This Incredible Video Is Like Micro Machines In Real Life

First we had actual toys: cars, motorbikes, train sets. Then we had Micro Machines by Codemasters which was like the idealised version of the games we played and loved as kids. Now it's gone to a whole new level. You may remember Danny MacAskill from other equally insane bicycle videos but his latest is a complete trip, shrinking him down to the size of the toys we played with as kids. It looks like Micro Machines!

Since Danny MacAskill is Scottish it sort of adds a whole new layer to the experience for me. The video even has a life-sized Dandy annual! Oh man, I used to read that all the time!

We aren't able to embed the clip, so head here to watch the full thing!


    Danny is THE man! He has far too much skill!

    Also where the hell my new Micro machines... i mean come on!... Best party game ever!

    That's amazing, that guy probably spends so much time on his bike that he's forgotten how to walk.

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