Video Diary: Rise Of The Triad Reboot

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The people working on the Rise of the Triad reboot take the game’s ’90s roots very seriously. They’ve already re-created the cover art, characters and feel of Apogee’s cult classic, and they’re putting the same care into the soundtrack.

This video diary details how they’re re-recording the classic tracks from the original game, and if you’re anything like me, hearing those tunes again will take you back.


  • Some poor mofo is gonna choke to death on the wads of cash i’m gonna shove down their throat when I buy this package of sheer awesome!!!!!!

  • This game IS my pc game growing up… I remember spending heaps of time with this embracing the pure love of stupidly over the top weapons and just plain fun. I hope this reboot rocks as much as it looks like it will…

  • This had better not suck. Painkiller proves that 90’s gameplay in modern engines can be amazing, and I expect no less from Rise.
    Now, if someone would remake Blood – with its ludicrous level design and hardcore difficulty intact, only prettier – I could die happy.

    • They won’t, Duke 3D Reloaded was a fan project, no one was being paid and the game was going to release for free but Rise of the Triad is an actual publisher backed project being funded by Apogee Software (the new one and not 3D Realms) and the game is essentially complete.

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