The Epic, Full-Frontal Movie Trailer Saints Row IV Doesn't Deserve

Man, that YouTube thumbnail has totally distracted me from whatever it was I was going to say about this. Oh yes! Pixelated presidential penis aside, this is the trailer for a game I wouldn't need to be coerced into purchasing with a shiny plastic Dubstep Gun.

With some fancy editing and the right voice actors (hooray for Keith David!), Volition has created a two-minute video about a monumental title that will test the boundaries of interactive fiction as we know it.

In other words, not the game we're getting, but possibly the game we want. Remember this trailer when you're running about naked, punching people in the genitals later this year.


    This better not be delayed for censorship or some crap :)

    Shawndi is back, and doubled! Double the Eliza Dushku FTW!

    It sure sounded like Eliza Dushku saying "This is getting weird." I checked her IMDB page though and Saints Row IV isn't listed there (yet).

      I couldn't find a listing for the game on IMDB yet so there is still hope!

    Looks better every time they show us something.

    I see he found some pants by the end of the trailer.

    But Violaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...

    And Oleg?

    Just when i thought they couldn't go more batshit crazy.

    why cant they just remake the original red faction? without the mutants. i mean sure, i love throwing people into traffic as much as the next guy - BUT - its just not as darkly satisying as stalking a nurse down an alley and stabbing her to death, listening to her gurgle blood like in gta iv (sorry the comparison had to be made)

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