Thanks For Using My Picture To Sell Your $300 E3 Skylander

As I predicted, the E3 2013 exclusive Skylander is flooding onto eBay, as evidenced by this successful auction featuring the top photo I took for the previous article.

Brand new and Sealed. Straight out of E3 Expo 2013. Extremely RARE and a must for Skylander fans and collectors. The following is "Color Shift" Hot Dog from Activision and only available at this years Electronic Entertainment Expo - E3. Can't be bought in stores. I managed to get this from a buddy who is part of the Skylander Development Team at Activision.

Yeah, a buddy. Well f**k you, buddy — surely you have a camera at E3 and are capable of taking your own photos. You took a picture of the Bethesda lanyard, after all.

Bah, who needs him? Let's erase this negative energy with a little Fatboy Zim.


    you tell em mike, get stuck into them!!! wonder if they really do have it.
    by the way did you get one?
    wouldve love to have got one myself. and no to sell it.
    then again wouldve loved to have been at E3 more.

    That's just pure *win* in every respect. Loving their Swapforce commercials :D

      Me too. Collecting all the figures is gonna be a pain in the ass (and the wallet) though.

        32 this time instead of a full 45. Gonna start paying them off over the next few months lmao. But seriously, Kmart and Target usually have them at a good discount rate, try them.

          Yeah, it's 32 if you don't count series 3 or Light-core ones. There's gonna be 16 Swap Force 16 New regular size 16 series 3 and 8 light-core. So that's 56 total.

          I noticed the other day that Kmart have the figures for Skylanders Giants on special for $9 each even for light-core ones and Giants are $12, so if you're missing any I'd go there first.

            DAMN nice. We'll be hitting there for sure. Original Spyro series are down to like 6 dollars per model, we've only got 3 to go, how cheap they are now, we're literally doubling up with the triple packs and giving away the ones we dont need. My boys got two frightriders as he needed the other two in the pack lol. At tax time, we're just going on a splurge and getting everything he needs. He doesn't ask for much and now theyre cheap as hell? Why the hell not.

            Can't wait to see the redesigned giants :D

              I don't think there's gonna be any giants in Swap Force, but you will be able to use all the figures from the first two games. It's gonna look awesome on PS4. Hopefully they'll raise the level cap too.

              Also, if you're interested McDonalds has those Skylanders Happy Meals now, there's 8 in total. They're bringing out 2 every week for this month I think. Got last weeks (Tree Rex and Gill Grunt), I'll head down tomorrow and get this weeks.

              What sucks though is America got 9 Happy Meal toys (they got Kaos as well) so if you want a full set you'll have to try and buy him on ebay or something.

                Oh damn :\ our friend manages the maccas across the road, shes putting them aside for my kid lol. They dont work for the game Im guessing?

                  Nah they won't work in the game unfortunately, they're just plastic toys, a lot bigger than I thought they'd be though.

    Aww, poor Mike. This has done him so much harm and damage.....oh, wait, no it hasn't.

    It is funny till you realise that Kotaku has 1 line articles that are reposts of reddit etc.
    If this was Luke or Brian I'd laugh my butt off but I don't remember Mike ever being guilty of this.

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