The Big Question: Xbox One? PlayStation 4? Both? Neither?

Well, it was only a matter of time before we asked this question, but I'd ask you to be civil! Which of the next gen consoles are you planning to buy?

Me? I'm going to buy both. I'm stupid like that.

Which Next Gen Console Are You Planning To Buy?


    If I had to choose one it would be the PS4. You never get a second chance at a first impression and Microsoft really screwed up theirs! Of course most likely I will just upgrade my PC!

    Will get an Xbox at launch, and more than likely a PS4 a year later. To be honest its the third party stuff thats getting me excited, but Titanfall is edging me closer to Xbox.


      XBone has hdmi in, right? The day I can say "xbox, play playstation" will be a very strange day.

      Got my Xbox One preordered when EB had their trade-in special.

      I'm waiting on Titanfall for the PC; it's a first-person shooter! :P

    Definitely PS4 day one. Maybe an Xbone down the track for the exclusives, now that you can play offline.

      This is my intention as well. PS4 is a day one purchase. However, I kind of like the idea of just sticking to one, even though I own both a PS3 and 360 now.

      I'll also be doing this :) The removal of the online requirement means I'll get the Xbox One eventually..

      I agree with the monkey. I'll likely purchase an Xbone later, once the price drops and I'm frustrated with my inability to play exclusives (read: Remedy's Quantum Break).

    Before I would of said PS4, but since Xbone has had its policies changed I'm considering staying with Xbox since I do like my Halos and FF and KH3 will be on it as well. But for me it depends if Persona 5 will be exclusive to PS, but looking at Catherine and P4A it's a possibility for multiplat :D

    It's interesting to see that the Xbox One is leading at the moment, I guess it goes to show that simply listening to your fanbase will be able to get you out of any hole you manage to dig yourself into. Personally I'm going to get a PS4, the Xbox One exclusives looked nice but the only one that interested me significantly was Titanfall, and I'm just going to get that game on PC.

      Think the result's changed a little since you clicked

        It's amazing what a difference 5 minutes makes...

          I think you still have a fair point, though. I reckon that XBone number would be much lower if they hadn't backpedalled.

        It'd be nice if the poll actually showed how many had voted rather than just a percentage...


    Had Sony consoles since PSX, and nothing I've seen has made me want to break the cycle.

      It's called brand loyalty... it's why I bought a Wii-U :)

        Not so much brand loyalty, as they are provding a compelling offering (games I want to play) and haven't broken trust.

        The continuity is nice too.

          That is brand loyalty, faith in a brand for the future because of what they have done in the past.
          Now if you were a fanboy, then you would buy a Wii-U.

    Xbone. I'm sure the PS4 will be a fine machine, but I just don't enjoy using my PS3. I don't like the controller, I don't like the interface, I don't like the PSN store system and the way it manages it's apps.

    The 360 has provided me with the more consistently positive experience over the last 7 years, so I'll be sticking with Xbox into the next generation.

    I was going to get a PS4 down the line, but now I don't think that is likely to happen.

      You do realise that all the things you mentioned are changing with PS4?

        Firstly, the controller still has the same layout, so what you just said is demonstrably inaccurate.

        Secondly, I have seen no evidence to support your assertion with respect to my other points raised.

        Thirdly, even if what you say is true, the Xbox One would have to be changing in a fashion that I find negative for me to move away from the Xbox brand, which it is not.

          Not having a go at you here, if you don't like the controller that's your right. But other than the general layout (i.e. symmetrical sticks), it has changed significantly. It's larger, grips are longer and contoured for easier grip, the sticks are further apart (and thus closer to your thumbs), sticks are different, triggers are different, etc. When you see it side by side with the current controller, it's noticeably different.

            The layout of the sticks is the primary issue about the controller for me. Moving them further apart is an improvement, but not a solution.

              Haha i look at the picture and do not see a impactful difference, no matter the slight adjustments it will never be as ergonomic as the Xbox controller, not with that stick placement which is the largest problem the controller had.

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                I've always been surprised when people say the Xbox controller was better than the PS2/3s, i've always felt more comfortablw with sony's design. I find it fits better in my hand and was easier to use. I did grow up playing a PSX though.

          You've obviously made up your mind on the basis of zero research.. so enjoy your Xbox.

            Says the person who made a broad assertion and then couldn't be bothered to back it up, despite being the one trying to vehemently persuade someone that their preference is the incorrect one.

            Have you used a PS4? Obviously you have if you know all about how it works and how the interface and PSN are so great now. Please, tell me all about how the controller feels to use and how it's just as good as the Xbox controller.

      This is exactly how i felt, however Microsoft had burned me badly with their DRM however i still wanted the xbox despite its shortcomings for the same reason you do, i hate almost everything about the ps3. Sure i own one and play games but any and all things ps3 that i could get on the 360, I did, even if it was an inferior version.

