The Next Command & Conquer Wants You Inside Its Closed Beta

Remember the game that was going to be Command & Conquer: Generals 2 but then got repurposed into a free-to-play online multiplayer real-time strategy game set in the Command & Conquer: Generals universe? It's going to go into closed beta soon, and it wouldn't mind having you.

Oh come on, it doesn't look that bad, and look at all the generals it has. That's like... all the generals. That's so many generals, it's almost specific. All you have to do is sign up for the beta, and you will get to know them, and then you'll find there's nothing general about them, while learning a little something about friendship, probably.


    I'm really excited about this release. I'm hoping with every part of me that they don't stuff it up.

      As long as they put bases and resource gathering they cant do as much harm as C&C 4 did

    So do you buy each general and their complete army or just individual units or what? Gameplay looks insane but... the f2p model just... irks me severely.

      that the the crap about how C&C was about MP not SP (which is just bullshit) and The renaming of EALA to Bioware Victory to try and get people to believe that its being designed by the team that made Dragon Age and BG etc and then the fact that its from EA who need to be removed from existance

      $1 per one use nuke

        Of course, you also need to pay the $2 fee to launch it and another $3 to make it explode.

    CnC is dead.

    i was in the RA 3 and CnC 4 beta dont waste your time, EA(whatever shell company name they feel like using) should stick too sport games

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