came up with this idea is a genius!

        I am tipping it was the same person who came up with Danika Patrick for SAASRT. Turns out the Sonic All Stars Racing title is just as ridiculous when you turn it into acronym, great game though.

      If I don't get a full grown, muscular, pink man with the head of Kirby who can do flips all around the stage when I absorb that Wii Fit girl, then I'm going to be sincerely disappointed.

      Not really though, because the Wii Fit girl on her own is fucking hilarious.

    Honestly, I got chills down my back when the PS4 guys said straight up that games would be owned the same way that current-gen games are. From then, Sony hype began to work its magic on me.

    Oh, and this.

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      I was with everybody in the audience (in spirit) cheering when Sony announced that they weren't going the microsoft route with DRM and online requirements. But then afterwards I felt a bit disappointed that the most exciting announcement was of something that we used to take for granted. It's like if Microsoft implemented a required subscription to Xbox GOLD even for singleplayer games (all it could do is watch TV if you only have a silver membership), and then Sony came out and said "you don't need PS+ to play singleplayer!" and everybody cheers. It is good news, but it's also a bit sad.

        You're right. Without wanting to get all negative about the future, it does say a lot when the best moment of the Expo is an announcement that for the most part, things are going to remain as they are now.

          Yeah... never has "we're just gonna keep doing what we're doing" generated such excitement before. Like this article says:

          That’s, in some ways, the extraordinary thing here – Sony didn’t do anything truly special. It’s Microsoft who provided an open goal – Sony just kicked the ball in a vaguely straight line and scored one of the most dramatic goals in E3’s lengthy history. All the adulation, the cheering, the “thank god for Sony!” comments on websites and social networks – this is all a response to a company simply doing what it’s always done, in the face of a competitor making the huge, stupid mistake of treating its consumers like idiots and thieves.

    So many things. Sony holding up to their promise of creating a system for gamers and not dictating to us what we can and can't do. The PS4 launch games looking surprisingly fantastic (even if Watchdogs will be current gen too), inFAMOUS looking amazing, Nintendo bringing out their big guns and playing with my curiousity over a Wii U but they need to do a bit more before I'm convinced I think, Rome 2 (even though no coverage yet on here, naughty naughty).

    The best thing for me though has been the public reaction. Never before have I seen so much backlash against one company as a result of E3. Sony said they listened to what gamers want, Sony delivered, gamers everywhere have recognised that in droves. Fantastic stuff

      Actually, I think I've seen a similar backlash before - back when Sony announced the PS3's price. Their E3 in 2006 was excruciating. Obviously it was long enough ago for Microsoft to have forgotten about it, though, since they seem to be making some of the same mistakes now that Sony made back then.

    The Division. That's it. That's all I want. It looked beyond awesome. I want it now. NOW!

    The second half of the Sony conference was pretty entertaining. When they announced the price I pretty much wrote of MS this gen.

    The highlight though was the Witcher 3. From most reports it sounds like it's going to meet its aims, which were pretty damn ambitious. Can't wait till next year.

    Waluigi is back in Mario Kart. I'm done. That's all I need. Good day.

    Sony. Enough said.


      I wasn't really sold by the hype trailers because meh, seen it all before, seen it fail to deliver, etc. And I'm especially antsy about a shooter only being on consoles. Keyboard and mouse is KING godammit.

      But then I saw the 12min gameplay walkthrough, and... yeah. So Halo Borderlands. Halolands. I... I might actually succumb to putting up with woefully inadequate gamepad controlls in a FPS for Destiny. That's... a horrifically unreasonable thing to ask ANYONE to do, but it looks good enough that I just might do it anyway.

    The best single thing of E3 was the drama. Sony attacking M$ directly! Gold.

    That last two minutes of the Sony conference where the countered all the BS that Microsoft has created. I jumped out of my chair and fist pumped, I haven't been this excited about games in a LONG time.

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    I had a big silly grin as Jack Trenton teased MS to huge cheers from the crowd. I know it is silly but it was humbling to see a corporate exec be so grounded in reality. I guess Sony is not the big bad guy of the past?

    I think Nintendo showed some cool games too. DKC Tropical Freeze and Bayonetta look really cool.

    Kingdom Hearts 3, best thing to be shown at E3
    PS4 is a close second

      Not going to lie, I cried.

      The emotional content of that game, man. Pulls on the inner Disney child inside me a little too hard.

        wow your lucky, i almost had a heart attack from the shock of seeing it finally announced

    The best single thing is that E3 is actually interesting and feeling relevant again. This year has been everything I used to love about E3 before it got boring; fantastic and exciting games, new and interesting hardware and vicious corporate rivalry.

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      They kind of had an advantage with this year being a new-console-reveal year.
      If they couldn't make E32K13 interesting, then the Expo might as well close its doors forever :P

      But yes, I agree.

    Sony dishing out the smackdown was my highlight. I was a little underwhelmed by the rest really. Maybe i'm just getting old and cynical...

    The Sony game sharing video, absolutely glorious!

    Not really any ONE thing, but mainly the games (already sold on the PS4, announcements were just icing on the slanted, boxy cake).

    The Division - Something about it really got its hooks in me, the gameplay? The setting? All of it seems rad.

    Destiny - Never been a HALO fan, but this looks awesome.


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