The Week In Gaming Apps Is Sorry It Tried To Kill You

Look, we all make mistakes. None of us are infallible. Sometimes I forget to pay my cable bill until after the due date, Stephen Totilo thinks Majora's Mask is one of the best Zelda games ever, and the Week in Gaming Apps plotted your demise. Let's all just make up and move on.

Look, Week in Gaming Apps is sorry, okay? It was so choked up over subtly suggesting you might perish and then actively plotting your demise that it didn't even show up last week. It may have looked like I decided to skip it in favour of starting my long weekend early, but I assure you, it was pure guilt. The Week in Gaming Apps is really a nice weekly feature, when you get to know it.

What We Played This Week

After Earth — Android, iOS - $0.99 Based on the Will Smith movie of the same name, this is a mission-based endless runner with some rather neat ideas. There's a little combat, some free-falling, and every now and then things go sideways. Not too shabby for a movie tie-in!

The Regular Show: Best Park In The Universe — iOS — $2.99 This is, oddly enough, an old school beat-em up starring The Regular Show crew. Unexpected. Interesting. Dude.

Dots — iOS — Free It's connect-the-dots as a colour puzzle game. Fiendishly addictive, and I hate saying that.

Directional Dash — iOS — $0.99 Clear groups of colours by flicking them in the direction of the arrows on their faces. It's incredibly simple, but satisfying.

Pixoban — Android, iOS — $US1.29, $0.99 Crate-pushing puzzles with a sleek pixel feel. Starts off simple, then makes me very angry. This is a plus.

Little Luca — Android, iOS — $0.99 A lovely little physics-based puzzler with retro graphics? That's something you don't see every day. Makes me want to go back in time and show those NES devs how to party.

Warhammer Quest — iOS — $US4.99 Such a good turn-based dungeon crawler I want to spend the weekend with it before dropping a full review. Excellent use of the Warhammer licence.

Zombie Fish Tank — iOS — $0.99 You know those fish games where you eat smaller fish to get bigger so you can eat bigger fish? This is that, only you're an undead fish, and there are boss fights against scientists' fingers.

Hyper Breaker Turbo — iOS — $1.99 All the Breakout-style ball-busting you could ever want. Wonderful variety here.


    Majora's Mask is most definitely one of the best Zelda games. You're a flog Mike.

    Majoras is the second best Zelda ever made! (no bias *shifty eyes*)

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