This Awkward Moment At Microsoft’s E3 Conference Is Just The Best

Technical difficulty struck the Microsoft E3 press conference this morning just as DICE was preparing to show off a trailer for Battlefield 4. The resulting awkwardness was amazing. Check it out above. Poor guy. “We will start over.”


  • That dragon trailer was funny also as that lost sound too. Listen to the roar of the crowds acting out the trailer trying to be dragons haha

  • As an AV Tech, my heart goes out to all involved. On the plus side, listen to how excited the crowd was when the video was restarted.

  • ‘Congratulations for purchasing Battlefield 4 on Xbox One’

    ‘Do you want to purchase the optional Sound pack DLC?’

  • This is silly.

    Could have easily been overcome by the guy just being human and saying “ok we got some technical issues with the display, hold tight people” or something similar, instead of being a classic social-retard and hiding behind a curtain until its fixed haha

  • At least Americans are a little more respectful of the situation. If it where Australia, dumb bogans would be clapping and whistling.

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