The Last Of Us Turned Into A Six-Hour "Movie"

This is a six-hour video that shows you most of The Last Of Us, beginning to end. It's achieved by recording linear gameplay (no dawdling or getting stuck or dying) and including all the cutscenes and story elements.

Why would you watch this, when half the fun is playing through the game's combat and exploration?

Let's say you really want to see what all the fuss is about with The Last Of Us, but don't own a PS3. Or you've finished it and want to revisit it. Or you're writing an article on it and want to be able to see vast sections of it without having to go back and replay stuff.

The vid's creator, dansg08, says he hopes " it succeeds in presenting the story in the way it should be experienced".

If you want to watch it, remember, it's six hours long, so get some popcorn.


    As mentioned in the article; for those of us who don't have and don't intend to get a PS3, this is actually not a really bad thing. Still won't watch it though. I'll cross my fingers for a PC port.

      Being a second party dev for Sony it's probably not going to happen.

        I probably should have mentioned that I'm aware Naughty Dog are 2nd Party developers for Sony. The crossed fingers, they do nothing.

      Seeing as Uncharted is yet to make the jump, I wouldn't hold your breath.

      I find that highly unlikely :( You may want to just watch it or play it at a friend's. :/

    I'm playing the game through at the moment and I'm tempted to watch this. I love the characters, the setting and the story but loath the gameplay. I really should have done some more research before buying, I just got swept up in the online hype surrounding the game. I don't have the patience for the stealthy style of game this is.

    Well i think this sort of thing is great and wish more people would do this. Screw buying a ps3 i can just watch this.

    Just finished it half an hour ago. Amazing game... Absolutely brilliant. Will start a second playthrough this weekend, I think. Just have to decide if I want to do new game + or max difficulty. It was pretty hard at times just on normal difficulty...

    6 Hrs? bit short is it?

      I'm assuming they've cut it down to the core gameplay. They got rid of the 9 hours of people opening every draw and cupboard and getting lost.

        This... You remove the combat and the draw opening in the game, and you actually have a better movie than anything staring Nicholas Cage or Channing Tatum (amongst a list of several shitty A-list actors)

    Awesome. Now I don't have to buy the game. I actually watched Halo 4 like this so I didn't have to go buy an Xbox 360 console.

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