This Is How You Sell A Starship

I had my eye on a new Jeep Cherokee, but this ad for Origin Jumpworks' new 300i series has me sold, both on the ship and Chris Roberts' Star Citizen.

Okay fine, I was already sold on the game and this is just proof that my money is on the right trajectory. Only one man takes his space combat games this deep, and that's why his Cloud Imperium Games has already raised more than $US10 million to make this game a reality. And this... this is CG from an independent developer that looks better than anything put out by a big-name publisher. That's inspiring, and it's only just the beginning.

Hit up the official website to look through the brochure and see how you can slip yourself into one of these babies when the game launches.


    Oh no... if they advertise all their ships like this, I am going to be one broke man.. cant wait for this game to start testing.

    Awesome, but I can't shake the feeling that EA might have something to say about it.

    Cannot wait to play this game.
    In unrelated news, are the banner adds(Company of heroes most notably) lagging the site to hell for anyone else?

      Lol, just switched to a Chrome account without adblock on... Wow those ads kill the site.

      took some doing just to login in and say "YUP"

      Glad it's not just me, thought the work PC was cranking again! I've found that a lot of sites seem to be really flash intensive at the moment and it's lagging everything out. Especially opening multiple pages...

    "And this… this is CG from an independent developer that looks better than anything put out by a big-name publisher. "

    The CG definitely looked good don't get me wrong but could we perhaps not type this sort of sensationalist statements when they aren't true? While CG is subjective, you're kind of pushing it to say this is the better than anything anyone else has ever done. If you want even one example of what I mean, I'll just point you in the direction of the folks at Blizzard.

      It's in game graphics mate.
      The power of Cry 3 when the only thing it has to render is one ship and it's pilot.

        Ok, if we're going down in-game graphics route then it's still ridiculous to call it better than anything a big name publisher has put it given some of the stuff we saw at E3. I'm very excited for this game myself, I'm not knocking it down on it looking good. If Fahey were to say it looks on par to the quality of a big name publisher I can get on board with that kind of statement, but that's not what he typed.

        Actually this is the projected quality for the whole game, it's a extremely modified cry3 engine made exclusively for PCs, it will blow minds if it comes out this way

          Unfortunately we've seen 'projected' and 'actual' turn out to be different too many times in the past. I'm hoping Star Citizen turns out to be fantastic too, but I'm not buying into the idea the graphics will be that slick for every single ship onscreen until I see the game in at least a playable state looking that way for sure. We've been burned *FAR* too many times in the past.

            From everything that I've seen about this game, projected and actual seem to be pretty well on par. PC focused developers really look to be trying to squeeze as much as is humanly possible out of hardware these days, which is damn good to see. CD Projekt Red's Cyberpunk 2077 trailer delivers similar quality imaging to what's seen in the Star Citizen vids, and they are promising the in game graphics to be the same quality.

            I'm inclined to believe them. devs like CD Projekt Red and Cloud Imperium Games really focus heavily on what the PC is capable of, instead of settling for the graphics consoles can handle. Just look at Witcher 2. Quality of graphics in that game were well ahead of anything I'd seen at the same time.

              Haven't seen anything of Cyberpunk except a prerendered trailer though? I'm hoping this game looks absolutely splendid, but I need to see it in action first, I'm just not going to get my hopes up. I did it once before with Aliens Colonial Marines and yeah....

              Gameplay wise I know it'll be outstanding, Chris Roberts has *never* let anyone down in that regard. Ever.

    As soon as I saw the kickstarter for this, I pledged... I was unemployed and had almost no money. THAT'S how excited I am for this game. If it disappoints, I may just have to /wrist.

    It's 2013. Why is it that the closest I will get to flying something like this, is in a video game!? #Where'sMyFlyingCar/Spaceship

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