The Germans Have Built A Robot Ape. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

While American researchers build robots based on safe, friendly animals like puppy dogs, and the Japanese continue to build cute little robot children, the Germans have gone for something a little more brutal: a robotic ape.

The German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence calls this an "ape-like robotic system". It's part of a program designed to help better understand and implement mechanical movement. It looks cool, but I remember the last time this happened, and it did not end well.

[via technabob]


    Well that's a cool twist nobody saw coming. Instead of humanity meeting its demise by just robots or just apes, it will now suffer under the metal foot of the MIGHTY ROBOT-APE OVERLORDS!

    Last edited 28/06/13 7:45 am

    I, for one, welcome our new mighty robot-ape overlords.

    I feel like Robbie isn't far off now.

    Ok, I'm out. *googles next flight to Mars*

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