The World Needs A Cat Version Of Street Fighter

Cats can be combative jerks — which makes them great choices for a fighting game, no? Well, if nothing else, this utterly silly (but fun!) rendition of a cat version of Street Fighter by ThePetCollective puts a smile on my face.

Street Fighter Parody - Cat Fighter [The Pet Collective]


    Oooookay after the initially confusing clip of just boring random cat moments, the actual cat fighter was kinda funny and charming :)

    Not all felines are cats.

    This game is exclusionary.

      rofl! So many lols...

      Not all lols are guffaws, chuckles or bellylaughs... this comment is exclusionary!!!

      Erm... I can't think of a feline that isn't also a cat, at least colloquially.

      Last edited 23/06/13 3:30 pm

        As a transspecial dog I am so tired of dealing with bigots like you not getting my lifestyle choice.

    Hmm... time to dig out Brutal: Paws of Fury and destroy some childhood memories.

    Very cute, but they missed a great opportunity in the bonus round.... "Purrfect!"

    Kickstarter this into a real game!

    hmm, I think the video sufficiently fills whatever void the world needed filling.

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