The PS4 Costs $399

Sony has just announced the cost of the PlayStation 4 when it goes on sale later this year. It'll be $US399.

That's $US100 less than Microsoft's Xbox One.

In Europe, it'll be €399 and £349.


    Is that the Australian price?

      EB Games have it listed at $549

      considering the American price doesn't include sales tax and our price will include GST, i think it's a decent estimate. . .

      personally I'm hoping for around $499-$520

    Wow. This is impressive pricing. Hope we don't see it above $460.

      Once you add TAX and shipping, it will probably be closer to $500.

      Remember all US prices are BEFORE Sales Tax is added.

        Yeah, but most US states don't charge sales tax on internet purchases and most companies will ship for free if it's over $50 and not too big, so it will still be $399 for most people ordering online. I live in the US, so I know how it works.

          Unless you live in the state in which the seller is based, right?

          I know how it works, I was just trying to take the edge off a bit :P

        Shipping costs to Australia are a myth. As someone who works in the import game, I can tell you for bulk cargo containers like what Sony would be bringing in for PS4, it would add max about $10 USD per console to get it from Foxxconn in Taiwan/China to JB Hi Fi in Melbourne or Sydney. Remember it also costs money for them to ship it from China to the US too, which is included in their price, and the differences to cost in that will be minimal.

          I got a PS3 slim bundle sent to me from for $15 delivery.

            I did the exact same thing! Hoping to do the same with the PS4 :P

        I don't know why people keep saying shipping in trying to justify our sure the boat from china takes longer to sale to the US than it does to Sydney...It doesnt go to the US and then back here, that's just stupid...

        The sales tax you are correct though

    yes but what about Australia, tell us please

    No price for Aus yet, but I'm expecting between $500 and $550.

    I would expect Wii U to have a massive price drop right before the XBone and PS4 launch in November.

    I was not expecting it to be that cheap. Iv already put $800 away for it, now I guess I can get a few games too

    EB Games has it for pre-order for $549

    $549 according to the EB Games website

    Well given the current exchange rate +10% GST is $465.82AUD...$499 is my hope. Any more than $550 would be a kick in the teeth.

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    I really really want to see AU pricing for this now.

    This has just come up on my radar as a possible purchase now.

    Wd Sony. wd indeed :)

    Does anyone know why EB games is pricing it for 900?. That seems insanely high considering getting one shipped from over seas would probably work out cheaper. They also had these prices up way before the annoucement

    $550 at the moment on EBgames

    Sony are playing the pricing game so they'll undercut Microsoft for sure over here. $499 I reckon so with a year's PS+ that's still cheaper than the Xbone.

    All I'm waiting for now though is the mandatory 'supply probelms' that plague every Sony console launch and restricts demand. Still, tomorrow I'm off to EB Games to put down my deposit. $899 holding price. Pfrt


      Means nothing, they've just readjusted their guess.

        better than $899 though and cheaper than the Xbox One

    I'm picking $499 as the AU price for the PS4, which now makes my obvious move to the XBone a less obvious choice. As usual I think collectively my friends and I have a hard decision ahead.

    Yes, i'm one of the people that wasn't automatically 'boycotting' the XBone console because of the DRM/Internet connectivity concerns.

    WOW. That is... CHEAP considering what the bloody thing can do. Defo getting one now, and with KH3 on the way... I can't wait!

    EB Games seems to be guessing $550 for AU, but I second the thoughts that it'll probably fall to $499.

    this is awesome! :D it's waaaay better than PS3 launch price!

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