The Real Reason Nintendo Will Never Make A Pokemon MMO

We want it. We have to have it. Our desire for it burns like the heat of a thousand suns, but what would happen if Nintendo did make a Pokemon MMO? Gaming humour site Dorkly may be on to something here. I doubt even Valve's Gabe Newell could save us.

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    I've used this argument as to why a Pokemon MMO will never happen.

    i never knew ppl still played pokemon....each game is LITERALLY the same thing just in different cities

    an rpg would be just you playing it a 3d environment in 3rd person....the handheld version is already an rpg. an mmo would only add a social element to it

    we already had that back in was called the gameboy link cable

      People still play Pokemon like people still play Battlefield, COD, FIFA, Madden, etc.

    My friend and I had this same prediction. Pokemon MMO would spell the end of society.

    Was hoping that would have gone with Gable as in Gabe + Cable. oh well. still hilarious.

    People really want a Pokemon MMO? What's wrong with the games we got???

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