The Xbox One Controller Side-By-Side With The PS4 Controller

We've seen the Xbox One controller. We've seen the PS4 controller. Now, we see the Xbox One controller stacked up with the PS4 Controller.

Well, what do you think? The PS4 controller looks kind of big in comparison to the Xbox One controller!

The above image comes courtesy of website GameChup (via IB Times), but apparently, net user Gskyace originally uploaded it to Chinese social networking site Sina Weibo.

Recently, Kotaku got up and close with both the Xbox One controller and the PS4 controller.

DualShock 4 Has A Deceptively Large Size, Side-By-Side Comparison [via IB Times]

Gskyace [Sina Weibo]


    Wow. Not what I was expecting.

    I'm so used to using the PS controller that I see that and think the Xbone one looks like a tiny little mini controller. Even consciously knowing its not.

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      Yeah, that's definitely a surprise. I didn't realise the PS4 controller had grown so much. I still don't think I'll like the stick layout, but the increased size will definitely make it less terrible.

        I think the direct opposite. I really like the current controller size and layout. I don't hold it the same as the Xbox, and making it bigger will only make it less comfortable to hold it the way I'm used to.

        It's a pretty minor issue overall, but I'm still a little sad that there has been so much noise about the PS3 controller that they're going to change a design that many PS users have become very comfortable with.

        Plus, the Xbox has never won an Emmy for their controller, have they? Case closed :-)

          Playstation has never won the Kermitron Enterprises award for outstanding achievement in the field of excellence, which is exactly as relevant.

            Actually, your made-up award sounds way more relevant than Sony getting an Emmy, of all things, for sticking an accelerometer into a decade-old controller design as a knee-jerk reaction to Nintendo going all-in on motion controls.

              I googled that award and apparently the Emmy was actually for the design of the original Dualshock controller from the PS1 era, not the Sixaxis tech, despite being awarded specifically to the Dualshock 3 in 2007.

              I just consider pretty much all awards to be a circlejerk. Maybe if I were an Oscar-winning actor I would feel differently. Then again, if I was up for an Oscar I would have other means of feeling appreciated for my work, such as a room set aside in my Hollywood mansion solely for the purpose of rolling around in a big pile of money.

          Im pretty sure it still comes down to personal preference. For me if the ps controller was a little bigger that would fit my hands better, but not as big as depicted.

            Oh, yeah, it's definitely preference. I just don't necessarily want to see them homogenised to the point that there's no room for personal preference.

            I have weird controller tastes, though. My hands are kind of big, so I like holding the PS controller in my fingers. I actually preferred the original huge Xbox controller to their current design, which sort of falls into a weird no-mans-land for me. It just doesn't quite fit into my palms as snugly as I'd like.

          Unless, for some reason the DS4 is substantially bigger than the prototype DS4. then you're all good. I've been using the DS since the PSX era and the DS4 prototype I played with felt only a little bit different and definitely not noticeably larger (maybe a touch wider?). If anything, I'd say the Xbox contrtroller is the one that changed.

            That's good to hear :-)

            Like I said, it's a minor issue and I'm not too concerned either way. Change can be good, it just feels a little like some of the people who yelled the loudest about the PS3 controller weren't even really potential PS customers, they were just trying to justify their choice of Xbox. Which is a fine and noble choice, but my preferences run the other way.

        Im with you on this, not a fan of the dual shock layout, but the size may be the clincher for me to buy for my PC, will wait till i can get a hold of one, but the size is a definite improvment

        I prefer the stick layout and the smaller feel of the DS. Having said that I also prefer the longer handles, the outward triggers of the XBOX360 controller.

        Dual Shock 4 to me "looks like" the dream controller, except for the concave sticks. I'd rather they stuck with the old shape.

        Also "Rumble" is an important feature for me. Both companies have said they've improved it, but I'll have to have a go myself before purchase.

        There are very subtle minor improvements from what I can see to the DS4,

        1. The action buttons larger and wider, because the smaller buttons on the current one tend to dig in a bit.
        2. The whole action button area is concave, I like it because I think it's to get a better sense.
        3.Triggers aren't exactly what the XBOX triggers used to be, they seem to go inward rapidly at a sharper angle, like a real gun.

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    Gamecube controller is still better than both.

      You can't say that until you've actually used them.

      Definitely surprised by the size of the PS controller, that has always been one of my main issues with PS controllers in the past.

    This was on reddit like 3 days ago. Then another picture surfaced showing the ps4 controller much smaller. The ps4 controller is slightly bigger than ps3. Nothing to stress about.

