The Sky Pirates Of Tyria Descend Upon Guild Wars 2

Continuing its mad quest to deliver fresh content at a rate faster than any other MMO on the planet, free-to-play or otherwise, ArenaNet rolls out the Sky Pirates of Tyria updates for Guild Wars 2 today. What's in store for our brave heroes?

Why, a new temporary story dungeon with fresh booty to be had, a new permanent airship-based jumping puzzle coming July 1, treasure caches scattered across the continent and the chance to score a fancy new monocle? Hit up the update's page for all this and more.

I'm really loving the frequency of Guild Wars 2 updates lately. Screw large updates every couple of months — this is the way to do it.


    Am i the only one who thinks that rangers are really under powered?

      Everyone thinks that I'm afraid.

        =( should i just junk my lvl 45 one?

          no way dude, keep the ranger. I have 21 characters and my ranger is by far the best. All stats pumped into wilderness survival and pet tank and she is virtually unstoppable. I solo her everywhere.

          I've got one and I enjoy it, honestly it barely matters.

    Well i get clobberd in WVW even though its all lvl 80.

      That would be because rangers are amazing for SPvP but aren't good for much but griefing in WvW. If you want to enjoy WvW I would make a toon that you can roll around on and get a good feel for it in PvT armor (bought via badges of honor). Guardians and Mesmers are great for WvW.

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