The PS4 Or Xbox One? Can You Tell The Difference?

Sony just revealed the PlayStation 4. It's a black box! Funny, because the Xbox One is a black box, too. What a kwinky-dink.

Above, you can see both the PS4 and the Xbox One. Can you tell which is which? Can you?

(Note that Kotaku removed each console's logo.)

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    PS4 is on the right. On the left is a surveillance device.

      The left one is a VCR and the right one is an eraser to erase the VCR

        I'd be more excited about the Xbox One if it actually had VCR capabilities!

      Hahahahahaha! You sir just made me actually laugh out loud for the first time in ages.
      These images are a bit of a cheat with the PS4 being shown at an angle that doesn't display its odd diagonal styling, but yeah, neither console is all that original looking.

    The xbox is the liquid black one and the PS4 is the jet black one.

    I don't think I've ever been impressed with how a console looks.

    What I find weird is how little the PS4 resembles the tease from a few weeks ago. Where are the massive vents?

      zactly what i thought - i was expecting chrome up the wazoo!

      on the back, not many press shots are showing it from the back. its covered in rectangular vents there.

      The vents were on the camera

    PS4 is the vertical one with a cross on the front. The Xbox One has a two face vibe with the blackness, the disk drive and the vent.

    On the left a Prism collection medium.
    On the right Jesus Christ himself.

    The one on the left is a box
    The one on the right is a rhombus

    know the difference, it might just save you 50 bucks.

    The right one is a games console. The left one is a media device that can also play games, maybe.

    Xbox One is the Regular VCR and the PS4 is the slanty VCR.

    The one on the left is everything that comes in the box for the RRP. The one on the right is 2/3 what comes in the box and an optional accessory that will cost you $80 or more.

      oooo buuurrnn..btw how's that DRM working for you? did u manage to lend your friend your game? whoops I mean to say how did you go about with the game you purchased that your friend borrowed but still need to pay in order to play the game that you already paid for..hows that TV function going on? u know the one that you have to pay a certain amount on a device to let you watch TV in your TV..

        Why would I lend my friends a game? We'll all go buy the game and play online together. As a game collector I've also never traded in a single game, I still have all of them. I've had a PS3 since near launch and an Xbox for a year and a half, Paying for online play on Live shits all over the crappy lag filled matchmaking I got out of my free online for PS3.

    The one on the right is a games console.

    The one on the left isn't sure what it is but doesn't really care anyway, as it is busy watching tv.

    The one which clearly has an xbox controller is the Xbone.
    The one which clearly has a playstation controller is the PS4.

    its easy the left one is the console im not going to buy and the right one is the one I am going to buy

    Sony just revealed the PlayStation 4. It’s a black box! Funny, because the Xbox One is a black box, too. What a kwinky-dink. Here's an even bigger one. Sony has coloured their console black since the release of the PS2 and it was not until a few years ago that Microsoft changed the XBox 360 from white back to black, It's a conspiracy I tell you.

    It's fairly obvious which one is which given the lines, tones, angles and shapes... I also didn't realise Kotaku made PS4s, or is it a custom build?

    Last edited 11/06/13 7:00 pm

    On the left is TV and sports. On the right is video games

    I really don't understand the whole comparison thing. Yes, they are two black boxes. OMG! Consoles are black! Stop the presses!

    If you actually look at them properly you'll see they do actually look quite different. The PS4 has that two-tiered, slanted angular look to it whereas the Xbone looks like a DVD player.

    Yes, they are both black. That doesn't make them identical.

    Last edited 11/06/13 7:26 pm

    The one on the right is the next-gen console.
    The one on the left is yesterday's news. :-p
    (Sorry, couldn't help trolling. Sony made me do it!)

    The one on the right is fun, The one on the left just watches you watch TV.

    All TV's are black, all Surround Systems are black, DVD Players, Blu-Ray Players, PVR's are all black.

    If both Sony and Microsoft want integration with your AV setup, the logical choice is to make the console black.

    My friends and I have already started calling it the 'Bone for short.

    The PS4 is the one that stands tall and proud. The other is lying low in shame.

    thinking about the xbone and wondering" will it blend" ofcourse im pritty sure theyve blended a lump of crap before

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