The Last Of Us' Multiplayer Looks...Yeah

Naughty Dog's The Last of Us has multiplayer. Not that it needs it, but hey, video games. While there's no official footage of the mode in action, this clip appears to have been prematurely posted (it doesn't appear to be viewable anymore) by Spanish site Hobby Consolas.

Let's not be too harsh; it's leaked footage, so there might actually be modes in there that actually take advantage of the game's unique setting. Then again, going by this interview with Game Informer, I guess not. Team deathmatch variations it is.

The Last of Us Multiplayer Gameplay Leaked [YouTube, thanks Justin!]


    Yet another run and gun multiplayer? Was hoping for something more tbh.

      Other websites are reporting a co-op survival raid mode where supplies are scavenged and traded in for upgrades to help fend off waves of enemies.
      Which could be interesting. I'm prepared to give them the benefit of the doubt given how much I ended up enjoying Uncharted's multiplayer.

        I can get on board with co-op. Multiplayer deathmatches/TDM? Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn.

        I really don't get why there seems to be this pressing need to include this shit when the market is so heavily oversaturated and they suffer from the incredibly critical flaw that they're entirely dependant on having an active population to be any fun. A population they don't have once the game stops being flavour of the month and everyone flocks to the next big game, tries out its tacked-on multiplayer, then goes back to CoD/TF2/CS/BF3 for their dedicated multiplayer shooter fix.

        Is it possible they think that they will actually BE the next CoD/TF2/CS/BF3? Heh. Oh, the mountain of bones and dreams of games that have wished they could do that...

    Wasn't there gonna be a free roam co-op survival mode?

    We've not seen anything comprehensive yet. This is just one mode.

    The demo was all right, the trailer after the demo was awesome... not really sure about this one. Mp is a good edition but wont sell me on the game.

      Only problem I had with the demo was that it was so damn short that it was over almost before it began - certainly before I had much of a chance to draw any kind of conclusions about the game. It needed to be probably twice as long to be of much use as a try-before-you-buy kind of thing.

      Lucky for them I was already buying it on day 1 because Naughty Dog. But if somebody was not as much of a fan as I am and wasn't willing to take it on faith that it'll be a good game then I can certainly imagine them not being convinced by such a short demo.

    its not like it really matters, i mean.... who's buying this game for the multiplayer?

      Exactly. I love the Uncharted games - Uncharted 2 is my favourite game of this generation - but I have never had any interest in the multiplayer. I expect I'll love this game to bits and still not give a toss about the multiplayer.

    This game really needed multiplayer - said no one ever

    grrrrrr the guy playing is irritating me badly, by not switching his over the shoulder camera view in conjunction of aiming around a corner

    And where the hell are all the monsters?

      Didn't you know? The real monster is MAN.

      Here: Let me write it on a piece of paper, wrap it around a length of wood and beat you with it. It'll be just like experiencing most games or movies!

    Uncharted 2 & 3 had standard multiplayer, co-op story mode, and co-op survival mode.
    I expect more of the same here. And that will be awesome.

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