The Silly Conversations In Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Come on and slam! In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, our actions and the reactions of the animal citizens can trigger some pretty terrific dialogue. Managing our town wouldn't be the same without these characters and their rather interesting personalities.

So here are some noteworthy examples from people who are already deep into the game. I might go with Gulliver and maybe Isabelle — although she's just too friendly sometimes — as my favourite townsfolk, but it's really a hard choice.

What was the most ridiculous situation in the game you've encountered? And what was the funniest thing the citizens said to you or to each other so far?

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    the most ridiculous situation I encountered was when Cherry the dog asked me for advice on what kind of pet she should get and I recommened a "dog" and she was totally cool with my recommendation to enslave a pet of the same race.

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