The Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker Wii U Vs. GameCube

The Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker Wii U Vs.  GameCube
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On the left, 2013’s The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker running on the Wii U. On the right, 2002’s The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker running on GameCube. The new one looks better, but the old one is still a beauty.

Shot with an iPhone 5, so the differences won’t be as noticeable as they are in real life.

Want to see something sharper?

Wii U direct feed from today:

GameCube direct feed from back in the day:

Wii U still:

GameCube still:


    • I’m sure they have redone at least some of the assets instead of just upscaling everything, so it does in fact look better than the dolphin version, you probably just can’t see it in the videos.

    • They did mention the Triforce fetch quest at the end which was kind of abrupt and how they have made the end part of the game more satisfying, but didn’t say specifically what they have changed.

      I feel that if there were extra dungeons then they would have told us though…

      • I dunno, they might be leaving it as a final surprise to announce right before launch to really push hype through the roof. The fact they mentioned it at all is promising.

      • The idea of the fetch quest might have been in reference to the fast sail option and how that will drastically reduce the tediousness of that phase of the game. Having said that, if they change it up a bit I will be happy with either outcome, whatever changes are implemented in that portion will be an improvement.

        • One other thing I would love to see would be the removal of that ‘change the wind’ animation. It was used to much and got sooooo old.

          • actually, fair point. maybe do an elaborate wind change once when you are at windfall and use it for the first time, showing a sweep over the town and grass blowing, hanging signs swinging and people being battered a bit. After that, just change the wind and swing the camera with the wind.

  • That Wind Waker Gamecube version doesn’t look like the final version, look at the controls. Also that Sword looks different from the final version. (Model of the sword, not the icon)

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