The PlayStation 3 Gets A Grand Theft Auto V Bundle—With Headphones

Grand Theft Auto V will have an exclusive PlayStation 3 bundle, releasing on Sept. 17 for $US299.

It includes a pair of headphones, but there's no word on Australian pricing or availability as yet.


    Fair enough the only new game they could bundle a PS3 with and still expect to sell well probably is this one, but... why? Could be wrong but I honestly think anyone who is really keen for this game already has a PS3/Xbox 360, and the PS4 won't be too far behind this. I don't get it.

      Maybe they'll only make 30 and just use it as publicity

      GT6 would be another one. I am specifically waiting for PS3 pricing to come down and will pick one up for these two titles. I am a PC gamer first and foremost and have skipped this console gen so far. So that may be the kind of customer they are targeting. Also, once PS4 is available, prices on PS3 will be in free fall, so this may be an effort to cushion that crash. It seems clear that Sony intends to keep the PS3 a profitable business for a little while.

      I am incredibly amped for this game and I don't own a ps3/xbox 360

    dump the headphones andi want it. Been looking top pick up a ps3 to play all the exclusives from this Gen.

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