This Indie Combat Game Continues To Blow My Socks Off

Strike Vector is a game that's come out of nowhere. Worked on by four people, it's a multiplayer aerial combat game that looks like a whole bunch of people's dream game ideas from the '90s made real.

Screw the combat (OK, not really, because it looks fun), but the game could just be about flying through those megastructures and I'd be happy.

You can vote for Strike Vector now on Steam Greenlight.

Strike Vector [Greenlight]


    Game looks great, but that goddamn trailer music.

    Wow, like a grittier version of Macross, amazing

    I've been looking for a decent flight combat game for a while now. This looks like it will do the trick.

    They get bonus points for the use of the fluffy dice.

      My thoughts exactly, loved the toys in dirt 3.

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