The Villager In Smash Bros. Is One Scary Character

The villager character's face from Animal Crossing introduced yesterday as a playable character in the new Smash Bros. is rather psychotic and insane for a brawler game. Even the Team Fortess heavy and spy has to get their act together after hearing about him.

This is too scary, I can't even imagine what his final special move could be. Maybe he takes your face.

The Villager [YouTube]


    Gergo speaks the English well. Gergo he buys oranges for his grandmama and paints the pretty pictures with his words to her. Gergo is a good boy he is saving for her dictionary and potatoes. Good Gergo he is good and we all listen to his photo wordings when we is on the cold. One day Gergo will talk to the large worlds and be known. Go Gergo you are good.

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    This psycho angle really gives him a lot of character. I'd be cool if Nintendo went with it.

    The Heavy is to this guy what Rukia is to Aizen. Look at those eyes. Look at that smile. Look how he fells trees and buries people.

    But what scares me most is his haircut. WHO IN HIS RIGHT MIND CUTS HIS HAIR LIKE THAT?!!

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