    I was a little concerned when I first saw this photo a couple days ago, since one of the reasons I've generally preferred the PS controller is that it was a bit smaller. But once I noticed the sticks were further apart (so they'll be closer to the thumbs, even with the larger overall size) I figure it'll probably be ok since the grips still look pretty reasonable size-wise.

      I'm not sure if the sticks are closer, I think it may just look that way because the bridge is wider. It'd be easier to tell if it were next to a PS3 controller.

        Well, they're definitely wider apart , which should at least keep them at the same distance. Hard to tell exactly how it feels, obviously, without holding it.

    I guess its a good thing, the ps3 controllers always felt awkward and brittle for me.

    Am I the only one that thinks they're both uglier than their current-gen counterparts? The Xbone controller looks like it's had an extra layer bolted on the top as an afterthought, making the guide button harder to reach. And the PS4 controller has two handles like a kids toy and there's a laptop trackpad thumped inelegantly in the centre of the whole controller.

    At the end of the day though you spend very little time looming at it and most of your time holding it so I suppose it doesn't matter. But always though the current gen controllers were pretty sexy.

    Can't wait to get my hands on an Xbone controller at PAX in a few weeks.

      I find they look nicer from certain angles. From other angles (such as the one shown in this photo), yeah, definitely a bit uglier. But possibly more ergonomic, will wait to try them out in the flesh (or the plastic, whatever).

      I really don't know how I'm supposed to reach that touchpad on the PS4 controller, though - can't imagine my thumbs reaching that far, so I guess I'd have to let go of one of the grips, which means it probably won't be used for anything too urgent in the thick of the action. Might end up only being used for menus / inventory management / minigames.

        Yeah I'd imagine you'd use the touch pad like you would a smart phone, one hand on the device and your other hand's index finger using the pad. And the Xbox guide button seems poorly placed. There's even a bit of dead space in between the start/select buttons where the guide button once was. But then again the guide button isn't something you need to access in a precision/twitch context. But you're right, it's about ergonomics, if they feel great to hold and use, who gives a toss if they're ugly as sin.

      Making the guide button harder to reach was a deliberate design choice, from what I hear, as people kept pressing it when they tried to aim for the start or back buttons. Apparently this was a sufficiently wide-spread minor annoyance that Microsoft decided to do something about it... It's not like they had any other problems to contend with (D-pad aside, but I believe that this was supposedly fixed too).

      I think the PS4 controller does look cobbled together with that giant trackpad inelegantly plonked in the centre... But those handles, while funny looking, look far more functional than the DS3's tiny splayed grips. And the wider controller may make it easier to use the thumbsticks without bashing your thumbs together, which is a great improvement.

        I've owned a 360 since launch and in years of gaming I've never hit the guide button accidentally. Maybe I'm some sort of gaming god. Agree about the DS4's handles, they do look like they'd be ice and comfortable to grip.

          I've also owned a 360 since launch, and never had any problems either. The officially stated reason:
          The size and placement of the Xbox button has also changed so the view and menu buttons are more accessible. -
          That indicates that some people had trouble with the start/back button placement. As it was the guide button they moved, I can only surmise that people were bumping that accidentally...

          Regardless, I'm looking forward to trying out both controllers when the consoles release in Nov/Dec.

            Same here. I've always disliked the dual shock controller A LOT. So if they can fix that then the entire console will have no down side in my opinion.

    Wow, i might be able to game with a sony controller again. Looks a little better. Glad they fixed those terrible thumbsticks to be like xboxs. Hopefully the xbox control still has the same good feel and they haven't wrecked it

    Both look like cheap and nasty 3rd party controllers

      my thoughts exactly, they're just missing that annoying turbo button which took forever to turn off.

      At least they don't have garish LEDs when the rumble comes on. "Just in case your hands were numb, we'll make sure you know the controller is vibrating... by blinding you."

      3rd Party is a pretty good description of them visually. They've got that legally required to look different sort of vibe about them.

        I've been trying to articulate my thoughts on the matter and you nailed it. The current gen controllers have a nice aesthetic to them and these look different ... not different in a new-hotness kind of way, but like you said a legally required to look different kind of way.

    assuming the xbox one controller is about the same size as the 360 controller... i'm pretty excited to get my hands on the ps4 controller... size looks great :D

    Xb1 controller looks like something batman uses and ps4 controller looks like ps3 controller on steroids both good tho

    I'd rather the X1 controller personally. I find the sixxaxis useless and fragile, cant stand it. I had to buy a third party controller for the ps3 before I could use it and I'll probably do the same for the ps4


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