'The Definitive Mario Kart' Runs At 60fps

I've poked fun at Nintendo about their "It's all about the games" mantra from this year's E3, but it rings true, especially when you've got what procuder Hideki Konno is calling "the definitive Mario Kart" on your hands.

It's loveable, playable and now immensely share-able, and it runs at a blazing 60 frames-per-second — potentially even in two-player mode. It might not be running on the most advanced hardware in the world, but damn iof that doesn't look like a blast.


    The game does not support all the controllers you could use before!! Gamecube controller RIP

      doesnt the wii u controller offer the same experience? i know the button layout is different, but i play mario kart on my pc with an xbox 360 wireless controller - once you get used to the remapped button layout, its the same experience

        The 360 controller regardless of emulation and mapping is not the same as a GC controller. The GC controller is nothing like the pro or gamepad either. The GC controller was by far the best option on MK wii. Is it the same experience? Arguably no. The GC controller is the greatest controller ever created IMO. The gamepad is ok for sonic racing but I would swap it in an instant for a gc controller.

          see i dont think it was the best controller ever created for mk. for mk, i enjoyed the n64 controller immensely more than the gc controller - to me the ztrigger felt much more natural than an additional shoulder button. i have mk n64/dd/wii and i keep going back to mk64 so maybe thats my problem :)

            Yeah. I played mk64 a few weeks ago. Just couldn't do it. Found it hard to corner properly. I had the opposite problem I think. Played DD afterwards. Felt great!

              yeah the cornering/eee sliding in mk64 is completing different to dd - i can do the n64 one in my sleep and it just feels more natural to me compared to dd heh

                Personally I think people just like to complain about Nintendo just because its Nintendo.... I'm serious, the things I see people complain about Nintendo about are absurd, while giving Sony/MS a pass for doing the something far more absurd..
                Example: . Darn that Nintendo for not letting me use a controller from a 2 console generations ago, meanwhile Somy/MS always block you from using the previous gen controller.

                Sorry to rant but the complaints leveled at Nintendo for the most trivial things is getting exhausting.

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      Kinda hard to support the Gamecube controller when the Wii U doesn't have ports for Gamecube controllers...

        Which is my point. I just find it annoying that the video makes an obviously ridiculous claim. The GC controller was easily the best option on mario kart wii.

          They don't claim to support the gamecube controller......

            They say you can use the same controllers that you used to use.

              They said:
              "Basically the game will support all the controllers like the games in the series did before:
              - Wii mote/nunchuck
              - Wii wheel
              - Wii U Gamepad"

              According to your logic are you also bummed that you can't use a snes or 64 controller?
              I think you should be able to make a reasonable assessment on this, it's not that hard.

                Just use the Pro controller. Same thing really.

                I wish I could use an n64 controller. I also wish I could use a gamepad on my snes, n64, GC and Wii - according to YOUR LOGIC. N.B. the use of a colon in your statement and delivery. I assume you know how to use a colon as you have dribbled irony everywhere :-)

                  My (mis)use of grammar is less of a crime than your flawed gamecube controller logic.

                  Anyway, no point keeping up direct attacks at a random person on the internet.

          I actually much MUCH preferred the classic controller or the classic controller pro for Mario Kart Wii.

            Word, I think I played half the time just with nunchuck and it was fine.

      I dunno how you'd exepct GC controller support when the WiiU has no GC controller ports...

        Have you watched the video? Please do so. Then reply to my statement. I do not expect GC support.

          fenix already explained it above. You need to work on your listening skills. They DID NOT say "The game will support all of the controllers that Mario Kart Wii did". They DID say "Basically, the game will support all controllers, like the games in the series did before". That means the game supports all the available controllers supported by the current console. He then quite explicitly mentions the Wiimote/nunchuck, Wii Wheel and Wii U gamepad. They make no mention of the GC controller anywhere.

          Also, you could have used that thing between your ears and taken into account that since the Wii U does not have GC controller ports, then obviously the game wouldn't support them and that's not what he was talking about.

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            You are quite correct. However, that in fact does mean that it should support n64, snes and the ds + 3DS controllers. I merely highlighted the fact that it didn't support the GC controller as this method IMO was the best in the mario kart non-handheld line. Rather than being used as a discussion point on the lack of a GC controller option it seems my listening skills are being attacked. I heard the line correctly. I reasoned correctly. Others however seemed to have missed the point. Perhaps you should use the thing between your ears to stop your passive aggressive accusations? I know what was stated and it is incorrect. I never expected it to use GC controllers. I was lamenting the loss of them.

              "Basically, the game will support all controllers, like the games in the series did before".

              Somehow you interpret that to mean (your words):

              "They say you can use the same controllers that you used to use."

              And you wonder why I bring your listening skills into question. I never claimed that you expected the game to support the GC controller, but interpreting that statement to mean that you can use the GC controller is beyond silly.

              Yeah okay, you think it sucks that it doesn't support the GC controller, but that's the case with all Wii U games, not just this one. The Classic Controller or the Classic Controller Pro is a good alternative, however.

              Personally, I'm going to be more bummed about the fact that the new Smash Bros won't have GC controller support, but I'll learn to live with it.

              I know what was stated and it is incorrect.

              No, it wasn't incorrect. You either mis-heard it, or mis-interpreted what you heard. Pick one. You're the only one in this thread that's arguing about this.

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              God, you are exhausting.

              Why do you continue to argue over pointless crap? The more you post, the stupider you look.

              Just be excited for the damn game. Sheesh.

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            Wow, it's like you used some logic and rationale when you watched the video... amazing :)

    I now know why I bought a Wii U - this game looks fantastic.

    I can't wait to bury myself with regret while watching replays!

    And a right big helping portion of YES!

    Me and my kids (4 and 2, 5, 3 & .5 when this comes out) are all really looking forward to this.

    Except for the zygote. It doesn't know what's going on yet really.

      Yes! My daughter turned 3 a few months ago, so she's not quite old enough to play something like Mario Kart just yet, but I look forward to the day when she can, and we can sit on the lounge together playing it :)

      It'll certainly make a nice change from playing Dora the Explorer games.

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        Absolutely! My son is 4 and he's quite good at Need For Speed Hot Pursuit already, so I know he's going to love it. My daughter's going to be almost the perfect age to pick it up as well, so it's going to be brilliant.

    Dear Nintendo,

    Please release a new F-Zero game. I bought a Wii, confident that F-Zero Wii would follow in due course and it didn't. This time, I will wait.

    Your pal,


    how is this news? 60fps is fucking standard, default, normal. Any game developer that isnt already producing games at 60fps or just switching to 60fps really needs to get there ass's into gear.

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