The First Infamous: Second Son Gameplay Is The Last I Need To See

Sold. I mean, I have to buy a PlayStation 4 for work anyway, but if I didn’t, this would be the game I’d buy it for right here.

The freedom, the flair, the fire… I’ve run out of ‘f’ words to complete what would have been an incredibly clever bout of alliteration, but you get the point.


  • i’ve already played the prototype games though.

    honestly, i was sorta looking forward to this, but theres sooooooo much other stuff that is just plain better i wont bother with this.

    • i used to think it was Prototype vs Infamous. I played both.

      Infamous is soo soo much better. Prototype can’t even begin to compare.

      • Yeah i’ve heard that, BUT this one looks more like prototype than the lightning one did.

        having said that, theres still loads better games coming out

        • IDK man, to me this, Killzone and 1886 seem to be shaping up to be realy amazing. I’ve played All the infamous games and loved them, then I tried prototype and found it incredibly boring as the story line seemed pointless. And infamous looks to be like the other infamous games just with a new hero and the electricity now looks like smoke… so im sold.

          • fair enough. killzone looked pretty but seemed pretty boring standard FPS to me, the mutli-platform stuff (destiny, bf4) shits on it so i wouldnt spend my time on it.. 1886 looks decent but yet to see actual gameplay footage.

          • Yes, I need gameplay from 1886… but did you ever stop to think that maby, just maby, other people have different opinions to you and find games like bf4 generic. Maby they like games like infamous and killzone where you clearly do not. I saw bf4 and thaught it was boaring and standard, killzone still looked like killzone in some areas but also like its been expanded upon. So some of us feel it “shits on” bf4…

            gaming in general seems to have lost the feeling that we can like games that others do not like… as a matter of fact, i still get flak for owning a ps3 before i owned a 360…

          • i did say it looked boring standard FPS (to me) you know.

            if you think killzone shits on bf4 though, you kinda lost alot of credibility.

            one you can run and gun

            the other you can run and gun and tank and helicopter and boat and blow up skyscrapers and drive motorbikes and jeeps and jets etc etc etc list goes on.

            it has so much more to offer.

            not sure why you’d get flack for owning a PS3 though. weird.

          • Yeah, the problem is that ive done all thoes things in bf3 and realy didnt enjoy them, i remember some of my least favorite matches being tank superiority…

            killzone on the other hand has all ways been more of a tactical shooter and that seems to be what shadowfall is about. Picking objectives to do in your order. say for instance they have a com tower, if i take that out first they cant call in reenforcements, but maby i leave it for last to make it more chalenging.

            So it offers more in the sence of tactical sandboxy gameplay… and in terms of the multiplayer, ive allways liked killzone as its more focused on team work, i cannot count the amount of times i run into batle and stick with the same groupe for an entire match while and go head to head with the oposing teams strongest groupe. Not forced like bf3 squads, but just… because you geruinly play with your team in kz…

            IDK, each to thier own… and yeah, most my friends are massive xbox fanboys… where as im a gamer that games on every device i can get…

          • Ecto, have you got a PC capable of running modern games? If so, you might do well to have a look at ARMA3, based on how you describe your preferred play style in Killzone, you might like it. Have a watch of this vid if you’ve got the time:

  • First thought: Oh. OK. That’s not a cinematic, that’s leading into gameplay. I see. I SEEEEE.
    Final thought: The guy’s voice REALLY doesn’t match.

  • Sigh. I guess that’s another game I’ll have to pre-order. I was on and off with Infamous. It was great, but never really grabbed me like a favourite game does. Stop taking my money Sony

  • So this is actually a bona fide sequel to Infamous. And I thought the series was over.

    Obviously Cole’s story arc is over, and this is a new guy, but will be interesting to see how (or if) it’s worked into the overarching story or whether it’s an entirely new thing.

    • yeah but that’s just the basic skill set he has. that’s how they always showed the moves in the previous games’ gameplay vids. there’s a ton more, especially with that new system they’re coming up with.

  • Yeah. I tried both the previous inFamous games and didn’t really enjoy them overly, good games in their own right, but didn’t grab me, from a gameplay or a story perspective.

    BUT, Second Son looks really cool, I am totally digging the environmental destruction. Definitely got this on my list.

  • I really liked inFamous. The 1st more than the 2nd but I platinimed them both. Second Son looks like another release day purchase for me!

  • I’m impressed with this demo. I really felt like the new protagonist was just some person, who saw all this bad sh!t going on, and decided to stop it. With awesome super powers. That actually feel super. Liking the cool, understated voice of the protagonist too. Been a while, a LONG while, since I felt a protagonist could be like a role model- cool and actually very powerful and skilled. So often in games you see great stuff in cutscenes, but when you get control you can only do weakened, simple stuff. This protagonist can actually demolish bridges. Their abilities have TEETH. That’s what makes a power ‘super’ – you have to be MUCH better than the other guys. And they don’t even feel the need to talk big about it all. Gotta admit I’m an Aussie, but the understated panache is looking so good right now. Day 1 purchase for me.

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