The Classification Board Is Looking For Volunteers

In the wake of Saints Row IV and State of Decay being refused classification by the Australian Classification Board, I'm sure there are folks among you that believe things need to change — this might be your chance to contribute. The ACB is currently making a call for volunteers on what it's calling "research groups about a range of media classification matters".

At this point we have no real idea what these research groups will focus on. Most likely it'll encompass a broad range of topics, but if you feel like applying head here for more information.

Applications close on July 22.


    Get in before the ACL fills up all the positions and the only games allowed in the country are Bible-based. Actually, the Bible is pretty violent and perverted... We might actually get some good Bible-based games!

      So suddenly the blame of all this nonsense falls down on Christian or Catholic people?

        Actually, he's assigning blame to the vocal groups claiming to represent those religions, not the followers of the religions themselves. The ACL was one of the most vocal anti-gaming groups throughout the whole R18+ mess, it's only natural to assume they and other groups like them would want to get their foot in the door when it comes to dictating the future of the ratings system

          yep. a number of christian orgs have publically distanced themselves from the ACL. the Oz Conference of Bishops, the peak body for Catholic clergy, for example. At best the ACL represents the radical fringe of evangelical churches, and definitely not the Christian mainstream (I should note that I'm not a Christian).

        Gee, where did I post that? Oh, nowhere? Good. I didn't think I wrote that or anything that even implied that.

    What? Now I'll never get in, this is just like the time @dc kept reposting that competition I entered everywhere.

    I just wanna be part of somethin'!!!


      like the time @dc

      Isn't he the worst?

      but anyway under the 'why are you interested' section, just list all your favourite games and when they see you have aweosme taste they will sign you up for sure #missingthepoint

        I put my measurements ;-)

    Besides asking for your contact details they seem to be trying to flesh out if you're a foreigner or indigenous Australian and/or a parent, so if your a man-child in your 20's it's probably a waste of time to apply.

      I'm a man-child in my 30's and a parent.

      Do they cancel each other out?

        No such thing as a manchild. Just someone who refuses to give up their soul and remain a fun person :D

      I'm a daddy - will theys end me free games to play and see if i find offensive? PS I would have found the SR4 anal probe offensive :S

        Yeah I really don't disagree with SR4's banning. Something like that Alien Anal Probe sounds a step too far, and completely un-necessary. It's not as if the game would be losing much if it was removed.

        As far as State of Decay is concerned, they'll probably just rename the drugs and be done with it.

    I endorse this idea, definitely a case of 'Put up or shut the fuck up'. I seriously would if I didn't have Uni and my work sucking up all my spare time :\

    They appear to be looking for quite specific type of person with those questions.

    I'll have a a go.

    Just got the response back today saying that I'd been accepted onto the register. Looks like it's in-depth consumer research - questionnaires, surveys, focus groups and in depth interviews. No idea what, if anything, it'll come to, but at least I'm on.

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