The New Smash Bros. Game Will Be Out In 2014

Lead creator Masahiro Sakurai promised and Nintendo delivered. After a long, long wait, players will be able to have the company's best-loved characters beat up on each other in glorious high-definition. An Animal Crossing villager was shown kicking butt and teh game seemed to shift visual styles during the promo clip. The game's due out in 2014


    Man, I'm pretty sure that image there has a monopoly on definition. It is the highest of definitions right there. I'm glad to see that whatever power the Wii U has is being shown to its fullest potential in that screeny.

    So... essentially Sony killed MS, now Nintendos leaning over the body thought dead, ramming the blade in making sure its definitely gone... MS, oh how the mighty have fallen. The Ninty lineup seems pretty sweet :D

    >teh game

    zp0kEn lEiK A tRu SmAsH Br0z FaNaT1c

    And now we play the waiting game...................................................

    and teh game seemed to shift visual styles during the promo clip
    Pretty sure that's because it was switching between Wii U and 3DS versions?

      Bingo! They showed both versions tonight.

    2014? damn.. they need some games stat. Common nintendo while ms is down, nows your chance, hack the bone... HACK THE BONE

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