The Daily Show Takes A Shot At Microsoft And Xbox One

The Daily Show Takes A Shot At Microsoft And Xbox One

Last night’s edition of Comedy Central’s fake news program had cranky commentator Lewis Black ranting about new and upcoming technology. Along with Google Glass, Black takes aim at the Xbox One and its always-watching/listening Kinect camera.

It’s pretty funny stuff. (Except that Black doesn’t mention that you’ll have a bit of control over what the upgraded Kinect is able to do.)


  • Is there a video you want to link or is this a sort of “hey I saw something funny last night did you see it too?”

    • Use anonymous web browsing and watch it through there. Or set up a VPN, etc, etc. I mean, there are ways around these silly little, arbitrary things like regional lockouts.

      • I must be daft, I cannot even find a link to a broken/regional lockout page from this article. I was expecting a link to the video or a “Sorry this vid is unavailable” page.

  • This video is not available in your location. I can’t even get it to work when I use a proxy.
    How do I view it!?

  • And the story forgets to mention the bit where they are using a kinect to drive a robot that pours beers, and he couldn’t give a crap about how deep they probed because there wasn’t anything he wouldn’t give to drink beer served by a robot.

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