The Best Star Trek Game Ever Blends R-Type, Contra And Battletoads Into Retro Brilliance

From CineFix, the same folks that sorted out all the Iron Man / Mega Man confusion, comes this fantastic take on a retro-style Star Trek game that combines the best bits of various classics, including R-Type and Contra, into something your NES would never want removed from its cartridge slot.

It's only 90 seconds long, but thanks to dialogue-filled interludes and the constant changes in gameplay, it feels much longer. And I wish it was, given how disappointing the latest Star Trek game turned out to be.

Just think, if they'd spent all that time and cash (not that it would have needed all that) creating something like this instead, I think we'd all have been a lot happier.

Question, though: Did the Enterprise ever have a spread-fire power-up? Seems like something you'd want Starfleet's R&D department on quick smart.

8-bit Cinema: Star Trek in 90 Seconds [YouTube]


    Do want.... Why couldn't movie tie-ins always be this good?

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