There Might Be Big Final Fantasy News Coming At E3

The mailman just dropped this off in our inbox. It's an invitation to a Square Enix event next week, a Q&A with Final Fantasy brand director Shinji Hashimoto.

Could be fluffy wish-wash. Or, given the timing, it could be a chance for us to find out just what the hell happened to Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Or, as some are starting to speculate it's now called, Final Fantasy XV.


    didn't they say at the PS4 reveal that they were gonna announce the next Final Fantasy at E3? or was i mistaken?

      You are not mistaken. I also believe you could have written a better title for this article.

      Strictly speaking they said to wait for E3 for Final Fantasy news. They weren't specific about what news that would be though.

    "The future of final fantasy... yet another game that won't ever be released and one more that MIGHT be..."

      They're gonna milk it till it runs dry. Thanks to all the fanboys and fangirls.

      in my opinion they couldve invested into something better.

    The future of Final Fantasy is the past. Gimme a disc with HD ports of the PS1 generation and you've got yourselves a sale.

      At this point in time, the best way to rescue the series and have it save face? A true HD remake of FF7 8 and 9

        Honestly, I'd be happy with just FF9.

        Sigh. A man can dream, right?

          It does hold up pretty well, you know. And Squeenix may make some dumb decisions but they still have a hell of a lot of talent at their disposal; so I'd rather some original games

      This would be awesome as long as they don't mess around with the storyline.

      Hell, even a relrelease of seven with the level of graphics of eight and nine would be nice (lots of early ps1 games didn't have texture maps like the later games did).

      I think they're probably planning VII, VIII and IX to be mobile releases in a couple of years time when they'll be able to be released at their best. Well I least I hope they're planning that.

    Got an email last night regarding A Realm Reborn releasing on August 27th and there is still 2 phases of beta to go so maybe they will be lifting the NDA and showing some stuff off at E3

    This is Square's chance to rebuild FF as a quality series. People have left. They must surely by now realise what people want from FF and deliver it. Unfortunately I fear it will be chock full of whiny emo teenagers who you have no attachment to and a battle system that takes even more control away from you. I really need to track down a copy of The Last Story so I can remind myself what a decent JRPG is like

      That's what I hated about 13 (and to some extent 12). The battle system just took too much control away from me. In 13 I was just pushing X to win each battle. Occasionally I'd be like "oh need a shift paradigm to heal" that was the only strategy. I absolutely loved 4, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10, it was just so sad to see the series turn to shit like it did.

    I can't wait for some more news on Lightning Returns!

    "Hi everyone, we're here to officially announce Final Fantasy XV! ...for mobiles and tablets"


      $12 for chapter 1, $8 for each chapter thereafter!

        Dude, way too cheap :P

          Nah prices sounds about right seeing as the game will have everybody's favourite thing... MICRO TRANSACTIONS!!! $0.99 to unlock each ability for each character (attack, item, magic etc). $0.99 to unlock each spell. Want to purchase an item from a shop in game? There is no in game gil/gold, everything costs real money! $0.99 to customise the colour of your chocobo (also $0.99 to purchase said chocobo)... *shudders* Please squeenix, no, I beg of you! After seeing Final Fantasy All The Bravest I don't have much faith in them...

    Given the glacial speed of adaptation by some Japanese companies, i wouldn't be surprised to see Final Fantasyville

    Obviously they'll be plugging the re-release of FF14. They'll also likely announce FF15 for PS4.

    But come on, Square-Enix, where are the remakes of FF5 and FF6 for 3DS we were promised so long ago??

    SPOILERS: It's the long awaited third game for the "Chrono" series!.. as a free-to-play phone app of collectible cards.

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