The Mad March Of The PlayStation Mascots

When we think video game mascots, PlayStation isn't the first console that comes to mind, but Sony has quite a few iconic heroes and villains in its ranks, as proven by both PlayStation All-Stars and this series of Vine vids or fearless leader capturing during his E3 travels. Can you name them all?

No, you can't. They've already been named. You could, however, rename them all. For instance, this guy's name is Pasty.


Techno Ringwraith

Earthworm Spade

Encephalitic Furry

DJ Dead Dog


    is it me or are those people walking behind kratos kind of.. mocking him?

      lol it looks like he is at first but I think its just cos he's carrying a bag that's making him walk like that.

    What game is the earth worm detective from ?
    That costume looks very bulky.

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