The PS3 Had 12 Games At Launch. Here's What They Looked Like.

We finally saw the actual PlayStation 4 during Sony's E3 press conference on Monday, and we got sneak peaks at the console's upcoming games, some of which will be launch titles. But how do those games compare with the PS3's launch titles? Let's take a look.

Time to do a flashback and see what the PlayStation 3 release titles looked like, when the console was launched in the US on November 17, 2006, a year after the Xbox 360's release.

Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII

Call of Duty 3

Genji: Days of the Blade

Madden NFL 07

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire



Resistance: Fall of Man

Ridge Racer 7

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07

Tony Hawk's Project 8

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    I thought Motorstorm was a launch title too? I seem to recall having that and Resistance.
    Gee some of those screenshots look like arse now haha.

      yeah it definitely was... my fav game at launch too..

      resistance was pretty cool... only just got around to finishing it last year though *sigh*

    Wow, it's surprising just how crappy those games those games look.
    Imagine what PS4 games will look like in a few years!

    Resistance was an absolutely great launch game.

    Compare these to the recent "The Last Of Us" and they look like another generation behind.

    Resistance still holds up. The visuals may not seem as flashy any more, but the frame rate is rock solid and the design of the Chimeran outposts and technology still creates an amazing aesthetic. And I'm still in love with the gameplay and weapons balance.

    Cool zero games I'm interested in, Resistance might... oh this was for ps3 ahahaha f*ck I thought that they were nevermind *backs out of the room*

    Resistance sure changed a lot. Those weapons on the Chimera didn't make it if I remember correctly.

    Going back to Resistance 1 after 3 I was surprised how well it held up and how much more like an Insomniac game it was with the weapon wheel and crazy good weapons. I thought 2 was so bleh.

      I loved 2. It's so under-appreciated. The multiplayer was damn awesome though.

      Best I played on PS3. Regret not spending more time on it.

    Resistance was amazing, GOTY contender for me. But... Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire! HOLY CRAP THAT WAS BAD. Horrible graphics, terrible control scheme, terrible camera, dumb AI, confusing story, short, terrible replay value... Not to mention you literally couldnt read anything on the screen if you didnt have a 1080p TV (which back in 2007 was still damn expensive) even though most people still only had 720p and some still had regular old CRT monitors..

    I look at these screenshots and all I can see is "Riiiiidge Racerrrrrrrr" and "based off real battles in ancient japan - here's this giant enemy crab - attack it's weak spot for massive damage"

    It was such a shame Lair was so poorly done. That game could have been an absolutely fantastic launch title but alas.

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