The Solution To The Wii U's Third-Party Drought? More Nintendo Games

The Wii U isn't doing all that well when it comes to third-party support. Many games skipped the console early this year, the latest Rayman got delayed, and the new Call of Duty isn't guaranteed to be on there either. Now, Nintendo says it needs to strengthen its own Wii U lineup to turn this situation around.

"Our focus is, first of all, to regain the momentum of the Wii U towards the end of this year," Nintendo Global President Satoru Iwata told IGN. "Then, we'll try to establish successful third-party Wii U software titles. I believe in the importance of third-party support for Nintendo platforms. I’m very willing to change the current situation."

Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime agreed, noting that a strong first-party lineup is a significant factor in getting third-party developers aboard. "As we have behind-the-scenes conversations about what’s further in development and what’s coming down, the decisions around the next lineup of development and where they’re going to put their development dollars are starting to shift."

With games like Pikmin 3, Zelda: Wind Waker HD and Super Mario 3D World coming out this year, I'd say Nintendo's pretty much on the right track.

Nintendo: Third Party Support a (Secondary) Priority [IGN]


    So all the 3rd party developers complain they can't sell next to Nintendo inhouse titles, so Nintendo gives them the lead and they do nothing. Guess they'll have to shut up about this in future.

    I love Nintendo, but I think I would love them more if they did a Sega and became a multiplatform software developer. I can't justify buying another console just for a couple of first party games, but god damn I'd own a lot of Nintendo games for my Xbox.

      You have a better chance of becoming Prime Minister then that ever happening. The Wii U is ending its drought, while the 3DS is booming. Ninty are pumping out some major titles over the next few months that titles like COD or Assassins Creed can't hold a candle to.

      Why do you people keep saying stupid things like this? they'll never do what Sega did, it makes no sense.

        They say the "Wii U is doomed", and "Nintendo will got third party" in reality Nintendo is in a better situation then Sony financially. Sony are losing money with the poor AV sales, not to mention the fact the PS3 cost them all the profit the PS2 made and not once did they square even on it. I like the PS3 but if the 4 doesn't boom straight from the start, it my be Sony's last console. The Vita has bombed, and their profits are falling. If it weren't for music Sony would be dead.

        Nintendo is here for many more generations, more money, experience, and the end of day larger fan base.

    With games like Pikmin 3, Zelda: Wind Waker HD and Super Mario 3D World coming out this year, I’d say Nintendo’s pretty much on the right track.

    Niche title, HD remake and a Mario that will certainly sell but hasn't set the press on fire as it's playing it safe rather than moving forward a la Galaxy...

    Rightyo then.

      This line up is a very strong line up, a lot stronger then Microsoft/Sony. Than come 2014 when the HD untitled Zelda game get released and fire, the great fire of London will look like a BBQ.

    Nintendo will never do a sega. Millions of people buy nintendo consoles for their 1st party games... Good 3rd party games are just the icing on the top! ( Yes i agree they need 3rd party, but its not the be all or end all)

    The only reason why I would get a nintendo wii-u is to play Zelda HD... seriously that's it... if only they would pull a sega and put zelda on the PS4 lol... I guess I can keep dreaming

    Rayman & Wonderfull 101 will be my second and third games for the system. Only a ten month wait between games *sob*

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