The Mad Rush For Skylanders: Swap Force Begins October 13

OK, parents, we've been through this twice before; this time we get it right. The latest instalment of the franchise your children go crazy for is officially launching on October 13 in North America and October 18 in Europe. You should probably be taking notes.

Skylanders: Swap Force features 32 completely new characters — 16 of which feature the nifty new swap mechanic — as well as more new versions of older characters, if the Ninja Stealth Elf shown in the Wii U starter pack above is any indication.

The starter pack retails for $US74.99, with regular characters priced at $US9.99 and Swap Force characters taking on the Giants price tag of $US14.99. As you madly dash from store to store at midnight on October 13, keep in mind that all 100+ original figures work in the game as well, so if you can't find the new figures, your kids can wait.

Oh, and you might want to preorder — participating retailers will have an exclusive figure for mothers and fathers exhibiting foresight.

Skylanders: Swap Force is coming to the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U, Wii and 3DS, with Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions in the works as well.


    Funny that of all the kids with Xbox's I know, none of them have, nor are interested in this. However I know a lot of adults who go nuts for it. Go figure.

    This game and the original, have brought my son endless, ENDLESS hours of joy. He loves collecting the toys, playing the game and playing with the toys seperate from the game. I am 100% ok with buying them for that fact. I see them as no worse than buying all those damn GI Joes etc that I bought as a kid :) Yeah they're expensive at times, but Target puts them on sale regularly for half the price EB charges, we just got Giant figures for 17 dollars each last week. Ninjini the one EB tells everyone you cant get unless you preorder? Target has them practically lining the shelves. So yeah, I'm up for buying this, it makes my kid happy as hell and that's what counts :)

      That's awesome to hear :D

        I think its important to remember that's who Skylanders is aimed at, that's who it's making happy and ultimately, that's what makes it worth it, for me at least :) so disc based DLC or not, the figures are awesome either way and will eventually make great little collectibles lol

          My kids love playing with the Skylanders outside of the game, they're actually pretty good figures. Pro tip, the undead element skylanders have glow in the dark sections on them.

      DUDE! I looked everywhere for my son who has been wanting Ninjini with his birthday money he got back in March. it's all he thinks about. I couldn't find it anywhere, EB and JB head office couldn't help me, even EB and Gumtree talk about how it's no longer available in Australia. I was just about to order one from Amazon for $50+ but the other day I walked into target and saw about 20 of them on the shelf ... marked down for clearance! I was one happy dad with an even happier son!

        Yep I had the EXACT same experience! EB told me I'd NEVER find one lol. Ever. I walked back in and showed it to the guy lol. The EB guys then walked straight back into Target and I knew what they were gonna do so I followed behind them and went straight to the CS desk. I told the CS person what they were doing (buying cheap stock to take and sell for a greater profit at their own store, shops actually don't like it when other shops do this) and they were escorted out of Target LOL.

          Wow. i considered going on a bit of an Ebay rampage at first cause they're selling for $30+ online and they're $19 at target but I couldn't be bothered.

            Target is selling the original skylander line for 6 dollars per figure too, so we picked up the rest of the entire line for just under 68 bucks, we were missing 10 of them roughly. We're gonna wait now (as the original line works on Giants) for the Giants to go down in price like these did as we now have a metric shit-tonne of figures lol then we'll fill out the rest of the giant figures.

            One day he'll stop playing them and he can figure out what to do with them, throw them out or something, that'll be his decision, he has two boxes for them that will hold a few hundred in total and I see it as a decent little hobby. Personally, I'll probably tell him to sell them on Ebay as a complete set.

            Last edited 08/06/13 10:49 pm

              I'm missing about 15 all up. One day at Kmart they were clearing out original series for $5. My kids eyes lit up when I started loading them into the trolley. When I was a kid the coolest toy was a match box car that had opening doors, I'm so jealous of how cool my kids toys are.

              Last edited 08/06/13 11:00 pm

                Heh you see I think THAT would be completely badass. A skylanders style game for Matchbox, where you buy the cars, put those bastards on a 'portal' and race them like that. Damn, I'd be so down for that...

                  That's a SMASHING idea and I think we'll see more near-field type games. I think cars in particular would be a big hit cause most boys love collecting match box cars.

      My son loves the figurines but has zero interest in the game.

    I got and played the first, i have the seconds and it remains unopened i think i will pass on this one

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