      So after E3 i went and traded in the rest of the games i missed a couple weeks earlier and ended up paying off the PS4. Not wanting to give Eb australia $120 for a single game pre order when i can get them for 40/50 online i pre ordered the Xbox one with the left over $$ with the intent of canceling if no policy changes occured ( I had hopes they would).

      A few days later they changed their stance (getting rid of everything i didn't like without compromising the cloud of kinect 2.0) and now im getting both at launch, hell with the Wii U games announced at E3 i'll probably get one of those around Christmas too.

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    PS4 for me. Sony just have too much first party stuff - if I'm only going to get one (and I doubt my wife will tolerate two), then I miss out on less with the PS4. Most/all of the 3rd party "exclusives" on either system will just be timed exclusive, so first party is a clear advantage.

    Also, the more powerful hardware will help in the long run - the current generation has lasted 7-8 years, and I fully expect the next one to go at least 10. The edge in RAM and GPU performance will help developers squeeze a bit more out of it in the long term, although I doubt we'll see too much difference in launch titles - nobody will be touching the sides of the capabilities of either machine that early.

      Yea completely agree with you, it will take some serious convincing and not a small amount of double talk to convince the GF to let me get both so its the PS4 for me.

        I can see the PS4 is for you, but I have to ask - why do you need GF's approval for something that (assuming) is really your thing? Damn man, stand up and tell her how its gonna be.
        Unless she is buying of course.. in which case, congrats on your sugar mama.

    Poll needs an 'undecided' or 'can I wait until they have been out a little while before deciding' button. Got burned with pre-order for PS3 that was delayed a year, and also ended up with a Gen1 360 that can not be traded or sold for credit after two trips to the RRoD doctor. PS4 made the better first impression, however I'm also leaning towards the Xbone based on the previous xbox live online society, but if I am only buying one and they aren't backwards compatible, I'd rather wait till thousands of gamers have had a few weeks to put them to the test...

    I'm definitely getting both. But I'm a bit more interested in the Xbone tbh, it's just got a few more interesting features and ideas going for it, plus I'm a tragically obsessed Halo fanboy so you know... Sony is playing it ultra safe imo, which is fine and I'm still very excited but it isn't changing much up. Plus I love the idea of plugging my PS4 into the back of my Xbone, it just seems so wrong and yet so right, like creating the Voltron of next gen consoles. Pointless? Perhaps. Awesome? Definitely.

      can you plug the ps4 into the x1? will it work like the 'teevee' feature?

        "XBox - switch to PS4!"

        "I'm sorry Dave... I can't do that"

          Sounds cool but wonder if there would be any advantage over just changing channel, PiP with both? cant say I'd ever use that, rarely use PiP currently

        From what I heard it seemed like you could plug anything with an HDMI output into it, it's just a passthrough. I know they've confirmed you can plug a 360 or PC in, so I just assume PS4 or anything else would work as well. So yeah, I guess if I said "Xbox TV" it would just switch me over to the PS4 or whatever else would be plugged in. Tbh I can't really see much point in doing it other than saving me an HDMI input although that is actually a godsend, I guess as well it would let me still get XBL notifications and switch to Xbone games quickly if I'm playing PS4, but that excites me less. It does seem like an extravagant waste of power to have to have my Xbone on to play PS4 but I just like the idea of having a combo-console.

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    PS4, Wii U and the 3DS will be my gaming gear. The Xbox doesn't seem to offer anything I'm interested in to be honest.

    i'll get the ps4 day 1. i will end up buying the xbone, out of curiosity, just like i did with the 360.

    I'm in no rush at all to pick up either. With the information we have at the moment, I'll probably grab a PS4 first but I've got plenty of time to change my mind.

      This is where I am at the moment. I want to wait and see what develops because there isn't a single announced game I have any interest in that isn't available on current-gen systems. As things stand I won't get an XB1 because of Kinect - so it'll be PS4 by default once they release something I want to play - but I'm in no rush and if Microsoft backtracks on the Kinect requirement I'll probably end up going down that route. Hell, I might end up with both again. But until they axe the Kinect mandate, I'm not going to consider the XB1.

    Voted neither. I was looking forward to the Xbox before it's announcements but it' s policies put me off. After they backpedaled (a bit) there are still too many issues for me to go for it. I also think they could have put some effort into keeping the family sharing even if it meant you still needed the 24hr internet check-in.
    At a later date I'll look at them again, and I probably would've waited until the first price cut/console revision anway, but as it stands I'll get a PS4 if anything.
    But for now I'm going to stick to PC.
    For those that are interested, the consoles I own now are
    SNES, N64, GC, Wii, PS1, 360 and always had a PC.
    Probably won't get a Wii U either but it's starting to look more attractive with it's announced games.

