The Ghost Of E3 Past: Which Games Won’t Make It?

The Ghost Of E3 Past: Which Games Won’t Make It?

E3 2013 is all but done and dusted by now, and many shiny new prototype games have been shown off to all sorts of early critical acclaim. If the ghost of E3 past is to be believed, though, some of them won’t be seen again. Which game from E3 past are you still waiting for, and which ones won’t make it out of E3 alive?

It’s surprising to stop and think about the amount of money spent on promoting games at E3 (and related conferences) which then get quietly — or not so quietly — cancelled. If we’re lucky, a few prototypes might emerge. Clearly these are the games that publishers and developers don’t really want out there — or at least not in the formats that they emerge in, anyway. The reasons they don’t see light of day can often be one part vaporware, one part corporate politics. The list of titles is lengthy, and often startling. Starcraft:Ghost. Shenmue III. The entire Konix Multisystem. OK, that last one never made it to E3, but you know what I mean.

So here’s a two headed thought. Firstly, which bit of E3 mega-hype from years gone past are you still waiting for?

Secondly, if you had to pick one heavily-hyped game from this year’s lineup that you reckon won’t make it to production (either because you’re doubtful, or because you don’t like it), which one would you choose, and why?


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