The Fastest Way To My Heart Is With Giant Battleships

I don't give a damn that this trailer for World of Warships - an upcoming game from the same guys behind World of Tanks - has no gameplay in it. What it does have are lots and lots of battleships.

Battleships are awesome. More video games need battleships. Developers, note: more games need battleships.


    Too bad it will be a pay to win cluster-eff just like World of Tanks.

      They scraped pay to win.

        That is good to see. However being in a Tier 5 Medium tank versus a Tier 7 Heavy will still be the game stopping bore it always was. The people who make WoT forget that this is a GAME, and as a result it should be FUN. When you can be put into a match where there is literally nothing you can do but die, it is no longer fun. There are situations that happen at least once or twice in every game where you could sit there with unlimited ammo and 5 minutes to fire against a target that wasnt even moving or fighting back, and all you would do is bounce shots off their armour for 5 minutes straight. It is unrealistic and boring.

          Of course a T5 medium will not have a chance with a T7 heavy one on one. Thats why mediums and lights need to wolfpack the bigger heavies then they are frankly easy pickings. In regards to bouncing off armour, well you need to aim at weak spots or try and shoot the side or rear armour.

            fine, T7 heavy against 5 T5 light and mediums. T7 Heavy will still win. Also, there is no such thing as "just aim for the weak spots". There are tanks out there that even their weakest spots with a flat attack angle still has thicker armour than what tanks 2 tiers lower can penetrate. If your armour is 1mm thicker than their penetration? Bounces off. Hit that exact same spot again, bounces off. Hit that exact same spot 50 times, bounces off 50 times.

              That's when you ignore that tank and hit their teammates. OR let your T7s hit their T7s while you hit their T5s or w/e. Its called teamwork. It doesnt always work, but its kind of the point of pretty much every multiplayer game. These are the basics of WoT beyond like T2. Or shit how bout just spot the enemy heavy and call for artillery strikes (hide behind something) . Or literally any of the dozens of things you could be doing instead of fruitlessly bouncing shots off a heavy tank.

                Tooshay's right. Plus, the smarter medium/light tank commanders NEVER go for the heavies unless it's to distract them. In most of the games I've played where the people know their stuff, the lights speed forward and scout until the heavies (mediums in lower tiers) get to the line (read: toe to toe with their heavies). At that point, the lights hunt for their arty or scoot behind their ATs and start tearing them to shreds.

                Sure with heavier tanks the smaller rounds won't penetrate, but sometimes you'll get someone who'll get rankled and try to gun for the light tank and ignore the heavy staring down at him.

                To make it easier to understand, convert the tanks to an FPS game like Team Fortress. Light Tank = Spy/Scout, Medium tank = Soldier (they generally have a good gun but horrid armour), AT = Sniper, Arty = Demoman, and Heavy = Heavy.

      Are you kidding? WoT is so far from Pay to Win it's awesome. I feel more inclined to pay for things like skins because the game has been fantastic, clocking up countless hours. Never bought a tank, but still can beat their premium tanks fairly evenly.

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    That was a pretty darn good looking trailer!

    Not nearly enough articles tagged with "battleships motherfucker"

    Not quite as good as the Leviathan Battleships trailer, but will do.

    Fuck battleships. The fastest way to my heart is with an axe.

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