'Their $5 Gaming Chair Turned Out To Be A $150,000 Antique!'

A Colorado couple found out that the chair that they’d been gaming on was a vintage Eames chair. According to Fox Philadelphia the chair, an antique Eames LCW manufactured by Herman Miller and designed by Charles and Ray Eames, is estimated to be worth $150,000.

The couple had bought it for five bucks, used it as their video gaming chair for a while, then put it in their garage because it didn’t match anything.

They were gonna give it to Goodwill, until somebody pointed out to them that they'd been gaming on, you know, a freaking vintage Eames Chair. You know — like the kind in permanent collection at the freaking MoMA.

I'll be over here sulking and gaming on my crappy IKEA couch if you need me. Oh and if you don’t know who Charles and Ray Eames were and why they’re awesome, I’ll let my friend Ice Cube explain:


    As an avid chair collector, I approve of this article.

      I also approve. One of my future aspirations is to have an original Eames lounge & ottoman in my living room :)

    I game in an Eames 670/671 combo replica. Most futureproof, best looking chair ever. I would love an original though.

    That looks comfortable! Herman Miller built? Cool. I'm sitting on my work chair Herman Miller Embody whilst typing this.

      Herman Miller FTW. Have them at work, so had to get one for home.

    Wow, never knew Ice Cube was quite the architecture aficionado..

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