This Is An Awesome Trailer For *All* Of The Metal Gears

Friends, comrades. If you have any love for Metal Gear Solid, or Metal Gear in general, you must watch this trailer. Your loins will quiver. Beads of sweat will dribble down the small of your back. Tears may be shed. This is all of the Metal Gears. All of them.

It's hard for me to be too hyped about the release of Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection, mainly because I've played these games way too many times already, and I one most of them twice, but still — this trailer. All the memories. All of the nostalgia. Give it to me. Come unto me!


Thanks to Dan Hindes!


    I one most of them twice

    Yeah. Me too.

      I two them sometimes, just for a change of pace.

        I've foured them after giving threed a miss twice but only one time.

        I one most of them twice, and the others I two thrice.


      Are there any tree frogs in snake eater? I remember eating a wide variety of animals but i cant recall a tree frog.

        Yea pretty sure there were little green tree frogs, they weren't half bad either. Poison dart frogs not so good.

          Haha thats awesome. I'll keep an eye next time i play through it. I remember those green frog toy things. If you shot them they would make a sound. Not sure what they were for though. Maybe alerting the enemy.

            If I remember correctly you had to shoot/hit ALL of the kerotans in order to get the stealth camo on replay.

    Oh man, that really makes me want to play them again!

      Not sure if it helps, but Metal Gear Solid 1 is just $7.35 at the moment on the PSN.

        Maybe I'm just a tightarse, but that actually seems a little steep for a game that came out... when... 1997? 15+ years old. At this point it should be under $5 when it's NOT on sale. Look at the price of similarly ancient (and, actually, some substantially more recent) games on GOG, for example.

          No, you're not being a tightarse. You're spot on and I totally agree! I'm a bargain hunter myself.

          It was originally priced at $14.45 (like Final Fantasy VII, Castlevania: SOTN, etc) and even I think that's way too much for a game that looks dated and plays dated.

          I mean, Vagrant Story still stands at $8 so I don't see why they couldn't do the same for these games either.

          But I do think $7.35 is more than sufficient for a 12-15 hour game.

          I'm actually waiting for Castlevania: SOTN to drop price as well before I snatch it.

          Last edited 28/06/13 3:58 pm

    Already pre-ordered from OGS for just $51. :)

      I think you mean $59.99.

        I got it for $51 so HAH!!

          Fair enough. They must've put the price up since you pre-ordered.

            Yeah, plus I still had a $5 voucher that they gave me half a year back.

            It was the perfect time to cash in on it. It was actually $56.

            I also wouldn't be surprised if this came in limited copies like they did with the Metroid Prime Trilogy.

            Last edited 28/06/13 3:50 pm

    On my phone so can't watch it, but didn't they already re-release them in a HD pack last year or so? Is this just a cash in, rerereleasing the same thing again...?

    Buying it! Even though I have them all individually.

    When is this releasing in Australia?

    Also, they missed Portable Ops.

    I hope VR missions gets thrown up on PSN so I can play it on Vita.
    VR missions are great, wish they were never abandoned and replaced with online. :-/

    I thought the main drop of this article was that MGS4 was coming to Xbox 360. it's PS3 only.

    Goddamn it, that music gets me every time.


    I own all of these already, some of them twice. But I'm still thinking about buying this. What is wrong with me?

      Did you mean "own" or "won"? The answer makes a big difference in determining what's wrong with you as you enquired.

    I want the book. I already own every release and re-release. Dang!

    sigh and i bought the hd collection before this.... whyyyy....??

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