The Poster For The First GTA Doesn't Look Like Grand Theft Auto

Nowadays, we're all used to the house style of the marketing art for Rockstar Games' blockbuster open-world games: panelled mosaics with character likenesses and heavy black orders, with the game series' name spelled out in the Price Is Right font. But GTA promo images didn't always look like that. They used to be a lot more cinematic. Just look at this poster for GTA 1.

Writer Luke Bellmason shared an image of a Grand Theft Auto poster on Twitter tonight and the thing's hella cool just a historical document. The studio that would later change names to Rockstar North is called DMA. The game is advertised as a Sony Playstation/PC CD-ROM game, which is hilarious to consider in these modern times where we still don't know if a PC release for GTA V is coming. The art direction of the poster is decidedly retro, harkening back to art styles used to advertise the gritty crime dramas of the 1970s. And, of course, the font isn't the familiar one that we're all so used to now. Times sure have changed, huh?


    I remember that. Probably still got it somewhere too.

      I still have mine and all the maps that came with it. Posters are in my desk downstairs, game is in a case in the cupboard. Little bro was my navigator, good times.

    I remember the first time I got my own home network running, mucked about with drivers, irq settings, coax and terminators for hours. About 2am I woke up my brother and we played GTA for hours. First network game we'd ever played

    First thing I did was suggest going on the motorway to meet up. Jumped in an oil tanker and drove top speed into him. Laughed so hard.

    Good memories :>

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