This Creepy Pervert's Mind Was In The Gutter. Literally.

Creepy perverts are bad news! That definitely goes for ones out on the street. Or, rather, in the streets. Recently, one man in Japan was arrested for hiding in a drainage sewer, hoping to look up women's skirts.

Twenty-six year old Yasuomi Hirai was arrested in Kobe, and he admitted to his creepy peeping crime. "I've done this numerous times," Hirai said, according to Yahoo! News.

Sankei News reported earlier this month that Hirai entered a narrow drainage ditch at a nearby river and crawled dozens of meters through the ditch, which measured 35cm across and 50cm deep. He waited in the drainage ditch underneath the metal covering on a street nearby a woman's university, where female students, obviously, walked to and from class (Japanese TV news recreation above). One female reported seeing a pair of eyes peeking through two of the holes in the drain covering — which sounds nightmare-inducing. Police rushed to the scene, but the suspect had already escaped.

Police, however, had stopped Hirai earlier this year for looking suspicious at the same location, and questioned him once again. He admitted to the crime, saying he took the day off work to start his day at 8am looking up unsuspecting women's skirts. While lying in the sewer. Jeez.

Online in Japan, many were bewildered by the crime, finding it unbelievable. On Twitter, some compared it to a similar incident that apparently appeared in the manga Psychometrer Eiji. "If only this guy had applied his passions to other things," wrote one commenter on 2ch, Japan's largest bulletin board. You know, instead of peeping up women's skirts. One recommended the military, while another suggested a career in espionage or becoming a ninja.

"If I could be born again," Hirai is quoted as saying, "I'd like to be a street." Well, that's creepy.

側溝に潜り女性のスカートのぞき見男逮捕 [MSN Japan]


    Ah, Japan. Never change.

      I don't know what's worse, a man in a sewer spying on women's underwear, or the NSA in the internet, spying on everything everyone does.

        Almost. If only you tried a bit harder that could have been decent.

    A sudden surge of water would've sorted him out just as well as being tracked down by police.

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