    Neither — too expensive D:

    If I had to pick, though... probably Xbox — have a better presence on Live than the PSN and prefer the controller, but would be nice to own both.

    Definitely interesting to see the numbers shifting from 95:5 to something a bit more even.

    I'll be getting a PS4 initially, but I'll probably pick up a xbone after they release their 2nd version of it. (Because the fuckers always do - lower price, bigger hard drive, better games included, that kind of shit. Pisses me off when my old one still works perfectly fine, but is noticably inferior... can't trade it in for squat, so it's basically buying a $300, shinier, slimmer hard drive. :P)

    FOR TEH HALOEZ. Mastacheef+cortana 4eva.

    Im def getting a Playstation 4, not sure on Xbone yet as im waiting on a game annoncemount that may never come

    At the moment for me it's neither. I'm still happy with my PS3 and good gaming PC.

    However, if I was to choose one, I'm leaning more towards the PS4. The Xbone just hasn't impressed me from the start.

    Strangely enough, after Nintendo's E3 conference, I'm seriously considering a Wii U now. They've got some good stuff coming in the next 6-12 months.

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    For a hoarder like myself. I will be getting both. I think I am going to preorder a Xbone today for launch, with Watch Dogs as I don't really like the 2013 label for launch for Sony. November is set in for Microsoft. Probably also pick up a Wii U near the start of next year when these two are out and selling as Nintendo will probably have a decent price drop.

    xbone. it just has the franchises which I like most.

    i have no doubt that ps4 will be an impressive console with great games. and I do like the free games they offer for ps+ subscribers. but nothing else about it is very interesting. it seems all sony care about is maintaining the status quo; not a very exciting proposition.

    Gaikai, sharing to facebook, letting friend's take over a game remotely.. none of this is of any interest to me, personally.

    Interestingly, all these features require internet - something sony have been proud to say "you don't need with the ps4". while technically true, it's more PR bullshit which was spun to make MS look bad for initially requiring internet on their own machine.

    Sony "for the gamers"?

    Yeah... right...

      Sony didn't bend their consumers over and reverse it because they weren't going to make money.

        To be fair, Microsoft didn't bend anyone over — they gave everyone 6 months warning, then they were bent over by the consumer.

        What Microsoft had initially proposed with the Xbox One was not given a chance to impact on anyone outside Microsoft.

          And thank God for that. If they'd been able to get away with it, the Endowment Effect (or consumer Stockholm Syndrome if you prefer) would've kicked in and the apologists trying to justify their purchases would provide all the push-back MS needed against criticism.

            Ah yes, the old post-purchase rationalisation. People don't like to admit they've been had.

            Thank god for what?! The DRM was a good thing for developers and gamers alike. With less loss of money to piracy, and the ability to license resale games, developers would have more money to spend on making better games for the console. With family sharing, a group of up to ten gamers could save thousands on single player games (and believe me, thousands can be spent.)

            Needing a once daily check-in wasn't really that big of a deal. Any serviceman in a combat zone has way bigger things to worry about than a gaming console and TV to play it on, and anyone posted somewhere safe enough to even consider gaming would have access to an internet connection anyway. On top of that, Microsoft has in the past made concessions for deployed people in the service, and I bet they would again.

            As rude as it may have come off they were right, why are you spending close to $500 on a console if you can't afford the internet?

            The community bitched and moaned, and lost something that could revolutionize console gaming, and improve the experience for everyone. I'm not the only one who feels this way -

            How many PC gamers complain about Steam?! None! Steam is nothing but DRM, and nobody complains about it, in fact, most people love it because it simplifies things.

            I'm a bit of a hoarder when it comes to gaming, so I'm more than likely to get both. The question is which one to get first.. undecided at this stage.

              Argument disproved by Steam - native to PC, the home of piracy and cheaper prices.

              Steam DRM is a once-only authentication on installation, not once-daily. I reckon if Microsoft had gone with that option, they'd have had far fewer complaints.

    PS4 on day one, and an Xbone controller for my PC (if it's compatible). Might consider getting an Xbone in a year or two, when it gets some decent exclusives.

    Will be getting a PS4 only. Don't have time for two consoles anymore and I have always been with Sony and they will, as usual, have the better exclusives in the long run.

    I skipped the PS3 and went to Xbox and loved it, especially the controller.

    This time I'll be heading back to PS4. Not just for those awful policies but I feel like Sony has a consistently higher level of exclusive games, and most (if not all) Xbox's exclusives end up on PC anyway (looking at you, Titanfall).

      I fully expect Titanfall to be on the PS4 once the exclusive deal runs out.

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